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Weight loss after stopping Mirapex

I have gradually gained weight since starting .25 mg of Mirapex about 4 years ago. I have rapidly gained weight since my dosage was increased by my doctor two years ago (increased to .75). Total weight gain of 40 pounds. I am not going to take this drug anymore and plan to use alternative remedies. Will I begin to lose weight when the Mirapex is completely out of my system? ## Hello, SandraD! How are you? This medication has been known to cause weight gain, according to FDA reports, as well as nausea, fever, vertigo, mania, and abnormal dreams. But yes, typically these issues go away, once someone stops taking the given medication, but that may take 6 to 8 weeks. What condition was being treated with this medication? ## Thanks for your reply. I was taking it for Restless Leg Syndrome. S...

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Sinemet cr 25/100 by Mylan Pharmaceuticals

Payless says Mylan is no longer making this generic Sinemet cr 25/100 tab. I cannot use Sun manufacturing company. I need help. I take 1 purple pill that has 88 on one side and Mylan on the other every 3 hours. I am 83 with advanced Parkinson's. ## Have you spoken to your doctor about the problem? If so, what have they advised? I see that the brand name of the time released formulation has been discontinued, but there are several generic options available, including one manufactured by Alembic Pharmaceuticals that was approved in 2019. Why can't you take the one manufactured by Sun? The FDA lists the typical side effects of Sinemet as possibly including nausea, dizziness, confusion, hallucinations, depression, and strange dreams.

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Requip for RLS 3 mg

Hello again Requip Forum: I have asked questions before on this forum (Requip changed from 2 mg to 4 mg - and I was very sick). Well, the doc changed me to 3 mg. Not sick anymore, guess the 4 mg was just to strong for me. Anyways, it's great the 3 mg does not make me sick but good grief, I am wide awake at 2:00 a.m. because the drug has worn off. Does Requip make a controlled release by chance? I am so very frustrated - it seems I am constantly switching strengths and each strenth is short lived. Now is this something that I am just going to have to deal with. ## I am wondering about the sleep thing. I take Requip for RLS and it helps till I wake up wide awake and cant fall back to sleep, at 130am I am ready to start the day and thats not good! Other than that I think it does great!...

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Does Mirapex help Fibromyalgia?

Has anyone used Mirapex for fibromyalgia relief? If so, did it help? Anyone know a doc that treats fibromyalgia in the Indiana area? ## i used sifrol 4.5 extended release, (i am in australia) for fibromyalgia. it gave me serve side affects of virtgo, vomting ending with a migraine over a 15hr or so period. i went to emergency in my town and got anti nuasa injection and a morphine shot to get rid of my migraine. since it has disipated however i had improvement in my legs. i have spoken to my rhemy since and asked to drop the doesage by half and then i will half it again and maybe build it up as time progresses. i am hopefull for anything at this piont, so i will even though i am scared to get that sick again give it 1 more chance. i also feel sorry for you in america at the price you hav...

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Headaches & Comtan

Having daily cluster type headaches with vision loss and pain at forhead and back of neck. Noticed since starting Comtan but they were infrequent to now daily. Has anyone had this problem? (Note, had a pallidotomy 4 years ago, experience no problems since) ## I am having headach sometimes it ll stop an then comtinue, i do have eyes too but mostly stomach pain for the years it pain me at the lower abdomen, and sometime heartburn it always makes me feel unconfortable. Pls medics what is the cause? Thank you ## Mary, headaches are a very common side effect of most medications, including Comtan, you may also experience acid reflux, nausea, anxiety, insomnia, and nail discolorations. What have you tried to alleviate the headaches? Cecilia, have you consulted a doctor? Are you on any medicati...

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how do you discontinue mirpex XL

I have been taking it for several years. Just figured out is has been causing other health issues. Doc said stop mirpex start requip problems with requip stop after 3days. Stop everything. not sleeping panic attacks etc. should it be tapered? ## I'm assuming your doctor expect you to just replace Mirapex with Requip, which likely means a taper wasn't necessary. Did you contact them, before stopping the Requip? A taper might be required, since you've been on one of these types of medications for several years. The issues you've described can be withdrawal effects, along with headache, nausea, and diarrhea. What issues were you experiencing that made you stop the Requip so fast?

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light pink oblong pill, line in center, no marking

Hi, i am on Ropinirole 2mg, twice per day, but the latest ones i have got, are different from the ones i usually get on prescription, i have had the generic requip, but not these, they are in a bottle and the maker is MYLAN, they are film coated, but with no markings at all, been trying for hours to identify, but Mylan pills all have markings on them, any help greatly appreciated, thanks

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Pill Imprint 123 H

Found a beige colored pill with 123 on one side and H on the other ## The closest match I can find to your tablet is manufactured by Heritage Pharmaceuticals and they list it as containing 1mg of Ropinirole, it is most commonly used to treat the symptoms of Parkinson's Disease, and RLS. The FDA lists its typical side effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, sleep actions, and odd dreaming. Is there anything I can help with? ## I have a pill that has 123 on one side and H on the other side. What is it used for?

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White oval pill P7

What is a small white oval flat pill with p7 on it? On the opposite side, it has what looks like a chart with lines on it. ## Hi Nadia, Based on the description provided, I was able to locate a flat white oval pill with P | 7 on one side and on the back it's scored & imprinted with the Boehringer Ingelheim company symbol on either side of the score (I'm assuming that this could be what you're describing as a chart with lines on it). At any rate, this pill reportedly contains 0.25 mg of Pramipexole dihydrochloride monohydrate; also known as Mirapex. It also is said to contain the following set of inactive ingredients: colloidal silicon dioxide, cornstarch, magnesium stearate, mannitol, and povidone. Mirapex is marketed for use in treating Parkinson's as well as RLS (r...

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What Can I Do For Restless Legs I Take Carpidopa

My legs are very jumpy and restless. I need to know what I can go about it. Right now I take carpidopa ## Have you consulted your doctor about treatment alternatives, if this isn't working for you? There are other medications available to help treat RLS, such as Ropinirole: You can learn more about the condition and treatment options here: ## I just started on 300 mg gabapentin hoping it will help. Have you improved with anything? I have PLMD (periodic limb movement disorder) which leaves me so fatigued everyday. ## If you would like to avoid prescription meds, try taking magnesium which relaxes muscles. Also research the supplement called Mucuna and read reviews on Amazon.

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oblong white pill with PX on one side

Can anyone possibly tell me what a white oblong with PX on one side may be? ## Hello, Kristi! How are you? The PX logo is used by Glenmark Generics on their Pramipexole tablets and I think the one you're asking about probably also has a number 1 on the other half of the tablet. They list it as containing 0.25mgs of Pramipexole, it is a medication that is most commonly used to treat the symptoms of Parkinson's Disease. The FDA lists its typical side effects as possibly including nausea, hallucinations, dizziness, confusion and weakness. This medication is also occasionally used to treat RLS. Is there anything else I can help with? ## Hi. I have these and they are paracetamol. Best check yours with pharmacist though

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side effects

Can dry mouth be aside effect when you come off requip?. My Mother just came off the drug and she is constatly swallowing and complaing fo dry mouth. Before this whe droolled all the time. ## YES DEFFINETLY, SHE NEEDS TO LEARN TO DEAL WITH IT IF SHE CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT THE MED. OFFER SIPS OF WATER THROUGHOUT THE DAY AND SUCK ON HARD CANDY. MAKE SURE TO DO GOOD ORAL CARE OFTEN ## What are the possible side effects of nexito 1mg. How do we discontinue the mediation ?. Will there be any withdrawal symptoms ? ## Yes, it is always possible to experience such an issue, when stopping a medication, other withdrawal effects may include nausea, dizziness, headache, and diarrhea. Suraj, Nexito contains Escitalopram, it is most commonly used to treat depression, and anxiety. If it is being disco...

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Pill Purple Small Round

G Imprinted On one Side 2 On top of 57 Otherside coated dark purple ## please I need to know what this is ## This tablet contains 3mgs of Ropinirole, it is used to treat the symptoms of Parkinson's Disease and RLS. It can cause side effects, such as: orthostatic hypotension, nausea, dizziness and hallucinations. Learn more: Are there any other questions or comments? ## Chill - you can find out in five seconds on the same internet you spent so much longer on to posti questions. The answer below is correct.

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How To Stop Taking Benztropine and risperidal without withdrals

Taking one in the morning along with two risperidal and one in the evening with two risperidal ## If you want to get off of these medications in the safest manner, I would first recommend that you seek more personalized advice from your doctor who knows your medical history and other factors that should be taken into consideration before tapering. Your doctor may lower the dosage of both medications or even suggest taking each pill in fractions (actually cut into pieces) and these smaller pieces can be taken in place of the regular dose for a period of several weeks until the body is no longer dependent upon them. I hope this helps! ## I have been taking 3 tablets in the morning and 1 1/4 in the afternoon. I tried to cut off the Dosage 1/4 per week ( as per doctor ) recommendation. But ...

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Carbidopa/Levodopa Drug Information

Parkinsons disease ## would like to know all side effects for this medication ## 3rd day on carb/levo, feeling sick, slept 2hrs and i never sleep through the day. DOSAGE 25-100 MG ## I am on the drug levocarb and miropex, but I want to stop them at what dosage should I cut back is a sore neck and sticky mucus a side effect. How long do withdrawal symptoms from this last? ## I HAVE RLS AND HAVE HAD IT FOR WELL OVER 20 YEARS. AT FIRST I DIDN'T HAVE TOO TAKE ANY MEDS FOR IT. GRADUALLY I HAD TOO START. DARVOCET REALLY HELPED A LOT AT FIRST. ONE TABLET AT NIGHT AND I SLEPT THRU. BUT OF COURSE I GRADUALLY HAD TOO INCREASE THE TIMES I TOOK A PILL. THAN THE DR. PUT ME ON REQUIP 20MG WHICH HELPED AT FIRST. BUT I STILL HAD TOO TAKE A DARVOCET AT NIGHT. THAN THE REQUIP HAD TO BE INCREASED TOO ...

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Syndopa Cr

what is the difference between Syndopa CR & Syndopa Plus? ## It is requested to let me know the side effects of Syndopa Plus medicine. My father-in-law is suffering from Alzerma and doctor has prescribed the said medicine. By taking this medicine, is patient felt drowsiness? Or any other effect. Please let me know. Rajesh ## They both contain Levodopa and Carbidopa, however.... In the Plus, the doses are 100mg and 25mgs respectively. The CR is a time released formulation and it offers an additional dosage of 50mgs and 200mgs, in addition to the dosage listed above. Learn more Levodopa details here. Learn more Carbidopa details here. And side effects may include: nausea, dizziness and drowsiness. Are there any other questions? ## My father is suffering from Parkinson's for the la...

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Round yellow pill R 539

it's a round yellow pill the numbers 539 on one side and what looks like the breast cancer ribbon with a negitive sign on the other ## R 539 with a score on the tablet contains 25mgs of Carbidopa and 100mgs of Levodopa, a generic for Sinemet. This is used to treat Parkinson's Disease or similar types of symptoms. NDC: 0228-2539 Pill Size: 9mm Labeler: Actavis Elizabeth LLC Inactive Ingredients: -Starch, Corn -D&c Yellow No. 10 -Fd&c Yellow No. 6 -Magnesium Stearate -Cellulose, Microcrystalline Side effects may include: nausea, drowsiness, dark saliva and involuntary dystonic movements. You can read more here: Is there anything else I can help you with? ## I want to see a picture of the generic sinemet with the number 539. ## What is the difference between the carvadopa,...

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can i take ropinirole and aleve pm together

I only sleep an hour or so, then I'm up with just the ropinirole and was just wondering if I could take aleve pm with it? ## What happens if you take aleve pm with ropinirole. Does it have the adverse effect ## Hello circlebv, According to the NIH there is a moderate interaction between ropinirole and aleve pm. The reaction is an increase of the side effects such as dizziness, drowsiness, confusion, and difficulty concentrating. The interaction itself is not dangerous but the results can increase the danger levels of situations you find yourself in such as not being able to drive yourself int he event of an emergency and also not being able to concentrate and injuring yourself. While the NIH does not state this as a severe interaction I strongly suggest that you discuss mixing these...

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whats shelf life of carbi levodopa 25 100

what is the shelf like of carbi/levodopa 25/100 arlene ## Hello, Arlene! How are you? If they are in a bottle as dispensed by your pharmacy, tablets expire one year from the date they were dispensed to you, because they are then exposed to the elements that cause degradation. If they are in the originally factory sealed bottle, they are usually good for at least 3 years, from the date of sealing. This medication is most commonly used to treat the symptoms of Parkinson's Disease and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, hypotension and vivid dreams. Is there anything else I can help with? ## Hi , now that Synaptic Forte is no longer available. Is there a replacement that is as good as Synaptic. Thanks

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Abdominal pain and very tender skin

My symptoms are like shingles, but with no rash. It's confined to my waist, breast and back. I have had 3 mri cat scans with no results. I was recently diagnosed with parkinsons, but not sure that is the problem. No drugs have any effect on my severe pain.

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