Phentermine Side Effects

mark Says:

What are the side effects of phentermine?

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Ricci Says:

Side effects are dry mouth, restlessness, anxiety, all in all not to bad considering the weight loss and increased energy - but watch for mood swings

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Dana Says:

My friend said it was crazy on her heart. Ricci, did you notice your heart beat was affected at all?

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chelsea Says:

does anyone know the scale to indicate the recommended dose?

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Diana Roberts Says:

I just started taking Phentermine yesterday and I have been notified of the possible side effects and am watchful. The funny thing is I am just the opposite...I am tired and no energy. Does it take a while to build in your system. I felt more energetic before I started taking it. Diana

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Christy Says:

I am wondering if anyone on this Phentermine has had the side effect of blisters on your tongue and sore throat? I just recently started this medication and i am wondering about this If anyone knows anything about this please contact me.

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Mary Says:

u have to take it on an empty stomach that is key. If you are hyper naturally it may make you tired. I really like it. I no longer crave foods. That in itself has allowed me to make healthier choices such as fruits and veggies when I am hungry. I no longer think of food as a way to fill a mood. I look at food as my body needs it.

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Diana Says:

Yes I too got a sore throat. I also took it on an empty stomache and still was so fatigued I couldn't function. 3 days after quitting it I feel great again. It definitely took away my appetite. I didn't care if I ate at all. I have never considered myself hyper with the extra weight I almost saw myself as the perfect stereotype - fat adn lazy. But as I started to lose weight through food control and exercise - water walking which I recommend to EVERYONE - I started to gain energy and was feeling great until I started taking phentermine. I just wanted to make sure others were aware of this side effect as I was told it would suppress my appetite and give me more energy. Nope. Great for all of you who can use it. PLEASE try water walking if you get the chance. A friend of mine who goes every day with me is 6'7 and around 500# and was not even able to walk a block was able to start out walking 1 mile in the water. It works!!

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Fred Says:

I have been using phentermine for about a month. The only side effect that I seem to have is regularly waking up about 2 hours after I go to sleep, then finding it difficult to get back to sleep...and waking up again 2 or three more times. I have been taking it (30 mg)on empty stomach around noon each day, but I plan to take it before breakfast to see if it helps the sleep thing. With moderate excercise, reducing quantities of food, increasing water intake, I have lost 20lbs in a month. Start weight was 256lbs 5'9' 59 yo male.
I'd say it definitely helps me take focus away from food. Good luck.

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Sofie Says:

Axcion is a pretty strong pill, it does suppress your appetite, but becareful, cause it makes you fell real wired,the only way to deal with it is working it off so that you wont have a real bad aftercrash.

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Joanne Says:

I started taking phenermine a week ago and so did my brother, he lost 10 lbs and is not hungry and has more energy. Me I am still always hungry, no extra energy and have not lost any weight. How long does it take to start working? I have been waking up at least a dozen times at night even though I take it early in the morning, that is the only effect I have.

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Rita Says:

I order Lida diet pills and they ship it from china, on the web site it said that it conteines some aciant chineese herb that makes u loose weight, but now from reading about phentermine and all of it's side effect i fugured out that this is what it is. I have same side effects, always dry mouth,i have to drink every 2 sec, first day i didn't sleep the whole night, i've been on it for week and a half and lost 6,5 pounds. I don't feel hungry i don't look at food as it is food, it's more like an obeject to me . I have problems sleeping, i have to make myself, time goes by so fast i it seems like in one day i lived the whole week. Thanks got at least i know what it is now, because my husband kept telling me that it's chrystal meth, (chineese invented it) and one othe side effect brobably most common here, LONg NIGHT ON THE INTERNET SEARCHING FOR THIS DRUGS FACTS!!

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Dr. Jones Says:

Phenteramine is a synthetic amphetamine and should be removed from the market. I am a physician in practice for over 20 years and have never ever written for phenteramine. Call your phy and request another drug

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george Says:

I've recently bought some from an online source. In the past they were light blue/white with blue specks. The one i've received today was oval, light blue and has lan 1317 on them? Anybody know if this is a different manufacturer?

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Patsy Says:

My husband has been on phentermine 3x in the last 2 yrs. This drug has made him act crazy and he is terribly moody. I cannot believe that our Doctor has prescribed this for him. He loses 50 lbs. and then gains it all back after he quits the phentermine. We are almost in divorce court because of his moods and craziness that this drug has caused. I also took it once & noticed how moody I got. I advise no-one to take this drug! You need to take care of your emotional eating habits by going to a counselor so you can keep the weight off after you lose it with diet & exercise. This pill has done nothing but cause grief in our marriage after 33 yrs. I plan on calling our doctor & ask why he keeps putting my husband on this mind altering drug!

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tasha Says:

I just started this pill on friday but my doctor suggested that i take half a pill after a light breakfast. and the only thing that i nocticed was i no longer crave food and a little more tired then usaual

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carla Says:

I have recently started taking phen. again. I am also experiencing sores on my tongue and a swollen tongue, expecially hurts when I eat fruits or brush my teeth. I have looked at other boards, and sorry to see that this happens to lots of other people, even the toothpaste part. Seems like most people with these symptoms are experiencing a very dry mouth, not enough water.

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Louise Says:

Carla, is your tongue still swollen? I haven't read all the side effects of phen but it sounds like you're having a reaction to it. Have you ever had this happen w/ this med? is there someone there w/you? and for the fruit, I would not eat the more acidic ones as they are obviously not being very nice to your dehydrated & swollen tongue. Right Now, try & drink large glass of water & continue drinking lots everyday. please let us know ure alright...swollen tongues are scary!

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AlaskaBear Says:

I have been on Phen off and on for many years. I do get a swollen tongue as well, but not every time. I didn't realize that it could be due to dehydration. I'm going off of it for the weekend and start back up on Monday. We will see what happens with me drinking lots of water all weekend.

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Nishi Says:

I have been taking phen for a about a year now and have a week off it now and then, but every time I start taking it again the 3rd or 4th day I will get blisters on my tougue an thy will go after a little while I have had a 2week gap recently but even when taking phen I'm still getting hungry.

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wendy Says:

it is phentermine 37.5mg. googled it.

I have taken phentermine twice before and had really goood results, but then i had my thyroid removed and gained the weight back regardless of diet and excerise so i am on it again since my thyroid levels are stable and am feeling great. my sister lost 55 lbs on it recently as well.

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Staci Says:

Re: Jody (# 28) Expand Referenced Message

I do know that it will show up as methamphetamine on lab work but as long as you have proof that it was prescribed by a physician then you should be fine.

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Moni925 Says:

Re: ashley squires (# 24) Expand Referenced Message

This just happened to me!!! I had to look online to find if this was a side effect of phentermine, but it is not listed.. but I did find a few people that are complaining of the same thing on forums. I only feel the pain with food, not liquids.

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Mary Says:

Can you please tell me where to get a prescription for phentermine?

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Toni Says:

Re: JSR (# 68) Expand Referenced Message

Thank you, thank you, thank you! This was so helpful to me. God bless you.

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flirting50 Says:

This is exactly the direction I needed. Thank you soooo uch.

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JSR Says:

Hello everyone, I know how to make phentermine work for most of you. I'm very picky about what I put in my body and I do a lot of research. The arrival about serotonin is very real. Please do not take two drugs that affect serotonin at the same time. I have been taking phentermine off and on for four years. #1 The first thing you need to do when you wake up in the morning is I drink 1 full quart container of gatorade. #2 You guys are probably starving yourselves which is why your body is craving sugar it's the first fix. #3 You guys might also be a little anemic. The next thing I do is I eat protein and something in the way of food that will help with anemia, spinach put in the smoothie broccoli not Great for breakfast but you get the idea. Eggs for protein. Or if you like steak and eggs this would be a perfect combo for breakfast. You need to have your breakfast so your body has time all day to attack those calories, it's worse the later the day goes. You will also get very nauseous on something stimulates your body such as that are mine on an empty stomach. Do not take phentermine until you had a very large breakfast even if that means 11 o'clock in the morning. #4 Skip your morning coffee cup, or in my case my morning Dr Pepper. That's two stimulants together it's going to make you feel really icky. #5 start out on a smaller dose, cut the pill in half and take every other day. When I know that I'm going to be taking phentermine for a long period of time, six months or more, I start myself out on a much smaller dose. It only comes in one dose. But phentermine has a natural placebo effect post six months. After six months your body become use to it so it stops working. For it to be effective you would have to be upping the dose, but again it only comes in one dose. So I suggest that you start out taking a half a dose every other day. If you have a mild allergy or sensitivity to it that flares up your tongue, stop taking it for one month, this will reset your body and remove all traces of the drug in you. Then you can try again and start back up at a half a dose every other day. After 3 to 6 months when your body adjusts to it take 1/2 dose every day. 3 to 6 months later when it stops working for WeightLoss you level out at one weight (it stops working for you) you can go to full dose every day. This will extend the phentermine that you can take, from six months to up to a year and a half. This will also cut down your side effects, and give your body time to adjust to the meds slowly.

This will also help with your body for taking some meds for year and a half get used to eating a smaller amount of food. #5b When you stop taking phentermine, start drinking caffeine immediately or you will be exhausted. Be off it for a month to two, and you can start back up on a half a dose every other day. Until you achieve your goal don't become anorexic! #5c The other nice thing about this is the slower you lose the weight the less hanging skin you will have because your body has time to adjust and absorb all the extra water in your system. #6 Make sure you exercise or you will be very floppy and flabby. If you get up every morning at the same time and you eat a very healthy breakfast, drink the Gatorade, and exercise you will feel so much better on this Med, eat a very healthy breakfast, by 10 am take the med -drink the Gatorade, take med always in morning after breakfast and Gatorade and then exercise you will feel so much better on this Med especially if you take your dose and cut it down. And what I usually do is have a very healthy smoothie made a fruit and protein that you can either purchase or make yourself for lunch, it satisfies your sugar cravings in a very healthy way - make sure the smoothie has some protein in it because with this medicine you do not feel hungry and you can become hypoglycemic very easily and you find yourself shaking, tired, angry, and craving sugar you're probably low blood sugar. Make sure you drink a full glass of water with every meal/snack. Like your smoothie. Then just have a dinner packed with protein: steak, chicken, pork, fish whatever and if you do not have redmeat for dinner, added broccoli or lots of spinach like a salad. You can dress up your dinner anywhere you want just make sure you have protein and a vegetable high in iron. If you slow down the amount of meds your body will be hungry again. And then what I do is, I use a Calculator in my head or like a teeter toddler - if I had a donut with my breakfast I'm not gonna have dessert after dinner, if I had a giant helping of pasta with dinner I'm not gonna have dessert. If I drink any alcohol I'm not going to have dessert. Give yourself one sweet a day. Alcohol, bread and pasta all turn into sugar in your belly so count that as a sweet.

No diet ever will work if you don't build in cheats. I also recommend exercise, because if you're on a med that can help you lose weight your exercise is going to work two times better than it ever has. If you have a very sore achy joints like I do, I have rheumatoid arthritis, make sure you have more bang for your buck. If I walk - I hike up a mountain. I happen to live near Stone Mountain and it works very well for me. Same amount of steps same amount of pain involved if I over do it, but because of the incline I'm burning twice the calories. Same concept if you walk in a shallow pool go to your local YMCA or a gym that isn't ridiculously priced to have a pool and walk in the pool if nothing else. Exercise does not have to be I'm doing you know two hours of high-impact Zumba or lifting weights. If you're doing it for the benefit of losing weight I highly recommend power walking and pumping your arms after which just do some core exercises and you should be fine. I personally love Pilates. I started watching the tapes. I would pause the tape because I would take three times longer to do it then everybody else in that video, but I'm getting the same work out. I'm not doing it for the cardio as I do that with my walking. I'm doing it for the muscle build. I am a working actress and with rheumatoid arthritis I cannot allow myself to gain weight be exhausted have "health problems". I am on the go all time plus I have three kids. So I really hope this will help you, I know it made a huge change in my life!!

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Carolyn Says:

My tongue burns and I only sleep about 6 hours a night some mornings I'm up at 4 am. It really curbs my appetite but I also only want sweets when I do get hungry.

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Sally Says:

I have the same thing! Mine is burning like fire and I can't eat or drink anything! It has to be the pills!

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Chrystalship Says:

Hi everyone..just want to bring up a topic that could be lifesaving and something to think about...i currently take 150mg of seroquel..for anxiety..have been for a year now and it helps..but the weight is phenominal!! I am anywhere between 55 and 60kgs..where now i weigh 83kgs!! And I'm 5"5 height..seroquel has that effect like most antipsychotics and anti depressants..I have tried Duromine a few times in the past and lost the weight needed...I am giving them another go this time get me started on my weight loss etc..BUT THIS TIME..i am on an i wasnt before afew years back when i was on the now I am taking 2 medications that stimulate the chemical serotonin in the brain...which in turn is producing more serotonin at the same time!! WHICH IS VERY DANGEROUS!! AND CAN CAUSE A FATAL CONDITION KNOWN AS SEROTONIN may have heard of this.. condition..but not linked it to yourselves in a conscious way..I just would like to point out and make people aware who may be taking 2 medications at the same time that increases serotonin levels..all anti depressants and antipsycotics work in some way with the chemical serotonin in the does phentermine in its you get a deadly cocktail of an overflow in serotonin.. in and thru your brain activity!! The symptoms range from mild to moderate to severe..leading to death..if not attended to immediately!! There are too many signs and symptoms to mention here..but if you do your research as i have on "Serotonin Syndrome" you can see it is an epidemic of huge proportions that has sliped under the medical some doctors do not know or are aware of this condition when prescribing many different types of medications to patients that have the same effect on Serotonin levels by different paths..OR it may be that patients do not make the doctor aware of the other medications they may be on!! Something to think about??? It is crucial to your health and wellbeing! I urge all of you out there who are on medications like Seroquel, Olanzapine, etc (antypsycotics) and (anti depressants Pristiq, Cymbalta, Mirtazapine etc etc..and many more...) and who are then taking phentermine to lose perhaps the weight that these medications mentioned above have caused you to gain..I urge you to do your research and be aware of this toxic combination of drugs that you are currently taking at this moment. ..make a mental note on the signs and symptoms and understand that this can happen to to anyone at anytime and perhaps discuss this with your doctor and make him aware if he isn't already!! You are putting your life in his hands. Please everyone who is on these meds be careful and be aware of what you are taking together with your normal meds..and if they pose a real threat and danger to your life as a combination..remember "Serotonin Syndrome" check it out and read about the research and cases being presented it makes alot of sense when you think about it...all combinations of different medications taken at any one time can be fatal. These can be just a few I have mentioned..because of the Phentermine thread/topic. Just stop and think about it...your life just may depend on it. Take Care..goodluck to everyone out there..keep me posted with your ideas and concerns.

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Serina Says:

I started on phentermine about 3 mths ago and after a few days of taking it I had several sore blisters on my tongue! In the meantime the doctor called me to inform me that I had Lyme disease and to stop it and start antibiotics so I finished those this past weekend and started back on my Phen and my tongue is so sore I can hardly talk! It is extremely pAinful!!

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