Qudict Usage And Side Effects

Saurabh Sharma Says:

i want to know exactly who are the patients that use this medicine, for what purpose it is used and what are its side effects

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Verwon Says:

Qudict contains the active ingredient Buprenorphine, it is a potent narcotic that is used to treat drug addiction and severe, chronic pain.

Side effects may include: nausea, dizziness, drowsiness and constipation.

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Are there any other questions?

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ali asgar Says:

I have taken one pill of Qudict, and I do not want to take any more pills what would I go through and what will be the side effect.

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Verwon Says:

Ali, how long have you been taking it?

There is a chance that you may experience some withdrawal symptoms, but how severe they are will depend on how much you've been taking and for how long.

They can include nausea, fever, chills, vomiting and irritability.


Have you consulted a doctor? If you have been on it for a long time, it may not be safe to stop taking it abruptly, because some withdrawal symptoms may be life threatening.

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karli Says:

i've been using qudict 4mg sublingually at night for 1 yr as a treatment for multi drug iv addiction. now tapering 2mg on alternate days. i've early morning awakenings, aversion to food recently. is it withdrawl symptom, depression? pl reply fast

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Mr Patient Says:

I have a qudict tablet? How am I supposed to take it?

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ali asgar Says:

I have used it only for the purpose of withdrawals from opioid (heroin). I took it for three days and thanks a million I am out of it the tablet and the heroin. I do understand that there is also a strong back lash withdrawal effect of the tablet, mostly the mind (psychological) other than all is great and I am clean of drugs now. thank you all for the great advice.

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Amit Says:

I have been using heroin for about 3 months now. I want to quit using but due to severe withdrawals, I am compelled to use it again and again. I heard about qudict tablet which can relieve me of my withdrawals and my addiction to heroin. Please someone guide me about the dosage of qudict I need to take and the duration intervals I should be taking it. Please reply to this asap.


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PushpaVedha Says:

Hi Verwon, i have been prescribed qudict 2mg tab twice a day for my chronic pancreatic pain and DR asked me to increase the dose till 6mg if the pain is not tolerable. But now i am taking only 2mg at night. I just want to know right from then i dont have any interest in sex. I suspect that could be bcoz of qudict. Pls advice me on this.

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ashu Says:

I m addict of fortwin nd phenargon inj in year 2010 due to migraine headache.but when I know I m addict of these inj. I consult to pshyosycartic dr.he give me qudict medicine with some other medicine like elirum10 nd more.i take qudict 2mg 4 per day as by dr.nd after 12 month of medication I stop all drugs.but in 2013 I have stone in gallbleder dr. operate them.nd my gallbleder is out.but dr use a fortwin inj for relief in pain bcoz other painkiller medicine not effect to my body.therefore I m currently addict of fortwin inj. I consult my dr. he give me a qudict 2mg 3 times nd elirum10 3 times. nd now I m seeing I m addict of qudict plz help me..rply soon

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vijay kumar beniwal Says:

3 Qudict 2mg tab deve to fayda ho sakta hai Kitne time tak dene pdege

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Kapil Says:

Dear i want to know your no

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sachin verma Says:

ye teblet mujhe chahiye kya ye mujhe mil sakti hai main nasha karta tha ab chhodna chahta hoon plz help me

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yuvi Says:

I started having qudict from May 2014 and I started with half tab morning and evening.Now I m having 1/4 of tab/daily.If I stop will there be withdrawal? ???

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Shubham Says:

I'm also taking this tablet so i want to know of its side effects.

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gopal sood Says:

mujhe qudit tabletchahiy main drug chorna chahta noon

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asif Says:

I want 2 quit this s***! Does qudict 2mg require a doctor's prescription? Plz help.

{edited for privacy}

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Vanlal Says:

Place it under your tongue untill it dissolves,then swallow the saliva after it's dissolves

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sachin Says:

How i will get this tablet (qudict). Is this get without prescribtion

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Xyz Says:

My doctor prescribed me qudict for ten days. 1/2 twice for 3 days, then 1/4 for 3 days again twice a day, then 1/4 at night for 3 days, then advised to stop. Do I need to take it again to avoid opiates completely? Please give me some suggestions.

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