Post Surgery Pain And Medication

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I just had surgeryon my leg where my doctor inserted a couple of stents to open up a main artery. I was wondering if this pain is normal, he perscribed me some Vicodine at first that did not seem to help the pain, and then some Percocet, still no luck. It's been almost a month. I need to go back to work but the pain is to severe. I now walk with a cain. I was thinking that maybe something went wrong with the surgery and was not told about it. I could be wrong though. How long of a rest period should it be before the pain starts to subside and I could walk without the help of a cain. Can anyone help with this question.

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Pat Says:

I don't know how long ago you wrote this, but you should tell your doctor if your pain hasn't gotten any better after a month. My husbands leg was crushed in an auto accident and while he did suffer pain for a few months, it got a little better everyday..You will most likely always have arthritis in your leg because of the surgery, so if you just wrote this, that is possible what your pain is. I can't tell you anything because I am not a doctor, all I can say is if you are in terrible pain after more than a month, something may be wrong. BTW, and this is OMHO vicodin and or percocett aren't that good for pain. A medication you may want to talk to your doctor about is either dihydrocodeine, or talwin..They aren't as habit forming


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jayjay124 Says:

Pat, Thanks you so much for your reply. The pain has gone away somewhat. I have had another surgery since then where my doctor did something called vein bypass, and now I am dealing with that post op. pain. I hope that your husband recovers okay with the accident that he was in. GOD BLESS!! Take care of yourself and your family. We husbands just don't realize what a wonderful spouse goes through while trying to maintain and care for us with all of the other things going on in life right now. Again may GOD BLESS YOU and see you through your rough times.

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Pat Says:

JJ, I am so glad your pain has subsided somewhat..Your post made my day, thank you..Yes, my husband was in a coma for 2 weeks and we didn't know if he was even going to live, Thank God he came through..I wish you and your family a wonderful and SAFE New Year!!! May 2010 be even better than 2009


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