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pink pill marked 93 290

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Jim Says:

Bupropion is color coded for dosage and absorption rates. Where is that information??

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Verwon Says:

Well first of all, that is incorrect, so that information is not available. What a pill looks like, even Burpropion is totally up to the manufacturer, yes, the orignal med manufacturer who had the proprietary patent on the med usually does code them that way, but once a med is available for generic production, it can look however the generic manufacturers decide they want the pill to look, so the size, shape, and color are entirely up to their whit and whim. The FDA and DEA do not have any requirements stating that they must be coded that way, their only requirements state all prescription pills manufactured and/or legally sold in the US must have a unique imprint for ID purposes. So a certain dosage of a certain color in the name brand, could be a pill with the same color and an entirely different dosage from another manufacturer. So you cannot rely on color coding once they are on the generic market. So even if you find the basic information from the original name brand manufacturer, it is not going to apply to all pills that are made by the generic companies that also produce them.

Therefore, the only way to tell exactly what a pill is, would be to look it up using the imprint on the pill itself.

The pill posted in the original post is Bupropion 100mgs, and it is a pink tablet standard absorption rate, here's the image:

Pill Image

However, the same dosage also comes in various other colors, with different imprint markings, depending on which company made it. Here are some other posts where people made IDs of a different colored and marked 100mg tablet:

Bupropion Aquamarine Tablet 100mgs Click Here

And here is another, different, regular release 100mgs tablet:

Bupropion Light Blue 435 M tablet Click Here

Anyway, I am sure you get my drift by now, that once a pill is available for generic production, there is no proprietary guidelines for shapes and colors, so it could still be the med in question and the same dosage, but look totally different.

There is, as I said, no requirements in the pharmceutical industry to code them the way you stated.

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Jim Says:

Hi Verwon

I believe you meant to say that each manufacturer is free to color code (or not as the case may be) and shape their pills as they like.

BTW, the Wall Rx web site you referenced is really great and had pics of many of the common Bupropion pills we had; thank you kindly.


And come to think of it, with the Feds so fond of interfering with the rest of our lives, one would think they would jump on this opportunity to regulate color and shape ... which would be a genuine benefit to the rest of us poor folks that have to deal with a drug industry gone berserk ... oh, wait, I said it be a benefit to us ... what was I thinking!! ;-)

Thanks again for the insight on this pill of a subject! :-)

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Jim Says:

Oops ... forgot to add that Eon Labs has been absorbed (ha ha) by Sandoz http:/­/­­eonlabs/­index.html just in case anyone cares.

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Verwon Says:

Actually, since identifying pills on here and helping people with med and side effect info is part of my job here, I appreciate your posting that information, sometimes they revamp the codes when companies merge like that, and you have to look under older or newer imprints to find the correct information, so that stuff is something I always try to keep track of.

Yep, that is pretty much whatI was saying, mine was just long-winded! LOL!

Anyway, since it is available now as a generic, there is just no possible way to say all the shapes, sizes, colors and etc. of all Bupropion pills that are now on the market.

There are so many generic companies available, all competing for business, that sometimes I take a scrip to the pharmacy and don't get pills made by t he same company twice.

I have now been through 5 different companies for my two daily doses of Morphine and 4 different ones for my Oxycodone IR for breakthrough pain. I lost count of how many different companies have made the Ibuprofen I have filled each month.

The only problem with wallsrx, is that they don't update on any type of schedule, some pills are added as soon as the information about them is available, and some aren't added until months later. They also don't list all of them, but I guess if they did that, they wouldn't be able to stay a free to use site anymore. I always use a subscription site and pay monthly to use it, they update daily and provide tons of information on a med and not just ids and images.

Yeah, right, do something to benefit the consumer? Not on this planet!

I read their reports on dangerous meds, like they are now trying to get Darvocet removed from the market since it is a cardio-toxic agent and there have been so many accidental deaths with it over the years, then I stop and think about how many people see pink oval tablets and think they are darvocet, because when thinking rationally, it would make sense to have certain color coding, shape and imprint criteria, so many people don't realize it doesn't work that way. So then, of course, I also think of the people who see a tablet made by Vintage/Qualitest (who have also merged now, by the way) and they see the V they use as a logo in all of their imprints which causes many consumers, who aren't educated about pill ids, to think the V stands for Vicodin. So someone could take that pill, thinking it is the same thing they took before and had no problems with, but it could be something totally different that they are allergic to or have a bad reaction to, but apparently, in spite of these problems, the FDA and DEA would rather harass poor doctors to the point that a lot are now afraid to prescribe schedule I and II drugs, no matter how badly someone needs them, to worry about imprints causing confusion.

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Verwon Says:

My computer is acting up for some reason, but I wanted to add that since all drugs are assigned a unique NDC number anyway, it would not be much harder to assign them a unique code to put on the pill, a manufacturer that wanted to could still add their logo, but instead of worrying about those, everyone would know that is just the company that makes it, and the numbers are what would be important, so say you could have all Darvocet pills of the same dosage, regardless of shape or color have a specific series of numbers on them, then it would be a lot easier for people the layman to recognize that med, and it would cut down on a lot of accidents and med errors.

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