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MinitelRose Says:

Hi all! I'm new here, but not new to constipation... However, I only got my first *prescription* medication to treat it a week ago when my new PCP finally related enough to my digestive woes and the frustration that comes from years of living through the futile cycle of Miralax, MoM bombs, evil teas, and throwing my hands in the air.

She gave me samples of Linzess (low and high dose) and thoroughly educated me on how to take it properly, along with a fair warning to remain near the bathroom those first few days. Honestly, I was pumped! And I know beyond a shadow of a doubt I've taken, and stored, this medicine correctly because I was all in on making this work, as gruesome as those first days might be.

But alas, radio silence. I started with the low dose a week ago (a Wednesday) this morning. Nothing. Except a feeling like my GI tract is turning to stone. NOT cramping, not "abs of steel." Not gas. Something closer to petrification. Thursday wasn't any better. Switched to the higher dose on Friday. Nothing-- except the "hardening" is getting harder/ harder to bare and I swear I've gained 5 visible pounds of lumpy, gross fat. (That's noticeable on me and really kicking me when I'm down. I'm only slightly ashamed to say that I care a lot about my appearance and work very hard to look good! Not cool, Linzess!) Repeated this on Saturday, Sunday, Monday. NOTHING. Except those cool side effects!

By yesterday morning I'd had enough. I decided not to take the Linzess at all and I didn't take it today either. No relief yet, nor even from the painful side effects. If anything, I feel like I have more of a calcified sensation in my middle GI tract than ever. This is not my typical constipation-related pain and/or area of distension.

My PCP told me that Linzess doesn't work on the bloodstream, so I'm wondering, does it just work straight in your gut? This possibility has me concerned that if you have to "pass" Linzess in order to pass it out of your body, I'm not going to be able to get it out of me... at least in theory. I know in actuality there's not going to be a toxic waste site declared in my GI tract just because the dam is backed up with Linzess pills.

Has anyone else experienced this? I feel like the only person who isn't ripping the toilet seat off six times a day!

If nothing else, any advice if this has happened with another failed constipation medicine? We are WAY past the general constipation that brought me to Linzess in the first place (in other words, thank you kindly, but warm water with lemon or chomping down on some garlic isn't exactly the words I'm looking for!).

And not to mooch too, too much, but if anyone wants to throw out a pow-er-ful, lasting, constipation rx (or not rx)... that didn't make them gain weight-- that's some BS, Linzess!-- I'm all ears. Thank you all so, so much!


PS, I am a 30 year old female, in peak physical shape, I maintain a healthy diet (especially in light of lifelong constipation issues), drink PLENTY of water, exercise daily, no thyroid, autoimmune, inflammation imbalances, etc.

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Jessica Says:

I haven't had a bowel movement since last week. I took linzess but it has not worked because I just realized that it's expired. I am extremely bloated and feel uncomfortable. I am desperate for a bowel movement. I am suppose to leave for a cruise this Saturday but I can't go like this.

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deeboo Says:

Ahh... you sound just like me! After 4 years of trying to get put on, finally I was put on the low dose. 1st day nothing, 2nd day relieved me and since nothing. I gained 2 lbs overnight when I started and after a week I've gained 5 lbs and am so constipated. Really feeling like there is no hope for me. I read online that for some people it works better with eating so tried that... did nothing either.

Good luck - if you figure it out - please share.

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Annie Says:

It hasn't worked for me either. I started taking this about 2 weeks ago. Nothing. I doubled my dosage. Nothing. I finally had somewhat of a bowel movement. It was very laborious and painful. You sound exactly like me. Before I had the slight bowel movement, I felt as though I was 3-4 months pregnant. I also felt like I was having labor pains in my lower back. That is not possible for me. When I get backed up, it's hard for me to urinate because of the pressure.

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Dottie Says:

I have been on Linzess now for over a year. I love this medicine. I have suffered from constipation since I had my children. I had The sleeve in 2015 and I found I was allergic to just about every laxative out there. After awhile I guess it happens. It took a couple of weeks for the Linzess to get regular but now I use it every other day. Keep taking it everyday and it will work. I know my doctor said to take a stool softener with it at first and it wasn't necessary.My son is 40 years old and it has been a miserable 40 years. I have gained some weight but I never connected it with the med. I eat alot of junk. Good Luck

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Angela 1969 Says:

Re: David (# 3) Expand Referenced Message

Yes I can give you one example. Gastroparesis caused by a connective tissue disease callled systemic sclerosis or Scleroderma sine Scleroderma.

I have been dairy free, wheat free, corn, free, sugar free, peanut free, and almost 100% meat free plus I also eval lots of fermented foods like miso soup and kimchee, for over 5 years now, with absolutely no change to my constipation. I have tried chiropractic, Accupunture, supplements, vitamins, Hell..... I have even tried drinking colloidal silver. I have done yoga, meditation, and every other kind of exercise my body allows me to.

I just go mad when people insinuate that I must be doing something wrong or I would not be constipaed a y longer. I have went well over two full weeks more than a time or two with no BM. It is so seriously frustrating and not to mention painful. And to top it all off I have had so many physicians tell me “all people’s body works differently so don’t worry about it,” or they brush me off completely and think I am telling stories. That is until I saw a fantastic rheumatologist and he believed me. I swallowed this little pill that had metal pieces in it and they xrayed my abdomen 5 days later. I had not passed one of the tiny pieces.

(I am not saying that you did this BTW because you seemed to be pretty sensitive.)

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SMM Says:

I am in your boat. No luck with linzess. After reading your post...I would just say ditto to your issues. Not sure what to do. I feel backed up with some type really hard substance in my GI. Thought I would give it a few more days, but doubt that will work.

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annama1960 Says:

My disabled daughter has been taking Linzess for a week and still has not had a bowel movement. I have tried everything with no luck. Please advise.

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Danelle Says:

I took Linzess low dose and it worked ok. then after a week, it started tapering off so I went up to the middle dose, still barely any results!
I take in the morning then wait half an hour to eat. I drink plenty of water with it , it just seems to stop working! Even though I feel the need to go, it feels there is a brick inside of me! Please help me, I am desperate!!

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Naomi Says:

My husband has been under the care of 3 doctors and has been giver everything in the book including Linzess for over a month no results yet. He has lost 36 pounds and is getting weaker by the day and all they do is up his medicine. What kind of crap is that. He needs something else done

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Vivian Says:

I am sorry Linzess is not working for you. I am a 74-year-old female and I have been constipated all my life when I was a child, my parents would give me castor oil or milk magnesium. As an adult, I have used every laxative on the store shelves. I would say, to have a bowel movement was like working a job. Now I have discovered Linzess at my age and wonder why someone had not manufacturer the medication sooner. I understand how you feel when you have constipation nothing about your body seems to work. Good luck on your journey and I hope you don't have to get to my age to find release.

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Ainsley Says:

Re: David (# 3) Expand Referenced Message

I can explain. I have followed absolutely every eating guideline there is and have tried natural supplements as well as prescriptions. I have gone so far as eating blended foods and avoiding anything that could lead to constipation to no avail. I have had this issue since childhood. Some people’s bodies just don’t work the way they should, plain and simple. To question someone’s diet you don’t even know is just flat rude. It’s difficult and frustrating enough to deal with than to be criticized on a website where people who are desperate try to get some answers from others who suffer. End of rant

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Ainsley Says:

Re: David (# 3) Expand Referenced Message

Actually I’m not done. I have seen specialist after specialist and had every test performed that are available. I have asked about surgical options. There are none.

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Joanie Says:

Re: Blithe (# 34) Expand Referenced Message

Am having same issue it worked twice in 2 weeks... idk what to do... am in alot of pain...

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Deb Says:

Re: Nomadh (# 8) Expand Referenced Message

Yes! I totally get it! I am otherwise very healthy, I eat a totally clean diet, I exercise, I am
not overweight, yet I have battled IBS and constipation for 3 decades! I have to use a laxities regularly. Sometimes I switch them up when one stops working. My gastroenterologist gave me Linzess after deciding upon having a colonoscopy that I have very slow motility. Sometimes Linzess will work within 20 minutes or it may not work at all even when combined with stimulant laxatives. There seems to be no rhyme nor reason to it! It seems like my bathroom patterns are dictating my life. I hate planning fun early morning outings because, I am either afraid the break in my bathroom routine will either make me have to poop when I am out or I won’t go at all!

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Sus Says:

Re: David (# 5) Expand Referenced Message

It can also be in some cases not all you dont get that urge to go, some people may call it a lazy bowel. I think there are certain test you have to take when there is no blockage or there is no reason why you are not going. Some people can drink a cup of coffee and they get the urge to go but not everyone is like that.

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