Lannett Pharmaceuticals Vs Teva Brand Adderall

Charlie Says:

Today I picked up my 20mg x 2 daily adderall IR Instead of my usual adderall made by teva brand i was given a new type that I have never had's supposedly a newer generic version from Lannett pharmaceuticals. It looks just like teva accept it's a lighter shade of peach color and it doesn't have that sweet flavor. It's more chalky like..its early evening and I decided to try one two hours have gone by and still nothing. Humm my question is has anyone else had the opportunity to try these newer version of adderall 20mg from Lannett pharmaceuticals?. I will come back in a hour or so and give an update..oh i read a different blogpost and have read that some actually liked it better than teva brand but wished for the sweet taste but they claimed to like it so let's see what others have to say thx for your opinion.

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Rcma Says:

I tried the 10mg and thought it was one of the few that was quite good. I actually take dextroamphetamine Sulfate 10mg IR because the generic Adderall has way too much inconsistency with many generics on the market. I thought I'd switch it up. 10mg Adderall 1x, 10mg Dex 2x. Then ... It went back to Teva, which is my preferred brand and Teva Adderall had the crash, Lannett was smooth. These meds have binders that effect their break down and bio availability etc. It's so individual to the person, but I can agree with what ppl say about Aurobindo. The WORST imo.

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Somegirlinafog Says:

Lannett made me physically sick. I was exhausted, nauseous, dizzy. Zero therapeutic effect. Avoid this at all costs.

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Charlie Says:

Re: Somegirlinafog (# 2) Expand Referenced Message

I felt the same way while taking this brand. It must be the inactive ingredients in the brand. So far this is the only brand Walgreens has where can I find teva brand adderall 20mg ir in my area. Do you know what pharmacy might carry the teva brand at?

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Rcma Says:

Re: Somegirlinafog (# 2) Expand Referenced Message

I maintain my position that they're fine by me. Aurobindo is crap IMHO but Lannett has been fine. I think it depends what you're accustomed to. I don't think they're crap at all.

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Sleepy Says:

Re: Rcma (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

I made the pharmacy list Aurobindo meds as an allergy because everything they make is crap. Their zofran didn’t work but gave me weird muscle spasms. Their adderall is the worst though. Like No doze or crossroads from the 80s/90s.

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Rcma Says:

Re: Sleepy (# 5) Expand Referenced Message


ULTIMATELY I ALWAYS GO Back to Teva/Barr Dextroamphetamine Sulfate IR tabs.... The Adderall generic market place has become like Las Vegas. Ya never win

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Truth Says:

Re: Rcma (# 6) Expand Referenced Message

Please fill out a Medwatch report form on the FDA website. People need to complain in huge numbers. Also tell the pharmacy! This needs to become a complaint they have heard before, so they will also speak up.

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Jess Says:

Anyone that believes the BS that this is equivalent is a moron. Obviously you wouldn’t have a patent for a product if it was “the exact same thing “ Discontinued in 2019 , the solution from Teva for ADHD has been Diluted to garbage pharmaceutical “Linnett”. As a paying adult you have the right not to be lied to and insulted with a substitution.

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Jessika Says:

Re: Somegirlinafog (# 2) Expand Referenced Message

Terrible product . Nausea , , swelling , depression, and delayed reaction

Patient asked the pharmaceutical tech if they put Teva in the bag they replied yes. We get home to take the medication and it’s Lynette. The pharmacist refuses to validate her techs error. Therefore leaving the patient without medication for 30 days. Negligence and error.

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Rcma Says:

Re: Jess (# 8) Expand Referenced Message

Calling people morons isn't constructive. Patents have nothing to do with this. According to the FDA a generic has bioequivalence if it is 80-120% the potency of the name brand. So a generic can have 40% less active ingredients and still be called bioequivalent, as defined by FDA. TEVA was the best, but check out the FDA website and you'll see that they voluntarily recalled lots of medication due to production and consistencies. They had a virtual monopoly on the market and generic contracts and their stock dropped from $70 per share down to $19 at one point and they became a very troubled company with many class action suits. The bottom line is that when 80 to 120% of the brand name is the standard set by the FDA then loading it up with 20% more will definitely develop customer loyalty but at any point they could drop it down to 80 and still be within the FDA standards. That's almost half a potency, a 40% drop. Any generic company can do this and it's a pretty good assumption that most will go for the 80 so overall one can assume that since generic manufacturers have multiplied there's been an overall 20% drop and active ingredient makeup. Much of this drug can be urinated out and never actually used in the bloodstream as it is extremely sensitive to alkaline and acidic conditions. If you are saliva and urine are acidic it is likely that a large percent of the medication you're taking is not being utilized and is being flushed down the toilet. Acidic conditions will also drastically slow the metabolism of the medication. If you're more alkaline and your pH lila and urine then you will process it more quickly and a larger percentage will be utilized rather than lost in urine.

The symptoms of too much Adderall are different for everybody and can range from palpitations and perspiration to headache dizziness and exhaustion.. too little will generally lead to fogginess exhaustion inability to function. If you were taught how to use the medication properly by your doctor then you know that you can add 5 mg to find optimal dosage. If you take 20 mg then 25% more is 25mg. I'm not a doctor but I can tell you that something may feel like complete crap but until you add 5 mg or more you don't know if it is potent as compared to Teva until you find a dosage that works for you. That sugary taste will affect the digestion and there will be a more rapid uptake in the active ingredients and as most people know the medication dissolves quite quickly. Tablets that dissolve quite slowly will take longer to break down and will not give that threshold breakout that makes you feel like it's working. Binders and fillers are also different among manufacturers and cheap binders could potentially prevent a medication from being dissolved and utilized properly by your particular digestive chemistry. I'm not a doctor but try crushing it up... Try taking it with an antacid. Most people on these farmers will acknowledge that any brand is not even close to what it was 10 years ago. The trick is to either log on to your CVS or Walgreens account and look at the NDC number before you even pick it up because the NDC number will tell you which manufacturer is being stocked. Or ask the pharmacist what the NDC number is on the bottle or look at the NDC number on the back before you pay and then refuse the medication if it's a s****y brand. Pharmacists and pharmacies at Walgreens and CVS no longer have the option to request generic brands... That option has been removed from their ordering system. Their attitude is they take whatever the supplier delivers on the supplier will always be delivering the cheapest generic available which will generally be crap like KVK Tech. Again I am okay with Lanett because my main medication was dextroamphetamine sulfate, And I never got accustomed to generic Teva Adderall but I do remember it being quite potent. I can take 50% more Lannett and not even feel jittery. But it is better than nothing or feeling outright nauseated.

As for all of you who are talking about headaches and other symptoms I would suggest looking up Adderall withdrawal symptoms and if what you're experiencing is Adderall withdrawal then the pill isn't making you sick It's the drop in serum amphetamine that's make you sick due to less active ingredient in the pill or the pills slower metabolic processing. I've often thought of just going on Vyvanse because it's still on patent for a while and behold generic issue is removed because vegetarian issue is getting worse not better. https:/­/­­adhd-medications/­can-acidic-foods-affect-stimulant-medications-for-adhd/­

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Jessika Says:

Re: Rcma (# 10) Expand Referenced Message

Thank you for giving me a reason to laugh today . Up to 40% different yet it’s exactly the same ? I’m well aware of the ratio . Ignorance has nothing to do with the patent either .

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Rcma Says:

Re: Jessika (# 11) Expand Referenced Message

No, not exactly the same. Again, I am attempting to explain that the FDA created a misleading word called Bioequivalence. They allow 20+/-% from the Brand name. I'm in the same miserable boat as everyone else. It's an absurd regulation however the FDA will do nothing if the medication is within that < or > 20%. It's criminal, but true. Hence, the BEST bet for anyone stuck w/a crappy generic is to recalibrate your dosage for that generic. 10mg of Teva is probably like 7 Lanett. Everyone says "it sucks" but if they took 15mg they may feel fine. Look, if you're used to a 6cyl BMW and the car rental company says Luxury SUV BMW or equivalent, you may end up with a Lincoln or a Cadillac. No promises. If you accept the vehicle then your choice is either to complain constantly about how the BMW is better or just pump the gas harder to get the speed you want. Duh. after 12 years I'm probably changing to Vyvanse because I'm sick of this crap on the market but I'm just telling you like it is. TEVA is not even available for order by the largest distributors such as McKesson and cardinal. Amerisourcebergen may have it or not. Either way pharmacists have told me that Teva costs them more money than the insurance will actually pay. And the pharmacy is not going to lose money on the prescription so they'll either offer it to you for cash or they'll accept your insurance for the crap that costs significantly less. Mallinkrodt, Teva are way more expensive than AURO or Lannett. If you're willing to pay cash I'm sure you'll find somebody who will carry the more expensive medication but don't count on a large chain pharmacy dispensing any medication that costs more than the insurance reimbursement. I'm glad that you got a laugh because you sure do sound like somebody who needs one. Are you a Patent Lawyer? Have you studied parents? When any product comes off patent and you can buy Walmart brand or suave brand it will say in the corner compared to Neutrogena but it's not guaranteeing you that it's going to offer the same exact Neutrogena. However, by law they can say it is equivalent. Equivalent does not mean the same. I am as disgruntled and disgusted is everybody else but I'm hoping that people understand the game that's being played and the joke is ultimately on us but this is the joke the FDA and the pharmaceutical companies and the insurance companies have created. Call people morons as long as you want but until you understand the nature of generic pharmaceutical manufacturers and the three largest wholesale distributors and the three largest pharmacy benefit managers then you'll never understand who's controlling the medication dispensing and destroying in the United States. If you want to be smart then get a prior authorization for an on patent medication and give up trying to control the generic market because it's never going to happen unless you're a lobbyist with millions of dollars and lots of influence in Washington DC.

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Jeno712003 Says:

Re: Rcma (# 12) Expand Referenced Message

(For any med, including what's left of TEVA - I use IRs) Try = app or site. MAJOR savings that cost me far less than insurance. I get mine - what's left, at Costco. You can put in your radius and dosage and it will find the place near you. Willing to travel? Costco by far.

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nickname Says:

Got my monthly script filled a few months back and after about 2 days I thought the pills were a placebo or something. Called Dr and they said check manufacturer on label. Sure enough it switched from Teva to Lannett. The pharmacy was able to special order the Teva with a “corporate” approval but it looks like I’ll have to do this whole dance for each refill. I’ve even considered just staying with Lannett, since it does nothing, and maybe weening myself off..

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Rcma Says:

Re: nickname (# 14) Expand Referenced Message

I've written a few posts on this, in this thread alone. Some suggestions:

  1. Ask your doctor to write DAW followed by the NDC #. My doctor is doing that and SOME pharmacies will absolutely make the effort to order it. I PERSONALLY called TEVA and they were back ordered and told me when they'd be shipping supplies again. The DAW + NDC # worked for me.
  2. 2) ADJUST YOUR DOSAGE. If TEVA and Lannett aren't bioequivalent in your body then ask your Dr If you can titrate up by 25% intervals until you find a bioequivalent dose for Lannett. *Not suggesting* that you do this without Dr approval. 15 mg of Lannett could potentially work as well as 10mg Teva. As an example.
  3. With your doctor's approval, chewing the Lannett could work because it's binders are less readily dissolved in the GI tract vs TEVA, which breaks down more quickly. Your Dr or pharmacist would also verify that taking Tums. Mylanta or any antacid will Increase serum levels of active ingredients.
  4. Change to TEVA Dextroamphetamine Sulfate 10mg.

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Jess Says:

You are drinking flat water instead of sparkling
Teva is sparkling and lannett is flat . IR is the best for allergies as there are fillers in XR that cause respiratory issues .

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nickname Says:

Re: Rcma (# 15) Expand Referenced Message

Appreciate the response and If I may follow up:

-How long ago did you contact Teva and learn about the backorder?
-Also, I failed to specify both meds look the same (generic), is Lannett XR vs IR?
-I usually stretch my monthly script to about 45 days so I can play around titrating up +/-25% on my own and start there..

I'm unfamiliar with TEVA Dextroamphetamine Sulfate 10mg and will read up on it.

Thank you for your response

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Rcma Says:

Re: nickname (# 17) Expand Referenced Message

I called TEVA in March I believe.

Note on Suppliers: Pharmacists are not forthcoming because they all receive their orders from Amerisourcebergen, McKesson or Cardinal wholesalers. The wholesalers are the supply chain to the retailers. Walmart, CVS and Walgreens don't necessarily use the same wholesalers so shopping around is a good idea. Pharmacists will generally tell you which supplier they use. Walmart for example often uses multiple suppliers. Bottom line, one supplier may have your TEVA, while another will not. Unfortunately, Lannett, Aurobindo and KVK Tech are often cheap due to manufacturer "rebates"... The industry as a whole is mess to be honest, it's close to legal racketeering imo. You can actually find out the cost per pill being charged to the actual pharmacy, and compare it to what you pay. Believe it or not, sometimes the pharmacy is making $10 or less! So there is definitely a big financial issue impacting which brand you get! Manufacturer sells to Wholesalers then they sell to Retailer and they sell to you. Then the insurance pharmacy benefit manager (usually Caremark, Express Scripts, Optum) decides what THEY will reimburse the pharmacy. Often $10! Bottom line is this:. TEVA may be available at different pharmacies because of wholesalers/suppliers.

I know Lannett looks like TEVA. Good imposter haha. It's IR. I'm only talking IR here.

Next, TEVA will often be available in a different milligram than your rx. Pharmacists will say "I have it in 20s and 30s but not 10s" ONLY if you or doctor ask. That's why I finally had my doctor write DAW + the FDA NDC#. If you can get TEVA in a higher dosage, less tabs and split them, then do it. Point is that it's THE BRAND you're caring about.

Here is a link for Dextroamphetamine Sulfate. This is 75% of generic Adderall and really the main ingredient IMO. it tends to work more on the Central Nervous System (CNS) so it is often less speedy/jittery than Adderall, giving the alertness without as much caffeinated feeling .... everyone is different tho. Adderall is D-anmphetamine and L-amphetamine. Dextroamphetamine Sulfate is 100% D-anmphetamine.


Good luck!

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Rcma Says:

Re: nickname (# 17) Expand Referenced Message

P.S. https:/­/­­product/­dextroamphetamine-sulfate-tablets-usp-cii


Main Switchboard

888 TEVA USA (838.2872)
Customer Service

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Jeno712003 Says:

Re: Rcma (# 18) Expand Referenced Message

Lannett bought out TEVA so there will be no more TEVA as we know it. Some pharmacies still some left over, but few - I tried for 90 pill of IR 20s and they could only fill 87 because that's all the had left. So, you'll have to try Lannett if you want to stick with the same 'ingredients' or the original manufacturer's 'recipe,' or try another brand. I heard from my this from my doctor, psychiatrist, and online. Also, I was instructed to try Lannett because it was a financial/business transaction and not a manufacturing decision. Personally, I'm doing that next refill. They are apparently the same so why mess with the 'original' formula??? You can obviously try another brand, but I see that as starting from scratch. Just my opinion based on professionals opinions.

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ADHDgrammy Says:

Re: Jeno712003 (# 13) Expand Referenced Message

Same exactly. I found that using GoodRx & Costco is a significant cost savings over insurance & Walgreens or CVS

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Cyr Says:

I currently have 20mg IR by Teva. They are not sweet and wear off in 3 hours. Last month I had 30mg IR by Teva from Walgreens who no longer have them. Not sweet but better than the 20mg I got this month. I am going to ask my new pharmacy if they can get the Lannett/Elite. Camber and Mallinkrodt we're worthless and terrible, respectively.This monthly struggle is getting old.

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Rcma Says:

Re: HCStymie (# 98) Expand Referenced Message

Total agreement. And to my knowledge there is no equivalency test. ANDAs are given based on PAPER applications. Not actual pill samples. AURO IS USELESS.

"They pass the bioequivalence tests and get approved, the FDA leaves it up to the pharma companies to self regulate. (FDA is underfunded and can't handle the volume otherwise.)"


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HCStymie Says:

Re: Rcma (# 10) Expand Referenced Message

Rcma, One factor you are missing in the 80-125% (it's 125 not 120) bioequivalence standard is that the 90% confidence interval has to be within the 80-125% range. Which means that the average pill has a smaller range from 100 than 80-125.

Another issue is that after they pass the bioequivalence tests and get approved, the FDA leaves it up to the pharma companies to self regulate. (FDA is underfunded and can't handle the volume otherwise.)

Twice I had been given something from an Indian company, it was basically useless. Nothing against India or Indian people, but their pharma industry is a sham. It was a blind test for me. I take the meds, they don't work, I look up the pill online. Both times, an Indian company or Indian owned subsidiary. 1 other time it was a white pill with the exact same shape and size of Sun (yellow) / Aurobindo (light orange) brands. I didn't look that one up at the time. Probably another Aurobindo supplied junk. Some of these companies have frequently failed FDA inspections and have been known to and caught cooking the books on the ingredients and potency in their meds.

Don't think I have ever been given Lannett brand. But Aurobindo, I was taking 120 to 140 mg daily (not exaggerating) and it was less effective than 50mg of generic Teva (that I had left over from 2010). Even factoring in lower quality fillers, there is a very strong chance that Aurobindo is not within the 80-125% range. Would be nice if someone crowdsourced testing of their medication to see what they are actually giving us. Years ago I tried the Indian Sun brand (They also own NorthStar). Found out on the FDA site that it was being manufactured by Aurobindo.

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TM Says:

Re: JD (# 84) Expand Referenced Message

Well huge shortage better brace yourself I just got this new stuff hopefully it not really bad ugg although what do you do whenever drugstore is out of it!

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Rcma Says:

Re: Kb (# 95) Expand Referenced Message

Thank you!
I've been pleasantly surprised actually that it's been overall decent!

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Kb Says:

Re: Rcma (# 89) Expand Referenced Message

Rhodes isn't bad

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Rcma666 Says:

Re: Truth (# 87) Expand Referenced Message

Brilliant. Agree 100%>
FDA doesn't care. Manufacturers and distributors McKesson, AmerisourceBergen and Cardinal are cashing in.

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Rcma666 Says:

Re: Walgreenie (# 81) Expand Referenced Message

I looked up.

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Rcma666 Says:

Re: Walgreenie (# 91) Expand Referenced Message

Take your blood pressure?
: TEVA generic is actually the name brand labelled as a generic

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