Memory Loss And Prolonged Personality Changes While On, And After Use Of Chantix

VJ Says:

I began taking Chantix in May of 2011, and quit smoking in June. My brother started saying that I was acting strange. I did not believe him at first, and even felt he was trying to put me down...I remember that.... But I finally did notice that I was not sleeping, and getting really wound up! I started forgetting things, and even forgot to eat, and take medicine. I quit taking the Chantix, and do not smoke, But I lost Two months of memory, and still have some time gaps, at night, to this day. I was removed from the County Fair in September, but have no idea why, and little memory of that evening, and became more isolated and depressed, to the point where I could not think clearly, and. ....well it was a nightmare. I am Now, in the middle of January beginning to retain more evening memory, and have returned to myself, MOSTLY. The scariest thing for me, is that I may NEVER be myself again, totally!...waiting to see. Has anyone else had such dramatic, and LONG LASTING negative effects after stopping Chantix?

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Verwon Says:

Have you consulted your doctor?

I haven't seen any other users, that I know of, that have posted anything similar to your experience with the memory loss.

The depression, however, can happen with these types of medications. The reason is really unknown, but they can sometimes have the opposite of their intended effect.

You should consult your doctor to determine if the problems definitely stem from the medication, or to see if they have been caused by something else.

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VJ Says:

I just returned from the doctor. My Vitamin D level was checked...low is 30...Mine was 13....I will now research to find out if Chantix is known to have the effect of vtamin depletion, especially Vitamin D.

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VJ Says:

I have spoken with another individual, who had adverse reactions on Chantix, and her Doctor has also put her on Massive doses of Vitamin D. Different doctors. I never knew this person before. I am willing to bet I WILL find a causal relationship between Chantix, and Vitamin D depletion. I was taking a muti vitamin, when this occured. I would encourage others with adverse reactions to have their Vit D checked.

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htw Says:

I have also had a problem with nightime memory loss. I stopped taking Chantix in 2005 and have not been the same self. I have had a complete pesonality change and am much angrier and depressed than I ever was.

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Mr Ballgame Says:

I have taken chantix before and did not have any problem. This time is much different. Found myself feeling much more energetic after quiting smoking, then having a little too much energy, then no sleep and found myself getting very arritated at the smallest things. Realized could be chantix so quit taking. After 3 weeks symptoms have increased. Trying to get in touch with my doctor now. Is there anything I can do to deal with the symptoms? thought it would be out of my system by now and feel normal

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deb Says:

Its nice to hear someone say memory loss is happening to them too..beyond the "oh gee where did i misplace my keys" i have a BIG problem with this since i started taking Chantix 9 mos ago..sometimes people will tell me something and i can't recall it 10 min later..this happens on a reg basis and i'm way too young at 43 ..i'm starting to feel like i'm 93..!

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VJ Says:

I discovered a severe vitamin D deficiency. Ask doctor to test. In 3rd month of vitamin replacement therapy, and doing WAY better!

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VJ Says:

You have now
I hear there is a class action involving Chantix. I need to find out about it. I have lost a year, now.

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Cantremember Says:

I took Chantix about 3-4 years ago and did quit smokingh, although experienced an extremely stressful event and somehow started again. I experienced major memory problems but had no idea why until I went to the Dr. to get Chantix again, and told him about it. He implied that it may have been an effect of the Chantix. I don't have any energy problems, but the memory problem is HORRIBLE. I see that some have 'receovered' from it, but I have been off Chantix for years and still have the short term memory loss.

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Travis Says:

VJ I too am now on a vitamin D rx for 50,000 units a week because my vitamin D was 13. I also used Chantix to quit smoking. Before the rx the doctor told me to drink lots of milk and get out in the sun. I told him I had just moved to VA from Orlando,FL, I was pretty tan, and I drink milk like its water. After seeing other stories I am convinced that Chantix is the cause.

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Michael Says:

I haven't stopped taking Chantix yet, but I know how it flips your life upside down temporarily. But this medication absolutely works! I've been on Chantix for about 5 weeks and have had psychotic dreams and my depression had deepened considerably. Currently, I smoke a half cigarette a day which seems insane because it's almost zero so why even bother lighting up? And after I smoke that half cigarette, my stomach churns. So I'm glad that Chantix helped you to kick this nasty and destructive habit and I hope that each day you will gain more memory back and be absolutely back to normal. I'm no expert, but I would assume that this drug is in your system for some time even after you stop the treatment so when all the varenicline is purged from your body that should help you also. Chantix was the only smoking cessation treatment that ever worked for me; tried Wellbutrin, the patch, and Nicorette and these were ineffective. My mother told me that I should stop taking Chantix because of my worsening depression, sluggishness, sleep disturbances, etc., but I am stubborn and really want to be smoke-free permanently. So as long as I am no danger to others or myself I will continue this treatment, but I swear I'm not taking Chantix anymore after the second month. I think a third month of taking Chantix will blow out my brain lol. So if you or anyone reading this would like to talk more about Chantix and the pluses and minuses, please contact me. I'm looking for support and would like to help others too.

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Dale Says:

I as well have loss of memory. Have been off of it and stopped smoking now for almost 5 years. It seams that my memory is getting worse, I am only 47 and noticed a big difference in the last year as well as my family. Will try the vit d. Getting more frustrated by the week.

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soto3 Says:

I have experienced memory loss I took Chantix for a month and do not recall the entire month almost like I'm on the outside looking in. I am increasingly depressed, gaining more and more weight. I am angry for no reason. No motivation. I have no energy at all. I am making mistakes at work and fear I will loose my job. My memory is ridiculous it picks and chooses what I can remember. Whole days, parts of days, min, last night. I feel crazy, I don't have any insurance and dont know what to do. or If I will ever be the same again.

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marie Says:

My husband had been on Chantix for 6 weeks. He also experienced memory loss and a manor personality change. He is ordinarily a wonderful, compassionate, loving man. Nothing in our lives have changed, but he became quite, irritable, restless and say hurtful things. His memory was also doing the pick and choose. We had a long discussion and be decided to quit using Chantix. He is still not the same a week later, but improving. Time will tell.

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penelope14 Says:

My husbands personality has drastically changed. He is actually getting worse. He bas bern of of ig for 3 years now.

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15yearsmoker Says:

As someone who has quit cold turkey in the past and started back up again a year later, it's not necessarily the Chantix that changes your personality or memory.

Quitting smoking causes changes in your personality and temporarily causes depression. You are giving up something that used to make you feel good 20 times a day. Many people use their smoke break to reflect on what has been going on, whether they realized that or not. Now, you stop the smoke breaks and you aren't used to dedicating time to reflect or remember anything. You have to learn how to do some of this stuff in a new way.

Best of luck to all of you.

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Trying Says:

I am in this boat that you are trying to get out of. I stopped taking Chantex just 3 days ago and I am hoping I start to come back to myself soon. I am not very impressed.

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Confused and lost Says:

I took Chantix from the end of June to August since then I have had people tell me thing that I have completely for gotten Ti the point I have tried to hide it at work and Now It I find out that I may never be the same again and I may end up losing the Job I love It has only effected short term memory I still remember everything else But I have found out from the p[people I work with It is still happening I don't remember this being a side effect of Chantix When I was trying to quit smoking

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Lost and Confused Says:

I still smoke. I never quit. The only thing that did to me was ruin my life.

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Charlene Says:

I took Chantix 7 years ago when it first came on the market and have had memory loss ever since. I never had a problem with memory issues before that. I only took Chantix for 3 weeks

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