Subutex Dr In Johnson City Or Kingsport Tn

whitney Says:

Hey, I am looking for a doctor that will prescribe me subutex in Tennessee - johnson city or kingsport. I was going out of town to even have my doctor and they have me prescribed to 32 mg a day. Well they would not let me reschedule my appointment and now told me I need a new doctor. This is devastating to me because I have been doing so good. If anyone can help me please let me know.

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titansfan Says:

Where were you going to? I might know a doctor in johnson city that prescribes subutex.

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Bill Says:

I need a doctor to prescribe subutex because of the reactions I have from Naloxone. Do you know any doctors in the Tri cities area that prescribe it and if so do you have a phone number

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sheri Says:

Where is that dr?

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foxylady37 Says:

Wow he prolly lost his job, not being mean but they have limited the drs down to 2 to 2&1/2 is the most u will get in tenn or N.C. i didnt say that to affend u.. Sorry. If u will look up the suboxone directory.. It will show u dr.s names close.. But its hard to geget subutex.. Places ive went u have to b pregnant or have Hep.C, sum will.. I wudwud try to get in first, then mention stex.. If u took 32mg u wont care bout a headache huh.. Lol ive took both and honestly stex give me headache where suboxone dont.. Eat b4 u take it always.. They have subzolve too..

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highwayman Says:

You have lost your mind. I read posts every day on here, from people begging for Subutex. They state that they lost heir doc., or moved. Yet, they want help, names, doctors, places where they can get a prescription for this rare and amazing medicine. Here's the problem: you never seem to want to let anyone else know the doctor or the treatment center that you used to get an rx for Subutex. Life would be perfect if you always got the information you wanted - but who cares about the next man. I will not provide another name or reference for any Subutex provider - until I see some of you greedy and inconsiderate clowns share some wealth. Still, I could care less. I get my 90 54/411 a month (Roxanne - Generic Buprenorphine w/o Naloxone)

But i've compiled a very, very accurate and resourceful list of providers/clinics/psychiatrists/treatment centers/family physicians and others who WILL prescribe/write/give/dose patients with Subutex......with usually the only condition being that they be able to demonstrate financial hardship. I am done giving names to people who could care less about the next man. So, just to give notice, share your knowledge, give a name or two up your own self. Failure to do so may prove the same as cutting off your own monthly comfort zone. Oh, for the record - I am aware of 4 providers in Central and Western Tennessee as well as 3 in the Northern part of Indiana who will gladly write Subutex; no questions asked. I may have been inclined to give their info. except i'm tired of reading "gimme, gimme, gimme" requests - without indicating a desire to help others. Today is just not your day....specially' when I have the game changer(s). Gonna go take my Subutex now!!!!

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joe Says:

dude you can tell your desperate.... what does that person have to do with you begging for every doctor's name that writes subs in the area....i mean you think its a freaking secret. if your too dumb too find a subutex doc then you either arent sick enough or you have no common sense and is probably why your on here trying to manipulate people into giving you do you think they found there doc ????? million dollar question for you i guess and if you dont no i am not going to enlighten you. i mean seriously i will give you a hint, it wasnt by sitting on this forum hoping some i**** is going to get on here and spew out the name of his doctor for someone like you to give a bad name or burn it up with you and all your buddys who have probably never been addicted to anything but a swanky ass its peole like you and the other that gives true drug addicts a bad name lol and i am going to invite you to my doctor, fat chance super man....

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JessieJay Says:

Love it! Lol

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mere Says:

Im currently going to a clinic but the suboxone makes me sick. I told my dr n he wrote me phrnehrsm thst didnt help. I dont get sick off subutec and im looking for a nrw Dr thst will prescribe it. If anybofy knows a dov, pleade tell me. Thanks!

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mrb0jangles Says:

i used to go to dr crutchfield in johnson city but he only prescribes the suboxone strips. I saw a dr years ago in kingsport who prescribed subutex to everyone but havent they changed TN law to prevent that and only for pregnant women and people with proven allergy to naloxone? Im trying to find a dr who writes tex for normal people but everyone has changed up

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vannah Says:

I have been going to a behavioral health place and receiving subutex for a little over a year and they have dropped me majorly & they have told me to find a new doctor. I have never failed a drug panel while being on the medicine and haven't relapsed at all! I wanna keep up the good work because I have recently enrolled in college and have 3 small children all under the age of 4. So I wanna be the best I can be and eventually when im more comfortable with the idea of weaning myself off for good! Any opinions on a subutex doctor?

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boosy Says:

I'd like to find someone in Johnson city too but no one will tell u a name of one. They are stingy people and don't want nobody else to get them. So I will tell you a name of a clinic in Johnson City, Tennessee. Just reply to my message and I will tell you the name. They give subutex. I can't go there no more because I got kicked out because of a drug panel. If somebody could reply with another doctor in Johnson City that writes subutex I'd really appreciate it and I'll return the favor of giving you a name of one; and there's like 10 doctors in there that will give u subutex. Thanks, bossy

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bossy Says:

They will not help anyone. I may have a referral, reply to this message

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B Says:

I know an address for one I talked to on the phone. I set an appointment. It's not a guareentee though as I have not been.

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ryleigh Says:

Doctor reeves in johnson city. Now can you give me one?

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Savannah Says:

Do u know of any bossy ? - vannah

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need help Says:

can anyone please tell me a place where they willl fill subutex at ive called over 50 places and all of them either say they r not taking any new patients or they dont fill them so please if u know a place they not expensive or the small ones it would really help a lot

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celina Says:

I'm really in need of a subutex dr. as suboxone makes me sick as hell. my num is {edited for privacy}. I'm celina. no b.s. for real.

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jason Says:

Try ft Tino or Catylyst health. They both write Tec. Please let me know the name of the Dr that u know. My email is {edited for privacy}. Best of luck to u. I used to go to these two clinics and got dismissed from both and am looking for other options.

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mere Says:

Call watagua recovery associates or try the clinic beside mcdonalds downtown. I heard they do. Im n desperate need of tec cause the box makes me sick

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celina Says:

I am trying to get my SSI and i have like NO money of my own but i have a friend willing to pay for treatment only. I help out anyone i can when they're sick but no one but two bffs do it for me. I know the game. I had a 3 bundle a day habit on opioids for 7 yrs when i lived in va beach but i went to the methadone clinic twice. the first time i wasn't serious but the second time i really made it work for me. then i moved to lee co area and thought pills wouldn't kick me as bad but obviously i was mistaken. box makes me sick as hell and my arms break out so i have to take tec but its like an act of congress to get it. u seemed to know ur s*** so i thought i would reply to u. plz let me know a dr anywhere close to me and i will travel. I get my nerve meds from reg dr but i need help so if u feel like I'm someone u would like to help id appreciate it very much.

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