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MissG Says:

I used to take Barr 40mg IR a day (30 in AM, and 10 in afternoon). I wanted to try XR, and was able to receive name brand Adderall XR from Shire 30mg in morning and 10 in afternoon. I started my med journey 6 months ago, titrating up 5-10mg a month with Barr IR. I had side effects in the beginning of my journey, but they subsided. Is it possible to get side effects all over again when switching over to the name brand since I am used to my specific generic IR, or is it just at that XR doesn't work for me??

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Verwon Says:

Hello, MissG! How are you doing?

Yes, switching to the name brand could possibly cause you to experience side effects, again. There is a chance that the generic was slightly lower in the active ingredient, as described by the Hatch-Waxman Act of 1984.

The FDA classifies this medication as a stimulant, so it carries the risk of being habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, headache, insomnia, nervousness and weight loss.

Is there anything else I can help with?

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John Says:

What side effects are you feeling? I noticed with names brand Xr the messed up my stomach a lot!

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Maya Says:

I was taking Adderall XR Barr which sucked! Then shire XR which was much better. I could focus, study, multi task, pay attention etc. My psychiatrist switched me to instant release. I've been taking Adderall 30mg IR. The manufacture is Teva USA. It taste like candy! The pill is peach round shaped tablet imprinted with 30 on the front and DP on the back. It keeps me up yet I'm not energized or focused. I asked the pharmacist which manufacture carries brand Authentic Adderall? She said Teva USA is the only band adderall for 30 mg IR. Is that true? I feel like shire xr was way better!

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BostonHolly Says:

IMHO, I believe that any time anyone of us changes medications, *especially* when you are increasing dosages - remember, the "real" drug will be stronger than the generic, less fillers, that you may have side effects. Be sure to keep your doctor informed ! And it wouldn't hurt to let the FDA know as well for statistical purposes, only.

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Adderall User Says:

Teva makes the generic version and the name brand of Adderall Instant Release. The generic version has B 974 on it. I have not gotten to try the name brand version of Teva Instant release since I have been given the generic version each time my script was filled. What I have used so for does not compare to the Shire Brand. They only make the xl version. Core, Aurobindo, Teva generic, and Activist don't come close. I intend to try Sandoz if I can find it and the Teva Name Brand. It looks like I may have to go back on the xl version if those don't work or give unwanted side effects.

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Wallst888 Says:

Good morning

I have had ADD - ADHD or as we call it "racing"
Over the years, I have taken Ritalin, Concerts, Vyvanse, Strattera, Bupoprion, and Adderall normal and Adderall extended

I always try and due some due diligence.

For me the Adderall seems to work the best, but I have only been given the brand name a few times and that is few and far between and a long time ago.

My prescription used to be free of charge, but then it started being not coversed at all

I have tended to stay with Walgreens all but a few times, but recently they were out an when they were to get it in, they said it would be $150
.so I went on good and going a coupon for cvs, which made it $61 for my monto supply of 60 tablets 30mg

So I had been taking the b974 the orange ovals for years, but it was nite and I was tired and cvs gabe me cor136

The cor136 say amphetamine salts
These are circles and pink

.the b974 says d amphetamine salt combo
These are ovals and are orange

First, the names are quite different

Although they both say generic adderall

The b974 is whay I have taken for years and have helped greatly
I take 1 in am and 1 in PM

Now one day in, on the b136, it feels as if I am taking almost nothing

So I took the other one an hour later

As I'm still racing or my add, adhd is ever present
.so I looked on Google for people who have taken both, and it seems I am not alone in thinking the pink one does not work or works in a far less effective manner

I guess to me, it's like frosted flakes by Kellogg vs the store brand of corn flakes frosted

Or coca cola vs generic soda

Can anyone or multiple people give there Input?

I am tempted to go back to cvs and try to return them and get the normal ones

Return pink and get orange
Not even sure if they would let me do this
.going to call my dr as well and have hi opinion.

But looking for other people who have experienced same thing, or do I need to give it more time..

I was a wall st guy for maNY years so patience IS NOT one of my virtues

Thanks Again for any input and or expereinces.


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Anne Says:

My capsule says - M AMPHET SALTS - it is a generic extended release form of Adderall. Does anyone out there know how it compares with the name brand? Thank you, Anne

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Ali Says:

Mine says the same thing - on white side and 25 mg on the orange side and they are made by Prasco (never heard of them) and they do not work at all.

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Billiedublin Says:

CVS did not let me return corepharma which was total garbage nor were they willing to order a particular brand. I have unlimited prescription $ on my policy so the only reason they order what thy do is it is cheapest for them, I intend to find a pharmacy who will order what I want and have my MD write a specific brand or just not corepharma.

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