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Tedral and aggression

I took Tedral for years as a youngster suffering badly with Asthma. Also I had a spinhaler which used to put holes in a tablet which you then inhaled. They both seemed to work just fine, but I did also have a course of steroid injections weekly to give me a boost (I think). But now I am 51 years old and suffer badly from aggression! Could there be any connection with my childhood medication intake? Has anyone else suffered from this? I am not a nasty person, but sometimes 'boom' I lose it. ## Usually, mood changes, including aggression would be associated with side effects from steroids, these symptoms should have been noticed back when you were taking them, not years later. Do you know what the name of the steroid was? Depending on how young you were, they may have caused some ...

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Tedral drug, banned

I have used tedral for the past 30 yrs, with no side effects or discomfort. My father too used it for nearly 50 yrs. It provides great relief and I can be fully active, lead a normal life. Suddenly this drug is banned, I don't understand why. It is causing me a lot of physical and mental agony. Is there a petition for this? Please help. ## Tedral is effectively banned because it was no longer profitable giving the pharmaceutical companies open territory to new meds that are more addictive more costly less effective and get this side effects mainly diabetes. I know this from experience. ## A detailed review of Tedral's side effects: Source: 1979: Tedral Side Effects?, Web. March 3rd, 2017 ## tetral was the best med. for my Asthma and you want to say it’s so bad. But I know ...

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I Have A History Of Asthma And Used Tedral In The Past But Can Never Find It Anymore

As stated above i have a history of Asthma and was given tedral as a child but am unable to find this product anymore. Can anyone asist me with its location?? ## try phamanabolics . net about €1 per tab .. reliable , always arrives !! ## During junior and high school, I experienced fairly chronic asthma but I was able to participate in jv and varsity football and track, lettering in both. By my mid twenties, the asthmatic symptoms had all but vanished. Now in my early sixties, I am still physically active (running, bicycling, weight training & cross-country skiing), and the asthma has returned to some degree. Over the past five years or so, I have been prescribed various inhalers (Advair, Symbicort, Albuterol, etc) which have had little or no effect. In my experien...

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tedral use as a child

I used Tedral and Tedral SA as a child. In fact I overused and became addicted so much that I would be using 3 SA a night along with 6 or more tedral throughout the day with Ventilon. I only managed to get off them when I became a speed addict. I have been clean and relapsed a few times over the years but was a heavy drinker. Now sober I have trouble concentrating, sitting still, ect....and I think I have ADHD which I probably always had but through Tedral and speed, anti depressants it's been controlled to one degree or another. I now have real problems at work at home and I have now an methods addiction. When I take it I feel calm. Am I self medicating to control my ADHD I believe so. And I also believe that long term childhood use and over use did do some damage to my brain. I ha...

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What is the substitute of Tedral SA tablets?

I am male 55 years and consuming two tablets of Tedral SA since last 30 years. During this period, I never faced any inconvenience and attack of asthma in any type of weather or circumstances. Now this tablet is not available in market. I need good substitution to this tablet with the same ingredients. ## From what I understand, there is NO substitute for the old Tedral formulation. Tedral contained some phenobarb, which helped, but didn't really work, to neutralize the stimulant side effects of theophylline and ephedrine. Ephedrine isn't available anymore and the combo of those two drugs caused "speedy" feelings. It's more typical that you'd be prescribed a rescue inhaler for acute asthma attacks (ProAir = albuterol is common) than any oral med. Works faster wit...

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tedral magnified senses

I thought i was mentally unbalanced. Seeing enlargements of real life in front of me. Increased hearing sensitivity. Shrinking rooms in front of me own eyes. For years thinking it was me. An unbalanced. Self. It all stopped as i got older until one day I was having an asthmatic condition and took the medicine the doctor had me take 3 times a day! Tedral!. The truck in front of my eyes, as i worked on the engine, seemed to shrink like what happened 5 ears previously. when I was taken tedral regularly. I wasn't crazy after all--- It was the medicine! Anyone else experience shrinking heads, feelings of speed' before the term existed? Why was it taken off the market? Everyone have these problems? It would be nice to hear from others about their Tedral experience. This occurred 1952 ...

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tedral 25

What are the affects of tedral 25? ## Where can I find the medicne Tedral pills for my asthma it has been 20 years sence I last had them and the new stuff does not work. Any help would be great ## I'm looking too Bruce, in the same boat. Seems like it was pulled to be replaced with an expensive non-OTC alternative. Keep me posted if u learn anything and I'll do the same. ## Bad experiences since Tedral was removed from my life. Took for twenty eight years. This is the only drug that was effective for my life. Why effective drugs are removed is beyond me, inhalers in general are a joke. Can anyone tell me where I can get an eqivalent ot Tedral itself. Took since I was 2 years old. IT WORKS. ## is it possiable to still buy tedral tablets ## Where can I find Tedral tablet? Please l...

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Tedral was effective, but addictive.

I was discovered to have asthma and other allergies at the age of two. It was pretty bad in my formative years (2-3 attacks a day wasn't uncommon) A doctor prescribed Tedral to my parents which back then it came in a horrible tasting sugary yellowy thick, liquid form. which I didn't mind at 3yo because it had sugar in it. But Tedral WORKED!! It sincerely did. At about the ages of 6 or 7 I started with the little white Tedral tablets which even at that age I knew they gave me this"pickup" I felt "energized" After years of not having to worry about my attacks any more, by the time I was 16 I was taking them by themselves OR with aspirin for a "high". However when they ceased distribution, I didn't remember any withdrawals but I still have things like sh...

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Tedral for Asthma

as a child I had Asthma and took Tedral all through the 60s now at 68 Asthma returned about 10 yrs ago after 40 years of no asthma. I have been on a Z pack A steriod A abrutol inhaler A symbocort inhaler and day 11 it's still pretty bad. I need my old medicine I can't breath. Tonight I thought of Tedral. What can I use in its place? ## Hello, Vicki! How are you? Are you seeing a pulmonologist? That would be your best resource for finding the help you need. Tedral contained Theophylline, Ephedrine and Phenobarbital, all of which are still available separately, in case you want to ask your doctor about trying them. The FDA lists the typical side effects of these medications as possibly including nausea, dizziness, dry mouth and headache. ## I remember using tedrol as a kid too and...

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Cataracts Tedral

I had taken Tedral for years beginning as a child and into my adult years until taken off the market. Cataracts developed in both of my eyes while I was in my 30's and 40's leading to surgery. I now have lens implants in both of my eyes. The opthamologist is now measuring my eyes for Glaucoma. Currently I am taking Primatene mist tablets which does have the drug ephedrine as one of its ingredients. No one is telling me whether these drugs are responsible for my eye situation. Please respond ## I used this pill from the age of5 until I was about 25. I only used Tedral when my asthma was getting out of control. Without this medicene I would have more than likely died. I am looking for the pill again because all the new stuff does not work for me. When I take the new stuff , I get ...

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FDA please bring Tedral back!

I was prescribed Tedral as a child. Hated it because I always went to sleep. Really would love to take it now. Inhalers don't work. S pens too much time on nebulizer treatment after treatment. Preventive medication the same. I used to try one after the other and for some reason when I take these preventive meds I gain weight. I had asthma from as age 3 to 12. I remember oxygen tents. Now you take a treatment and it may be hours before I have relief. That means the preventive meds don't work. I am 62 now and I am tired. I don't have COPD, just asthma, and it's back as violently now as when I was a child. Difference is nebulizers take a long time to work and keep me up. Ans symb, adva, etc don't work. How do we get the drug administration allow Tedral back on market? T...

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tedral side effects

I took tedral from the age of 10 through adulthood. I Have never been able to complete anything. My ability to focus is severly limited. The drug always made me very hyped and anxious. And the condition seemed to remain throughout my life. I get exited very easily and my adrenalin levels go through the roof. I often felt that my present condition was caused by this drug and often wondered why it was so quietly taken off the market. I later developed addiction to stimulants such as cocaine, crystal methamphetamine. Those substances produce much of the same effects as tedral and marax. I believe that most of my emotional problems in life were tired the side effects of these drugs that set my central nervous system on fire. ## You are not alone. My sister has a similar experience with Tedr...

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Tedral SA side effects

Some three years ago, I woke up to discover that my chest was tight and had difficulty in breathing. I consulted a Doctor who diagnosed the problem to be COPD. He thereafter placed me on Tedral SA. When I started using the drug I discovered that my genital organ shrank and could not urinate freely as I used to. I then stopped the used of the drug for a day and I discovered that I could urinate freely again. When I complained to the Doctor about this he told me that he had never heard about such complaints before and that there was no substitute he prescribed for me that I should continue to use it. Each time I used the drug it was the same side effects that I experienced. Later he gave me some other drugs and transferred me to another consultant who is a respiratory specialist. I later ...

Drugs/medicines for treatment of asthma

I was prescribed MARAX (Mfg: Pfizer) in 1967. from 1967 to 2009 or 2010 till the medicine was pulledout from market for reasons unknown. Really a wonderfull combination. uduring that 40 years no side effects were observed, Since 2009/10 Ihave been using TEDRAL SA. Though not much effective as much as MARAX, THIS combination also worked well.I am 67 years old now (retired technical officer from min.of.defence)with very active life.Sine few months,TEDRAL SA is not available.Is any other substitute available ?

Does Tedral causes blurry vision?

I had a bad case of shingles at the same time I had cataract surgery, they gave me acyclovir and have developed blurry vision. Can I use tedral for the itching? ## I had cataract surgery and developed shingles due to the stress. Now I've noticed blurry vision on the eye with the surgery? Can this be cured? ## Acyclovir is an antiviral medication, which is given because Shingles is caused by the Herpes Zoster virus. There is no way to eradicate this virus from the body, but the medication can help keep it under control and shorten the length of the Shingles outbreak. Common side effects may include: nausea, drowsiness, dizziness and headache. Learn more: As to wether or not your blurry vision can be cured, that depends on what has caused it. It is not listed as a common or rare side ...

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