Methscopolamine Nitrate

sneezy Says:

What is the reason for FDA to withhold Methscopolamine Nitrate from use as an ingredient for in pharmaceutical products?

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Lisa Says:

I'd like to know as well. I have been taking prescription allergy medications for years and suddenly I am unable to get the prescription I need to ease my symptoms.

The pharmacist tells me that the FDA has recalled the drying agent in these medications, but doesn't know the reason for the recall.

Unfortunately, me and other allergy sufferers, are not able to get the full relief from OTC allergy products as they do not contain this ingredient. I tried for over a month taking OTC antihistamine/decongestants without success. My ears began plugging and I began having residual pain in my ears. The only thing that seems to relieve this uncomfortable symptom is the medication in scripts such as Hista-Vent DA, Histatab D and other medications that contain Methscopolamine Nitrate.

If anyone has found an OTC product that works for them, please post on this site.

Thank You

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Koren Boeh Says:

Hi Lisa,

I have the same issue and was taking the same drug. Did you find a replacement yet that is as good as your Hista Vent. I am struggling so much now that my medication in unavailable. Please let me know.


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Verwon Says:

Well, unfortunately, recently, the FDA has had to force some products to be removed from the market that have not been tested or ever proven as safe for use.

If the companies marketing them wish to, they can do the necessary testing and then submit them to the FDA for approval, however, until this happens, they must remain off the shelves.

Has anyone found something that helps?

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alexander RN Says:

I have found a new product that has helped my allergies greatly. It is called Tekral. It is the only thing I have used since the methscopolamine has not been available.

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ken Says:

Many compounding pharmacies can get some of the pure ingredients in some of the older products like Drixoral. I had my doctor write a prescription for compounded Drioxoral and it works great to stop sinus drainage and sinus congestion

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Tyler Says:

Hi everyone. I was on a product for a few years that contained methscopolamine and it worked great for me . Recently I have had the hardest time finding anything that compares to what i was taking. I asked my doctor about Tekral (since i saw the post about it on here) and he just started me on it. It seems to actually work pretty well although it is not as quick as the other methscopolamine product i was taking but it does solve my problems! Thanks for the recommendation Alexander!

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kenga Says:

I was on Allerx for many years due to the methscopolamine nitrate in it which dried up my continuous post-nasal drip without keeping me up all night, then all of a sudden it was no longer available. I asked my allergist for methscopolamine bromide. That is available and works just as well (if not better). And cheaper too.

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Pharmaguy Says:

Methscopolamine is available but you need to know where to look. Most pharmacists do not keep up with these type of drugs due to the many hundreds available. If you would like to an awsome multisymptom product try Dallergy PE (solution), Dallergy tablet 4 -6 hour product, or Dallergy caplet 12 hr product. The solution is the least expensive from what I've seen.
These are all available abd there is NO recal on methscopolamine. I have had great luck with these products. Good luck.

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jay4900 Says:

WOW! I thought i was the only one who was missing Methscopolamine-Nitrate, my pharmacist found ru-hist frote tab, it is same as pre- hist d. most people deon't understand when i say othr med. don't work

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jay4900 Says:

I posted earlier, miss spelled the name, it is:ru-hist forte . Sorry

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Susan Says:

I have always had good luck with Extendryl Syrup for my girls. And have also discovered that it is no longer available. Would anyone recommend a similar over the counter drug?

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Allergic2Outdoors Says:

I was just prescribed VisRx which has 2.5 mg of methscopolmine nitrate. There's a day pill with 120mg pseudoephedrine and a night pill with 8mg chlorpheniramine. Hope this helps!

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headColdOnVacation Says:

I just received from my Doctor a sample of AlleRx DF which contains chlorpheniramine maleate and methscopolamine nitrate

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Skywalker Says:

I've had allergyies all my life and my story is just like Lisa's. My Chlor-Mes Caplets have disappeared. NO doubt due to patnets. This column really helped me out.

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Martin Says:

I used to use Extendryl and it worked wonders for me.Now it is gone and I have been searching everywhere for a suitable replacement. I am in the military health care system ,so I would like to find something that is in their drug formulary...

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pharmaguy Says:

To all. Allerx is the most expensive methscopolamine option ever so run from it. There are much less expensive options. Most products mentioned below are generic variations of older options like extendryl. The [problem is that they aren't made with consistency so pharmacies run out then tell you they have been discontinued. Bottom line I believe Dallergy and Allerx are the only methscopolamine products on the market. However, thanks to the recent FDA notice all methscopolime options will be gone in 6-9 months so stock up. When I say gone I mean gone for good.

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pharmaguy Says:

Sorry there is no OTC equivalent. Methscopolamine is what makes that product great. Your pharmacist can get Dallergy PE syrup if they call their wholesaler.

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Martin Says:

Thanks Pharmaguy for the updated information.I got a RX for the AlleRx 30 dose pack.CVS only stocked the 10 dose pack ,so they filled it with 3 ten dose packs. Just for everyones information it contains 10 yellow pills for morning use thats composed of 120mg pseudophederine & 2.5 mg methscopolamine nitrate. Ten blue pills for night time composed of 10mg phenylephrine HCL & 8mg chlorpheniramine maleate & 2.5mg methoscopolamine nitrate. As Pharmaguy said its very expensive and over $720.00 plus my co-pay...

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Allergy sufferer Says:

Is there any way to get methscopolamine nitrate from another country, say Canada, for example? I've been on Allerx Dose Pack for quite a few years and that is the ONLY thing that lets me sleep and keeps me from dripping constantly all day ALL YEAR long.

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Tessa Says:

Why is methscopolamine being discontinued at all?

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