Rosuvastatin With Aspirin

minaxi Says:

i want to know the brand name of combination of rosuvastatin with aspirin. i also want to know about the dosage form of these combination i.e tablet or capsule or in both form. whare this product is available. from where i get the formulation of rosuvastatin with aspirin. plz reply.
thanking you

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Verwon Says:

What country are you in? The availability and brand name, if it is available, can vary from country to country.

Rosuvastatin with Aspirin is used to help lower cholesterol and as a blood thinner.

Side effects may include: nausea, dizziness, headache and joint/muscle aches.

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Vittananand Says:

I have been prescribed with Unistar 75 containing Rosuvastatin and Asprin the trade name is Unistar 75, manufactured by Unisearch CV

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madhu Says:

what are the side effects and uses of unistar 75?

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Vittalanand Says:

Combination drugs containing Rosuvastatin and asprin can be browsed in web site midlineindia wherein details of strength, formulation, manufacturers name and cost of the drugs will be available

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sneha patel Says:

hello i m student of 2nd year of quality assurance. I want to know market name of this combination rosuvastatin calcium nd aspirin. also want to know all the information about methods available for its identification. As i wish to do project on this combination. I m waiting for your positive responce. Thnk you.

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Vittalanand Says:

It contains Rosuvastatin , antichloretrol drug and asprin blood thinner. Used for clearing chlorastral in blood and blood vessels and asprin for diluting Blood to help heart function easily and reduced blood clotting in heart,brain and blood vessels that will prevent death due to brain damage and heart attacks to certain extent and help heart to function smoothly.

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trupti Says:

i want to know the brand name of combination of rosuvastatin with aspirin. i also want to know about the dosage form of these combination i.e tablet or capsule or in both form. whare this product is available. from where i get the formulation of rosuvastatin with aspirin. plz reply.
thanking you

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Vittalanand Says:

Unistar 75 . It contains both rosuvastatin and asprin. Unistar 150 is also available as double the dose. In my opinion, Clopivas AP75 and Rozat 10 are perfect combinations in preventing blood clots and also chlorestrol deposits in blood vessels and heart valves

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Karthick Says:

"Rozucor Asp " from torrent pharma..

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Vittalanand Says:

Madam, Rosuvastatin , is a scheduled drug and the dosage depends on your level of cholesterol both in your blood and blood vessels.The dosages vary from 5 mg per tablet to 20 mg per table by many manufacturers. You must consult your doctor for proper prescription. While rosuvastatin is considered as clot preventer,Clopidagrel is considered as clot dissolver and asprin is considered as blood thinner. These combination therapy, prevents you from most heart attacks and blood clots in brain's blood vessels and prevent from brain damage too.Kindly have doctor's consultation, preferably of a cardiologist and he will decide what are to be given to dissolve colts and cholesterol deposits with a proper prescription and the proper dose to suit you. All the three drugs make your blood to go thinner and retard clotting of blood as well as cholesterol and it will be dangerous to take excessive doses as excessive non stop bleeding may happen in the case you get cut wounds and endanger your life. Have doctor's consultation.I am not a Doctor, but patient who is taking them as per my cordiologist's prescription. Good luck.

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Vittalanand Says:

I live in a country , the same in where you live and I have these medicines prescribed for my heart by my cardiologist. What i have stated is that I am not a doctor to prescribe but to offer guidance., with due advices to get the prescription that will suit the particular patient. I believe you were the one blubbering in diabetes forum about your treatment with High fat low carb as if you knew every thing,but actually nothing. You can and are free to offer your views and opinions and should keep away from critisizing others for their opinions. You should not attempmt to be an expert of High fat low carb here too.

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Vittalanand Says:

If You were prescribed by a doctor, you must have the name of the drug which he prescribed.You maust have the doses and strengt5h he prescribed. If he had prescribed them separately, and you want to have them as a combined tablet, It is UNISTAR75. You can browse other company drug names, in your search for some other brand of the same formulation, you can browse Medline Iindia, by seeking unistar 75 details where the total list will be populated in your search.

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sridhar Says:

as my doctor prescribed,can i get unistar 150 (rosuvistatin 10 + asprin 150, which is not readily available in the market.

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Mudit Says:

Marketing Executive

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Arijit Rahut Says:

You can have Rozucor-Asp 75.

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jam Says:

please give the list of combination are availaible in the market (rosuvastatin + metoprolol) with company name and brand name......

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anil Says:

Hi everyone,

By profession I'm a lawyer, since the last 6 months I have had a problem of high BP. Around 90-130/140, TMT show mild positive, ECG normal, Dr. advised me to take ROSUVASTATIN -5mg with ASPRIN 75 mg (R5A). Is it better..? mostly I do not like medicine. It's unnecessary.. Plz advise.

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jaimala Says:

my father 78 yr suffered recently for breathlessness, asthama..advise for unistar 75 mg capsule.. before he ws taking ecosprin. but fr last days he is taking unistar 75 mg n stopped ecosprin ,,as suggested by doctors.. but nw he is having swelling on his left leg.. is it coz of ecosprin stopped n unistar 75 mg started..

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Abhijeet Pandule Says:

Please consult with doctor and start medicine as early as possible

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garlapati Says:

My cardiologist prescribed rosagold 10/75. Please give the contents of the drug posting from india.

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Dr Hasmukh I Joshi Says:

I want rusuvastatin 10mg+aspirin75mgformypersonaluseD

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