Lorazepam Given Without Checking Med List For Interactions By Hospitals And Doctors.

Neshamah Says:

Diagnosed triple negative inflammatory breast cancer 9-17-12. Been taking 2 antidepressants since the 80s. No one looked at my meds before putting in my port or starting 18 chemos. They gave me Lorazepam everytime. The mixture of Lorazepam with the antidepressants made my bowels and stomach hurt like it was crushed glass I had eaten. 8 days in hospital after 3rd chemo. No one caught the drug interaction so I was given more Lorazepam in the hospital and when the gastro did colonoscopy and endoscopy. Gastro gave me Lorazepam before scoping me. Again no drug check. Pain continued for 2 years. Bowel movements made me vomit from the pain. Oncologist had no clue about drug interactions. I saw 8 doctors in 3 hospitals and none could recognize a severe drug interaction. Why? They view Ativan as some safe little sleeping or nausea pill instead of seeing it as a central nervous system depressant that can kill you. I had every side effect listed by the drug manuf. except seizures or convulsions. I am not out of the woods yet but I quit 9-10-14 after reading about the link between long term Lorazepam use and dementia. Early in Sept I lost the ability to complete a sentence. I ranged from rage to depression daily. My lungs ached. I felt like I had the flu all the time. I hallucinated sounds. I cried uncontrollably, I contemplated suicide daily and prayed to die. Now I am one month cold turkey and no one will help me. I can't even find a doctor who isn't on the Ativan or benzo bandwagon. They don't realize the harm they are doing. I took 1-2 mg as prescribed. I did not abuse the drug. The drug abused me to the point I nearly died.

Talked to a BC nurse today about this and she said she had several clients taking both. Spoke to an oncology nurse through Livestrong. Told her what had happened to me. She said I was jumping to conclusions about Ativan. A mental illness worker said she has taken Ativan for 20 years with no problem. That is the problem. Pfizer says use 2-4 wks. 4 months is long term. You will go through withdrawal after 2 weeks. I cannot find a medical person who realizes the harm they are inflicting on patients. I was going through breast cancer treatments while trying to survive a drug interaction. Why won't anyone listen about the dangers of this drug. Pfizer says don't give to people on antidepressant due to paradoxical effect in the brain which makes the depression worse. I did not leave home or talk to anyone for months. How are doctors and hospitals able to give this drug without looking at the manufacturer's contraindications or looking at a patient's med list?

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Atrophied Says:

Ativan is not particularly reactive with most medications. It is a low-dose drug and the effects you experienced were not likely caused by lorazepam, but rather from your antidepressants alone (don't give me "but that never happens" because comparing an anti-depressant to lorazepam in the right dose is apples to oranges). It certainly didn't cause your mysanthrope. Ativan is used to control seizures in most patients, including chemo patients which speaks volumes as to its safety.

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Atrophied Says:

I think it would be good to note further that Ativan is not intended to be used on a schedule when used for anxiety. It is primarily an "as needed" medicine for anxiety (and let me tell you it can stop a panic attack in its tracks).

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beentheredonethat Says:

Late post I know but hope you still check back. Yes Ativan is extremely addictable, and yes 2 weeks is usually the longest it is prescribed for. What you say about the Drs. who prescribe it having no clue is also true. Your withdrawel symptoms are Ativan withdrawel, no doubt about it, my heart goes out to you for all you have been through. How do I know what you say is true? Because I also went through extreme withdrawel and I was only on it for 5 weeks. For those of you who doubt this go and google Ativan addiction then wander over to "Benzo Buddies" and read the horrific stories there. My best advice to anyone.....RESEARCH your meds before you take them, DO NOT listen to what your gp tells you, check it out yourself. These days our drs are stretched very thin with heavy patient loads, they only listen to the pharma salesman pushing the drug. We as the receiver of these potentially dangerous drugs need to have the initiative to check them out, we owe it to ourselves and our health. Never leave you health in the hands of a stranger. Peace to all.

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Carol Says:

Check out crowdmed A group of Dr.s that will try to help

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