Lori Says:

So yesterday I FINALLY RECEIVED my prescription of Pain-O-Soma in the blister packs that are from (Supposedly) HAB Pharmaceuticals & they ARE / WERE AWFUL!!!! I took 3 & #1) they DID NOT FEEL LIKE ANY BRAND OF SOMA THAT'S MADE HERE IN THE GOOD OLD UNTIED STATES OF AMERICA & #2) I think that they may have even given me MORE // WORSE MUSCLE SPASMS!!!! I can't believe that I f***in wasted close to $200.00 on these things & then had to wait for over 3 weeks to receive them... They came from India... So now I've got over 120 of these damn things, they're in the blister packs & they're a plain white pill with no numbers or anything on them except for a strait line on one side of the pill... I read about these in these forums & because there were more positive than negative posts I decided to try them out... For ANYONE OUT THERE BE ADVISED DO NOT ORDER OR SPEND ANY MONEY ON THESE FAKE PILLS!!!

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Verwon Says:

I'm sorry you wasted your money, but that is one of the hazards of ordering something like that and it happens quite frequently.

Learn more Soma details here.

Did you try contacting the seller for a refund?

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busey123 Says:

I'm prescribed these regularly, and they work for me. I only pay $45.00 for 90. Not sure what site you went to but it sounds like a rip off!! Sorry you've had bad luck. Besides the ridiculous price they want here in the states, I haven't noticed a difference.

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Kirsten Says:

Do you get the Pain-O-Soma or a different brand? I got the Pain-O-Soma and it's nothing like what I have taken before. I definitely feel ripped off. Where do you get yours filled?

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Alisa Says:

If you could help I'd like to know what pharmacy are you getting 90 soma for $45?

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minoguesque Says:

I would like to know that as well because Pain-O-Soma cost me $45 for TWO HUNDRED. YOU ARE ALL being ripped off. At the same pharmacy the well regarded Centurion PROSOMA go for exactly the same price, and it is one of the best known Indian vendors - I get my Zepose and Librium 25mg from the same place, as well as Pfizer Lyrica 200mg x 60 for $64.80!

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minoguesque Says:

Sorry, should have added that Prosoma are quite good, and one bite will tell you by taste that you have got a decent carisoprodol. I mean, where else are you going to get it from? It is banned in almost every country in the world, I have never had any US made carisoprodol that was any more than acceptable, and would buy the best brand, Finadiet Listaflex (Argentina) all the time were it not for the price, $140 per hundred. Once you have had Listaflex you will never buy any US made carisoprodol ever again, for sure. The only one that I ever had that was any good was one marked DAN5513.

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EDDY Says:

All I get iare the DAN ones. Not a good idea to commit a Felony by sending away for SOMA. Save your money and go to a local licensed Doctor!

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busey123 Says:

I find that most US doctors don't want to prescribe them. They like Ultram instead. Which is not the same thing.

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minoguesque Says:

Considering carisoprodol is banned, going to a doctor is a ridiculous notion!

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EDDY Says:

Under NO circumstances is Carisoprodol BANNED in any of the 50 United States

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busey123 Says:

Bs... I have been to specialist that would rather give you a fetenal patch than prescribe somas. I don't know what state you live in, but it's a fact here...

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EDDY Says:

A local Law does not mean that SOMA is unavailable in the whole United States. If you truly believe this you are very mistaken! It is a Schedule 4 Medicine in our country and available for purchase!

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minoguesque Says:

As far as I know, carisoprodol remains legal only in USA, India, S Africa and Argentina. I can not name any other country where it has not been permanently removed from the market.

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Boss Says:

Pain o soma helped me through withdrawal. I was just not functioning. It's hard to describe. It was awful though. I took them and I snapped out of it. It doesn't make you feel high, but helps big time and I was able to work again and feel normal after suffering for 3 months. My prayers were acknowledged. Please don't disregard soma till you try them if you're suffering like I was. People going through it. Understand, I didn't think I'd be normal again. Then it just ended. I was free again. Now I take them when I have an urge. Good luck people. You can make it. The nightmare will end sooner or later.

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PAUL Says:


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EDDY Says:

I picked up my bottle at Rite Aid yesterday. 90 for $1.20 with my insurance. This medicine is available in the U.S. as long as you have a valid prescription

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Jack Says:

Attention: Please be advised that the company that dispenses the P-O-Soma pills have a webpage ad that states they are from Canada. They are from India. I tried this product once and I felt like I was poisoned! Very bad experience. I had to throw away all of the product. Don't even take a chance. They will call you and email you, once they have your information and aggravate you to death! I wish I had this heads up warning before I threw away my money.

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Raindog5571 Says:

OMG, throw the pain-o-soma India stuff out. They made me a wreck. I could not walk without falling over. I slowly became incoherent, could not form a sentence and sounded unintelligible. One of the worst things I have ever experienced and I have been talking pills my whole life. Please don't take this poison. Throw it away. Please trust me. These ones are extremely dangerous and are not what they are supposed to be. They're straight up poison. Beware.

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Hammer Says:

Re: Raindog5571 (# 18) Expand Referenced Message

I just got some haven't tried them yet maybe i better not

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Drea Says:

Re: minoguesque (# 9) Expand Referenced Message

Soma is not a schedule 1 controlled substance in any state in the US.

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