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susan sebens Says:

I had taken Tedral for years beginning as a child and into my adult years until taken off the market. Cataracts developed in both of my eyes while I was in my 30's and 40's leading to surgery. I now have lens implants in both of my eyes. The opthamologist is now measuring my eyes for Glaucoma. Currently I am taking Primatene mist tablets which does have the drug ephedrine as one of its ingredients. No one is telling me whether these drugs are responsible for my eye situation. Please respond

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Bruce Says:

I used this pill from the age of5 until I was about 25. I only used Tedral when my asthma was getting out of control. Without this medicene I would have more than likely died. I am looking for the pill again because all the new stuff does not work for me. When I take the new stuff , I get upper Lung infections and with that I can't breath again and it is really bad with Asthma and a lung infection. So I am serching the internet looking for the old drug Tedral any help out there please let me know....

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Grandma W Says:

I haven't even heard of Tedral, since I was in my late teens, when I started with an allergist. I took liquid Tedral, then the tablet as a preteen. Started theophyllin as older teen, but I think that started my reflux problems.
The CORTICOSTEROID MEDS are what start cataracts.
New pulmonology dr had me down as starting Flonase (just heard that from his nurse today! I saw him 4 days ago, heard nothing about that then) I told her No, thank you, and why...I was told by eye dr. over a year ago that cataracts were starting. Told by another dr. that my bone density was down. Yet, all the lung drs, allergists, etc are so eager to start us on those darn corticosteroid drugs. Now, I feel like a slave to them. I'm convinced that our allegy relief grows dependent on those drugs at the same time parts of our body are being damaged by them. And drs are so quick to say, we can get surgery, or bone densuty drugs. They are not acceptable answers for me!
I am Not convinced inhaling them does less damage, either. I only take the minimal dose to keep me somewhat functional, while slowing down side effects. Still not a great solution

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Verwon Says:

The issue here is that years later, there is really no way anyone can say whether or not any certain medication has caused suck issues, or if they were things that you were prone to develop, anyway, due to generics, or other exposures, according to NIH reports.

For example, I experienced congestive heart failure back in 2010, which may have been due to taking high doses of Ibuprofen for years, but by the time I experienced it and ended up in the hospital for a week, there was no way to prove it.

Bruce, what other medications have you tried? There are some new ones on the market that work great, such Incruz Breo, and Incruz Ellipita. My mother-in-law has severe asthma and they have helped her tremendously.

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