Pharmacies That Carry Oxycodone 30mg In South Florida

Zuil Says:

I have a prescrption for oxycodone 30mg 180 tablets I livw in perrine florida ? Can you please help

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David Says:

Hi Zuil,

I think the thread linked below may be of help to you in regards to filling your prescription (post #9 in particular):

Most people I've come across who are having problems filling their scripts, have resorted to walgreens mailorder service as a last ditch effort. In spite of this, there are still many people that are unable to get their Rx, as every pain patient in Florida appears to be effected by this unfortunate situation.

You may also find more helpful information on this topic by browsing around other threads here and seeing what others have done who are in the same boat as you:

If anything, I hope this info helps open some more doors for you in your search. Good luck!

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J0NNY 0XY S0FL Says:

I was in a bad auto accident back in boynton beach nine months ago and dislocated my L-5 & L-6 disks and started on oxycontin 40mg twice a day and dilaudin 6mg 6x a day (30s are harder to find just go to 40) and from day one i went to a CVS in Boca Raton (where i was living BUT my license showed a Delray Beach Address over 20 miles away) i had no problem. I then moved to Fort Lauderdale, still, with the same license to my local cvs. Just handed her my new script from my new pain managment doctor (just showed him past records and he put me back on everything cause i am allergic to Tylenol and ibprofin*hint*) and my oxycontin discount card from perdua pharmaceutical. They didnt have it this was on a friday so the pharmacist said come back monday when they get it in. So because my records with cvs showed me filling oxys and dilaudin before, they ordered them for me. Asked how many i need per month and said to fill it on the same day each month and they will keep it stocked. Im a 30 year old real estate agent with purple hair lol. No judgement was made. As long as u have a valid reason and records you have taken these types of meds before you should be fine now. Things have calmed down

If that doesnt help, i called up my insurance company (blue cross blue shield of fl ppo) and told them i cant fill my two scripts down here. They gave me the address to their central pharmacy. I overnighted it monday and got it back thursday morning filled with no issues. These two routes helped me through all the junkie judgement and I hope it helps some of you guys too!!

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chaos from Co to Fl Says:

Are there any mail order pharmacies that will fill my CII by mail to florida? I have Medicare and have chosen AARP for my drug plan. I have heard of people sending the scrips in after talking to the insurance/mail program saying it was not able to be filled and sent the scripts back. I really can't afford for that to happen. Thanks for any advice or input.

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Slk2 Says:

From south fl need a refill on tramadol which I have 1 refill left at publix . I'm in jaxs area in fl. Will a Publix refillit here?

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