Tedral Was Effective, But Addictive.

Hawkins Says:

I was discovered to have asthma and other allergies at the age of two. It was pretty bad in my formative years (2-3 attacks a day wasn't uncommon) A doctor prescribed Tedral to my parents which back then it came in a horrible tasting sugary yellowy thick, liquid form. which I didn't mind at 3yo because it had sugar in it. But Tedral WORKED!! It sincerely did. At about the ages of 6 or 7 I started with the little white Tedral tablets which even at that age I knew they gave me this"pickup" I felt "energized" After years of not having to worry about my attacks any more, by the time I was 16 I was taking them by themselves OR with aspirin for a "high". However when they ceased distribution, I didn't remember any withdrawals but I still have things like shaky hands, anxiety/nervousness til this very day.

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JJ Says:

I took tedral for short time for treatment for asthma. I could not sit down for a period of 24 hours, had double vision and very strange thoughts. My doctor discontinued the drug. Later I was told tedral is the same as street methamphetamine. Is it?

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Robin Says:

I took this medication in the late 60’s early 70’s. I hated the taste of that thick yellow liquid. Eww. When my asthma got really bad, the doctor would prescribe Tedrol. I know it made me shaky, I didn’t like the feeling, but it did work. It was not addictive for me. I only took it as a last resort. It did not make me want to use methamphetamine or any other kind of drug. Just took it when I had no other option to get asthma under control.

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