Methadone And Chronic Pain
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Liberty Says:

I am seeking information on existing or establishing organizations / associations for chronic patients to fight for our rights to live without being in unbearable pain day in and day out. The rapidly increasing limitations and sanctions being made by State and Federal politicians that have no idea what it is like to live with severe chronic pain every waking moment are threatening our rights to pursue life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Politicians and FDA concern is solely for those who misused these medications, not for the 100 million (voting) Americans that need pain medications to minimize the pain that comes with their afflictions. I am willing to invest as much of my time and money as I am able and provide copies of letters and/or emails for people to send to their representatives. I am also very open to any advice or assistance on who contact and fight these laws that threaten our lives. Any information you and assistance you can provide is aappreciatedl

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Kk Says:

Re: Bella (# 3) Expand Referenced Message

I am with you on this. I am ONLy 28 soon to be 29 and I have chronic pain and live in Knoxville TN. I have tried over and over again to tell my drs about my pain in my back and neck and hip area due to DDD my spine is deteriorating AT A YOUNG AGE! And I don’t know what to do! I ended up getting addicted to opioids bc it was the only thing that’s as relieving my pain to where I can do my daily functions. But it costs a lot of money and I’m going broke over it and I just want to have a normal daily life and do it the legal way and not risk my life . If that makes sense. I just want the pain to go away or relieved so I can go to work and take care of my kids the way I need to but no drs are listening to me all bc they think I’m lying I guess bc I’m so young but it’s proof through the MRI AND X-RAYS that I have these issues . I need help!

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Zak Says:

Please help me find a doctor. I have severe head trauma and constant pain. The only thing that works is Methadone. I have no ride now so I can’t walk to Easley. I’m in Pickens, SC.

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Bella Says:

Thank you for doing this. I too am outraged on how people with chronic pain are being treated like junkie users. The people doing this have undoubtedly never lived with chronic pain even after having surgery still having chronic pain. I'm sorry people out there are abusing opiates and it's taking their lives, but if it's not opiates taking their lives is going to be something else. What about all the people driving drunk and killing themselves and even worse killing families. They're not taking alcohol off the shelves, they just keep coming up with better alcohol like Jim Beam apple flavored Crown Royal apple flavored. What makes drinking and taking lives any different than junkies overdosing and taking lives? Do something about that and not put people in need of relief in the bed from depression because they have no quality of life. Just Saying. It's my opinion...

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Jenifer Says:

Hopefully the problems chronic pain patients are having will start getting better as more states adopt and work out the problems and issues with there state monitor programs. I had just moved from FL to MN a few months ago. I have had chronic pain and have been on MS Contin for 13 years. In Fl it is not that hard to find a doctor who will prescribe pain meds but it is almost impossible to find a pharmacy to fill the prescriptions. I finally arranged with my Part D medication provider to get my meds by mail. Which meant I never got them on time. After moving to MN I thought I would never find someone who would continue my meds. I basically worked myself into a basket case spending hours trying to find a doctor who I thought would most likely continue my medications. Of course all these great doctors were not taking new patients or had months waiting lists. I finally just ended calling a Family doctor who was close to my home and made a appointment. I went in with 1 year of paperwork, my last MRI that was 5 years old and my pill bottles. After a brief exam and a quick look at my records the doctor stated she did not have any problems keeping me on my medications. I just about fainted (not really but very shocked). She also said she is less worried about prescribing pain medication for patients who have chronic pain because she knows the patient will not be able to get pain meds from other doctors without her knowing. Maybe patients should use these programs to there advantage and remind there doctor that the ability to doctor shop is almost impossible these days. No matter what anyone does you are still going to have people abuse there medication but the blame should not be on those who have chronic pain and are taking there medications as prescribed. Meanwhile those who have become addicted to prescription medications should be able to get the treatment they need with no reservations other then to get sober. When it come to medical care we all deserve to have the opportunity's to have the best quality of life as possible.

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David M. Says:

Go to the methadone clinic. Or mail-order a prescription online. Get back to me and I'll show you how to go the legal route.

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