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mayie Says:

what particular ailment does renalin capsule cure? I am suffering from UTI because I used to eat salty foods. Can I take this medicine?

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Roy Says:

Hi Mayie, sorry to hear about the UTI.

From what I have gathered, Renalin is a combination of four herbs that are supposed to support kidney wellness.

The ingredients are reported to be: [1]

Orthosiphon aristatus (Balbas Pusa or Cat’s whiskers, a source of essential oils and flavones) - listed in the Philippine Pharmacopeia 1 as a traditional medicinal plant for bacterial and inflammatory diseases of the lower urinary tract and approved by the German Commission E for urinary tract infections and for kidney and bladder stones.

Lagerstroemia speciosa (Banaba, a source of corsolic acid) is traditionally used for diabetes, as a diuretic and in promoting weight loss as listed in the Philippine Pharmacopeia 1.

Blumea balsamifera (Sambong, a source of volatile oils, palmitic and myristic acids) is listed in the Philippine Pharmacopeia 1 as a traditional remedy for diuresis (enhance urination) in edema and for expelling kidney stones.

Curcuma longa (Turmeric or Luyang Dilaw, a source of curcumin) is a medicinal plant listed in the German Commission E. Monograph

Recommended dosage is 1 capsule, 10 minutes before meals (3 times a day).

Now if you are suffering from an infection, you might also want to double check with your doctor to see if they recommend going on antibiotics. That could also help with a urinary tract infection.

I do hope this helps! Please let me know if you have any other questions or information to add. Also, can you write back to let everyone know how effective the Renalin was for you?

Reference: [1]

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Kerby Ann Dagala Says:

Is it safe for pregnant women to take this?...

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pinky Says:

what is the side effect of renalin?

is it also advisable to take renalin 2 x day together with ascorbic acid 500mg

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rolando fronda Says:

3 to 4 times going to toilet at night is this normal?

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adalia Says:

Is it also advisable to take renalin together with acalka tablet...?pls...tx bk,asap,tnx lot

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Romil Says:

Gud day...Tanong ko lang po kung pwde bang inumin ang renalin bilang pantunaw ng kidney stone? May bato kasi ako sa ureter 1cm and 1.3cm in my bladder..Is it possible to dissolve my kidney stones by taking renalin? Ilang buwang ang maubos bago matunaw ang bato? Tnx po...

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chelle Says:

Sa experience ng husbqnd ko combination po ng renalin and sambong 500mg.. 1 year po before lumabas ang stone but very effect8ve.. mas matagal lang ng konti kesa iopen ng doctor.

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MsFoxy Says:

hi! I'm suffering from uretheral stones for years now. Lately sobrang madalas na ang atake ng pain sometimes 4 days a week ako nasa bed lang due to severe pain at lagi ako mahina. Can you give me an advise kung ano ang best herbal medicine or anything na pwde ko itake? Or is shockwave more better than to wait na mapass out ang stones by just taking supplements? pls help :(

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Renalin Says:

Renalin Effective skin galing ng UTI pero Nag pa doctor na din ako At Na kompleto ko yung antibiotics Pero Bumalik ulit sya Kaya Take ko Agad Renalin At 1 Week pa lang Nawala UTI ko unltil Now Take pa din ako para Mangalagaan na tin yung Kidney ntin.

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anie Says:

Hi.. Im anie, yesterday i go to doctor and he ultra sound my right kidney and he found that i have a 3 kidneys stones about something.. I want to know if renalin can possible cure my stone?

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belen Says:

gud am, b uminom ng renalin, umiinom kc ako ng alcalka n sambong

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Jay Says:

Hello po, tanong ko kunh pwede anh renalin cap. sa kidney cyst with calcification?

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Lyn Says:

My U/A result is showing high rbc and high wbc. I have taken ciprofloxacin and nitromic antibiotics but still got the same result. My Urologist prescribed uriflow herbal supplement. Could i also take renalin, instead? Thanks.

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Mae Says:

My kidney has cysts and stones ako. Sabi ng doctor di na daw maaalis yung cysts pero hoping ako na mawala na ng tuluyan yung stones ko kasi more than a year na sya. Ok ba tong renalin? Nag stop na ko mag take ng tascit, sambong tea nalang ang iniinom ko.

Wala bang bad effect yung renalin sa liver? Thanks.

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Bhiedz Says:

Hi im hermie,tanung ko lang po wala po ba side effect yan renalin capsules?

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othman shariff Says:

i am now in spore how can i order renallin from sporr

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