Ralivia For Withdrawals From Oxy - Neo

Gary Says:

Use RALIVIA if you want to get off these nasty pills.
100-200mg daily RALIVIA ease withdraw symptoms. Maybe take a PERK or 2 to help out if your taking 20s, 40s, 60s, or 80s.
Its hard but RALIVIA eases withdrawl symptoms.

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Gary Says:

OXYNEO and OXYCOTIN are the same. One is slow release other is quicker.

If you are addicted to OXYCOTIN here is what you do.

Ask your docter to change to RALIVIA pain killer but also get some PERKASETS prescribed.

Take your RALIVIA pain killer in place of the OXYCOTTIN pill. If you take 40mg OXYCOTTIN you need 100mg RALIVIA. They have a 24hr lasting pain killing effect. They also will stop withdrawl symptoms you get from getting away from OXYCOTTIN. The reason you get PERKASETS is your body will ask for a PILL that you know has OPIATES in it.

While your nerve endings are being desensitized by RALIVIA, the same ones that send the pain signal to your brain, the PERKASET will give you a chance to get some OPIATES into you that will ease the withdrawl from OXYCOTTIN. The whole thing you are trying to do is make your body feel better. You can do this with RALIVIA. RALIVIA gives you the chance to have an easy withdrawl from OPIATE pills. Your pain will be covered by RALIVIA including withdrawl pains and the PERKASET (OXYCODONE) will give you the buzz you will be missing you usually get from the OXYCOTTIN.

You willl get a full BUZZ from the PERKASET as it will not be needed for the pain now.

The chemicals needed to reduce pain come from RALIVIA and your PERKASET will give you the buzz.

In my experience i needed the BUZZ from the PERKASET and the RALIVIA was used to ease withdrawl pains.


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David Says:

Hi Gary,

Thanks for taking the time to share this information. From what I could gather, Ralivia contains the active ingredient Tramadol hydrochloride, in extended-release form. Do you find from your experience that Tramadol is potent enough to mask chronic nerve pain that sits at a level 7 on a scale of 1-10? I'm not sure how you would've rated your pain symptoms, but my mom wants to find a way to taper off her Lyrica eventually and may need an alternative in the meantime that has less potential side effects. I just wonder if Ralivia is a better option in that regard..would anyone else agree?

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