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Emsam & Contact Dermatitis

As a victim of refractory depression I have only found one medication that worked, EMSAM, unfortunately I am allergic to acrylic adhesives. Has anyone found a way to get around the contact dermatitis the EMSAM acrylic matrix can cause? ## Hi Keller, While I may not have personal experience with EMSAM, I did want to suggest trying some sort of topical anti-inflammatory compound to help combat any dermatitis that might occur after applying the adhesive. A couple alternative remedies that you might want to look into are: lavender essential oil (can help reduce redness, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and more) topical ointments that contain cayenne pepper (for its great anti-inflammatory benefits) There are a plethora of other essential oils that offer similar benefits as well. I hope t...

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On Emsam patch(also metformin,lyrica )and absolutely beat whenever I move around feel good when resting? ## Hi Carr, It sounds like what your experiencing is probably just a side effect from one or more of your medications. Based on my research, The US National Library of Medicine shows that Metformin can cause "unusual tiredness or weakness" as a possible side effect. Ref: ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmedhealth/PMHT0011121/?report=details#side_effects And although it's considered to be rare, Lyrica actually lists the same thing under the following page: ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmedhealth/PMH0046069/#DDIC601627.side_effects_section I wonder if that has anything to do with how you're feeling when you are active vs stationary. However, it may also be a good idea to discuss this with you...

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Looking for a doctor in Orlando, Fl who understands and prescribes EMSAM

My husband was on early trials of EMSAM (Selegiline transdermal patch) in around 2008. It was very successful in relieving his depression. After the trials, he was offered free medication as long as he found a doctor to monitor him. With EMSAM being new at that time, we couldn't find anyone one prepared to help. For years he's battled along on other less effective medication, but now that he's 65 and on MedicAid we are starting the search again, trusting that doctors will be more educated on the benefits of EMSAM

emasm price

Emsam has been a miracle drug for me. I respond very well to mao inhibitors and they served me well for many years but after 7 years a developed a type of rheumatoid arthritis so I had to stop taking them.. Emsam is working very well for me but the cost is prohibitive. Just this past month they increased the price by $300.00. If you have health insurance you are not eligible for any assistance. I pay $425.00 per month for my drub plan and health insurance. My cost is $500.00 per month and I simply can not afford it much longer.I can understand drug companies needing to charge a love of money to cover their research but I would like to see this company investigated for raising the cost by $300.00 per month ## Hello, Carla! Sorry that the cost of this medication is so prohibitive. However...

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Sensa Interactions

Are there any drug interactions with Emsam? ## You mean the Sensa weight loss product that you sprinkle on your food? If so, then you should know that these types of over the counter products are not tested and watched for possible interactions with prescription medications, since they are not required to do so. Learn more Emsam details here. Have you tried asking your pharmacist? They may have more information on it. As a food additive, it's generally considered safe, but it's hard to be sure without knowing more details of your medical history.

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Emsam shaking muscles

I have been taking emsam for 4 years. I guess one of the first patients. I have shaking in my muscles. I also take Ativan 1 mg a day. Don't understand why my head shakes also the muscles around my eyes. Very uncomfortable but won't make me give up Emsam. ## The twitching is listed as being a possible serious side effect of the Emsam that could signify health problems. You really should contact your doctor, so they can look into the matter, otherwise you may be putting your life in danger. Are there any other questions or comments?

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Side effects of Emsam Patch

How long do the initial side effects of the Emsam patch last? (numbness in the hands, irritability, brain fog) ## What are the long term side effects of ststin drugs on leg musculs. ## Fran, those are really not common side effects, though a few people have reported them, when using the Emsam patch. Have you talked to your doctor? If they are really troublesome, you may need to switch to a different medication. Most side effects do wear off, as your body adjusts to a medication, but it can take about 4 to 6 weeks. Emsam contains the active ingredient Selegiline and is a transdermal patch, most commonly used to treat depression. Learn more: southsidemike, I am assuming you meant statin drugs. They are known to cause some muscle cramping and joint aches as side effects, however, these u...

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