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Kathy Says:

After 10+'years new Dr. stopped methadone and break thru
Meds. for no reason, nor would give me one. Thankfully I try to take as little as needed.So I still didn't have a great time withdrawing, not fun at all. At 57 with a rare autoimmune disease that causes blood clots+ had first stroke at 36. Second at 50. Plus A-Fib. and many other related issues. No suggestions,no referral and honestly took anything other than he prescribed. So he has blacklisted me in two states, and I truly don't know why. And when I asked, he yelled one more word and I'll have you throw out. So now Constance pain, feel totally lost and WHAT about Quality of Life. And do no harm. Just want a true honest doctor, that also believes in Quality of a human beings life. Live in NH banned and also MA. Don't know what to due, any ideas?

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Verwon Says:

Hello, Kathy! How are doing? I am very sorry about what you've been through.

At this point, what I would suggest is getting a copy of your medical records from them. You will likely have to pay a fee, but they are your records and you are entitled to a full copy. That would enable you see what his reason was for stopping your medications and treating you this way.

Once you have that answer, it would help with knowing how to proceed.

How do you know you've been blacklisted?

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BL Says:

Finding another dr who will treat your pain with the same meds may be difficult, if not impossible. It all depends on what the old dr has written in your medical records about why he wont treat you any longer.

As Verwon suggested, you need to get a copy of your medical records. That way you will see exactly what another dr will see when they get you medical records. And then you can decide what you need to do.

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Jenifer Says:

Many times you can check your state monitor programs. This will let you know what medications have been reported. As far as being blacklisted your doctor is not allowed to pass your medical records to another doctor unless you have approved it. Some state monitor programs may share information as the reason for the medications with another state program but they do not have your complete medical records.

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BL Says:

Many of the states are now linked to each other in their PMP. The info that is entered and can be seen is your name, dob, address, name of dr, date the med was filled & how long it should last, name of med, strength, directions, refills if any, and some PMP's also list how you paid for it. Some PMP enter more info.

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