Mirtazapine And 3 Weeks In

bedtimestory Says:

ive been on mirtazapine after suffering from anxiety and insomnia for 18 months. Tried SSRI's (2 types, but they made me more anxious).
Ive managed to stay on this so far, they have got rid of the anxiety and insomnia on day 1, which is great!.
I have been experiencing other side affects though such as depression and numbness in my face. The appetite hasn't increased as yet (phew), but i have hope for this drug as the sedation seems to be wearing off. If the depression doesnt lift after 6 weeks then i will be coming off them.
I have done counselling and cbt. I have been reading self help books for 18th months, but I have not managed to shift the anxiety and insomnia unless im off work or on this drug. I have also started yoga and meditation. I eat well and excercise regularly. so I dont feel as though I can do any more.
Is anyone experiencing the same side effects?

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Verwon Says:

Did you try any of the Benzodiazepines for anxiety, such as Xanax, or Ativan?

Learn more Xanax details here.

Learn more Ativan details here.

They may help, without causing the depression, though it really depends on how they affect you.

Have you talked to your doctor about it, yet?

And yes, I have problems with all of them that include depression and worsening anxiety, so I haven't been able to take any of them for anxiety.

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bedtimestory Says:

thanks for your reply. i have managed to stay on mirtazapine for over 6 weeks now and i feel great. all side effects gone, anxiety gone and sleep restored :).
it's great to feel ok.

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ds Says:

i have been diagnosed with pmd, dysrathia ,and myocolonus...after trying several other drugs that didnt wortk,dr. perscribed mirtazapine 15mg....has anyone else used this drug for these diagnosis...

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Liam Says:

I was pescriped Mirtazapine 30mg two weeks ago, no side effects and mood has lifted and feeling great.
The down side is that I have increased my weight by 10 kilos in that time without changing my diet or exercise routine.
The next time I weigh myself, I think my scales will run out the door and say "get of fatso".
I am 5'10-" did weigh 88, kilos, now hitting the 100 kilo mark.
Has anyone else experienced similar side effects?
I dont take any other medication, and these are the 3rd anti depressants i have tried, no weight increase with the other, but mood remained the same and anziety increased. Other prescriptions were Zoloft and Excalapam.

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steve g Says:

If you do not notice positive results within a week then this drug is probably tainted and should be avoided at all costs. They do not know how to make it correctly.

Yes, with the real Remeron the sleepiness does wear off; weight gain also has a plateau effect - maybe ten pounds.

Organon Remeron used to work great! Now it is just like Effexor, just like Desyrel, just like .... should I give them a list of suggestions?

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steve g Says:

I cannot believe _I am saying this_. I usually addvicate for drug use at any and all costs.

When it comes to depression adding a benzodiazepine to the mix is a bad idea. if the person is not on a benzodiazepine then using one is a bad idea.

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steve g Says:

Re: Liam (# 4) Expand Referenced Message

yes weight gain is a common side effect. The weight gain has a plateau effect, that is to say that you will gain a certain amount of weight from taking the drug and that weight is fixed at a certain level. If your weight gain spirals out of control then I would be concerned.

=> depression effects appetite.
=> depression effects desire and motivation.
iff < depressed
+> motivation
+> desire
recommend: try to use desire and motivation with exercise.
+> increase in appetite
+> increase mood
+> increase psyhical health
-> depression

try playing with mycin that will help if help is to lose yourself into nonsense.

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