Managing Multiple Medications: My Experience With Norgesic, Oxycontin, Lyrica, Antidepressants, And More.

Jan Says:

I have been taking Norgesic for 18 months with 40mg of OxyContin 2 times daily & Lyrica 150mg as well as antidepressants, blood pressure medication of 80mg, as well as cholesterol tablets, plus 5mg of Endone (OxyContin). I take all this everyday, but sometimes I won’t take the Norgesic or the 10 Endone because I am so over it I can’t remember things sometimes. Has anyone else been on a similar regimen?

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Happy AF Says:

When I took oxycodone and gabapentin together I couldn’t remember anything ever so I’m impressed you’re even managing this well because Lyrica is a lot stronger than gabapentin.

The best way for me to keep track of multiple meditations is that I put them all in one of those Sunday through Saturday sorters, then I have another small container in my bag where I put just today’s medication. Sometimes my pain medication doesn’t work great and even though I’ve taken it it feels like I haven’t taken it, and I definitely don’t want to take it twice. Not only is that dangerous but then I will run out or fail a pill count. By having just today’s medication in a little container in my bag I can look and see if I have 3 oxycodone in there I haven’t taken the morning one yet.

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VerFree Says:

Many medications, especially opiates, can cause memory, and congnitive issues. muscle relaxants are another well known culprit. These issues are most prominent in elderly people, but can, to some degree, affect everyone, regardless of age.

Ref: Common Drugs, and Cognitive Decline.

Have you discussed these problems with your doctor? They may have ideas that could help you, such as leaving yourself reminder notes for certain things, or changing your medication regiment.

Happy AF, that is a great solution to make sure you take your medication as prescribed.

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Jan Says:

Re: VerFree (# 2) Expand Referenced Message

Thankyou for your response to my questions. I have spoken with my Doctor, she has decided to bring me of the medications, bringing my dosage down over time.. I also let her know that I went cold turkey on my night dose, but suffered for it… my pain is more noticeable now… I also spoke to her about CBD oil instead of shoving tablets down my throat & finally get a sleep schedule on track instead of no decent sleep, my Doctor thought this to a great idea…

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