My Son Experienced Extreme Gastric Upset While Taking Gabapentin And Sertraline Has Anyone Ever This

Michelle T Says:

My son experiences anxiety and chronic pain, the pain is a result of nerve damage and muscle atrophy. He experienced severe gastric reflux when taking both Setraline and Gabapentin. He has been taking the Sertraline since December 2010 and the Gabapentin was started in March 2011. He had some symptoms of reflux but not nearly to the extent he did, while taking the two togehter. Pain clinic would like him to continue taking the Gabapentin - my thought was to stop the Sertraline and just go with the Gabapentin at 600mg to treat both the anxiety and pain. Has anyone had any similar experiences?

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Verwon Says:

It is very difficult to say how any medication will affect any particular person that uses it, but yes, it is always possible that one, or more, could cause the production of excess stomach acid, especially when someone is already prone to it.


In this case, he should follow the advice of his doctors as to making any medication changes, because they will be more aware of the potential cause.

What does he take to treat the reflux?

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W Says:

A friend mentioned that reflux intensified markedly approximately 30 days after the gaba start. IMO, considering gaba as a potential reflux cause is tignored; one might think that worsening reflux is not gaba related. Perhaps it is, especially IF things began to worsen in less than 1 month, possibly less.

Option: consider trying acupuncture as an alternative; if so, also consider using an individual trained in China. This is simply my opinion; everyone has an opinion.

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Poodle Says:

I was given gaba and after one night I quit. I also told the FDA that it was my belief it should be removed from the market. There are many really good meds out there that don't cause problems

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RaeDawn Says:

My husband is on ramipril, he was prescribed cyclobenzaprine 10mg once before bed diclofenac sodium misoprostol 50mg 3 times a day and gabapentin 100mg 3 times a day, he is experiencing extreme fatigue and tiered and has thrown up, he also has always suffered from acid reflex, do you have any advice on which medication could be making him so tiered or could it be the combination of all of them..

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