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how long after taking kratom can you take suboxone 57 REPLIES
sleeping tablet names 17 REPLIES
There is a natural supplement that will help withdrawals tremendously and it's legal 11 REPLIES
I'm disabled and was on pain meds 11 REPLIES
I have unbearable tooth pain from a cavity in a rear molar. 7 REPLIES

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how long after taking kratom can you take suboxone

Hi I have been on suboxone for four weeks, before that I was on methadone for five years. I decided to try kratom to stop the suboxone but it isn't really doing much and I feel really lethargic and headaches. I took about 4-5gram of kratom at 8am, it's now 1:40pm"..I want to take some suboxone, will I get sick? Precipitated withdrawals? I've seen some people say they take suboxone after kratom and are fine, but, there isn't much out there on the topic. I just don't wanna get sick for I have a three ur old boy and Christmas is in two days ## I got no response but ended up taking 2mg suboxone at 2:30 and was fine...took another 1mg a little later and still fine...just a bit of a headache but I always get that from sunoxone ## It seems like no one can really answer ...

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Kratom and 12 panel urine drug test - Methadone false positive?

My son who is in recovery has been using Kratom. We performed a 12-panel urine drug test which came back positive for methadone but no opiates. He is not taking any other meds that I know of that would cause a false positive. I’m wondering if anyone has ever had a positive methadone result while using Kratom? ## Just last week my urine drug test showed meth. A false positive. Freaked me out cause I don't do drugs. I was told kratom doesn't show up but evidently it shows up as false positive. Never had that problem before and have been taking for a while now. Very weird. ## How are you 100% sure he hasn’t taken methadone? Kids aren’t honest with their parents. ## There is a parolee who is a client at local suboxone clinic. He has stated he uses kratom and gets c...

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Kratom with Contrave

So, I found out the hard way this past weekend, that Kratom and Contrave shouldn't be taken together. I've repeatedly told my Dr and his NP that I use Kratom for pain management after coming off prescribed opiates for years for a bulging disc in my lower back. I've been taking kratom regularly for 2yrs. When Dr asked if I was on Opiates when prescribing the Contrave Friday, my response was, "no. I've been off Norcos for almost 3yrs and use Kratom for my pain management." He had no issue prescribing me the meds. I started taking them Friday and started going in to full opiate-like withdrawals before the evening was over. I didn't know what was happening until I took my meds Saturday then drank my normal kratom dose a few hours later, again felt like I was dyin...

There is a natural supplement that will help withdrawals tremendously and it's legal

Try this its changed my life, it's called kratom and it's available at most adult and head shops the dosage is at least 5 grams but it works better than anything that doctors have given and you don't need to worry about trading one addiction for another , it's a natural opiate so for people who aren't heavy users this stuff will make you feel as though you have taken loratabs.its just overall a safer way to kick a bad habit .If you are a heavy user don't give up if you don't feel the opiate effects the first couple of weeks because you will eventually plus it will help the withdrawal immediately. ## Hi Tammy, I've only read about kratom on other message boards and for some reason they were bashing it for being Bad, I don't know why but now I'm cur...

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Opium lettuce?? Anyone heard of this?

Don't laugh! Wild lettuce is being touted as an actual pain reliever. Anyone hear of this? Anyone tried this? Some are putting it on par with Kratom. I actually bought some from a good company (swanson) but no pain relief. Both liquid and capsule were ineffective, but I'd be willing to try another brand if someone can verify it is even a little efficacious. Though I suspect it has contributed to relaxation allowing me to at least get a more restful sleep. Not sure if it is any more helpful than melatonin, or chamomile tea, lol. On the other hand, I suspect it may have contributed to extending the pain relief I get from the oxycodone I use. I will freely admit that this could be just wishful thinking. It may be a substance that the benefit is not realized until there is an establ...

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Pain control for the abandoned

As narcotics are being removed and suffering goes way up there are potentiators, research them, and there us Kratom! Extremely safe and very effective it is an HERB not a drug but big Pharma can’t patent a relative of the coffee plant As is caffeine another opiate or opioid! No coffee for docs! I have tons of info and experience here I have very severe fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis and my live has been about ruined Thus HERB has saved millions!

My Kratom Experience

I did not use Kratom to come off of Narcotics or any other addiction. I wanted to try Kratom because of all the great reviews I had read about it. I was curious, so I ordered a 4 oz. supply and gave it a shot. I was hoping it would help with my concentration at work as well as help me manage the nagging pain of simply aging. The results were instant and I thought I had found the perfect remedy to raise me up from the daily grind. I dosed myself twice a day, once at noon and again in the evening. My completion of tasks increased and the nagging pain I had been living with decreased. After a few months on Kratom I started to notice that I didn't feel great between doses and that I would start watching the clock for when I'd allow myself to mix a kratom drink. I'd take the dose...

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Kratom availability

DEA has suspended action to declare Kratom a schedule 1 drug. It will allow until 11/30 (I think) for comments from the public, doctors, etc. and then reconsider the matter. Until then, those who use, or want to use Kratom can legally buy it from a number of US websites at greatly reduced prices. Contact your legislators as well! ## There are studies which show that kratom can help people kick opiates and I truly believe it should remain legal. What do you all think about that? ## The US National Institute of Health actually posted a (rather vague) clinical study on Kratom depicting its efficacy towards alleviating opiate withdrawal: They conclude their observations by stating that, "the predominant alkaloid of kratom, mitragynine, binds mu- ...

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What is kratom and why is it used?

Why is kratom used? Is it a natural herb? Is it safe for smoking cessation? Can it also be used for opiate withdrawal? I read in one of the posts that kratom is used for opiate withdrawal. Is it effective? ## Yes, it worked for me. I got the Red Bail for pain and I also use the Green. It works well. Hope you give it a try and I pray it helps you. ## Kratom FAQs: Q: Why is Kratom used? A: Kratom has a wide variety of potential use-cases ranging from anxiety, depression, insomnia, PTSD, pain relief, mood lifting, endurance, hypertension, diabetes, and much more... Q: Is it a natural herb? A: Mitragynine (Kratom) is a natural plant (tree) in the coffee family Q: Is it safe for smoking cessation? A: I have not found any official scientific studies demonstrating it's use-case as a smokin...

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False FDA reports on Kratom

So I've been reading reports by the FDA saying how "dangerous" Kratom is and how there have been deaths related to Kratom and how addictive it is. As someone who has been taking Kratom for almost 3 years I can honestly say it has saved my life. None of the reports by the FDA are true. So many people are now discovering Kratom and realizing there is finally something they can take without needing a doctor's prescription and it actually helps them. So the government is now using scare tactics to get us to stop using it. They are being pressured from the multi billion dollar pharmaceutical companies because the more Kratom being used the less money they're making and we all know how money hungry they are. I was in a very serious motorcycle accident and I had severe inju...

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I'm disabled and was on pain meds

I'm permanently disabled after being injured on the job. I was a union boilermaker which is a hazardous job in itself, but i wasnt ready to retire. I've had c4 5 5 6 fused, back and foot surgery. I was taking 240 80mg OC a month. Dr cut me to 6 30 mg roxy's daily, now i get nothing. Al doctors are not helping. I have been on those meds since 1998. ## Hi Rob, Sorry to hear about your challenging situation. It seems like many chronic pain patients are facing a similar set of circumstances in this new era of opioid madness. At this point, I get the sense that all one can do is continue searching for a compassionate doctor or deviate towards natural alternatives such as kratom, cannabis (cbd/thc), turmeric, exercise (in whatever capacity seems doable), meditation and surrounding...

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The Art of Pain Relief

Chronic pain is a multifaceted inflammatory condition that often requires immediate access to any feasible form of treatment. Scientifically, we know that pain and inflammation are synonymous. We also understand that opioids are one of the best-known treatment options for masking chronic intractable pain/inflammation. After all, poppies were put on this planet for a reason... But with so much regulatory interference, political upheaval and restricted access to opioids, we all have to wonder, is there anything else on earth that comes remotely close which we as a society may have overlooked? Chronic pain doesn't wait around for us to find something that works. Like an old scar, it will remain constant every waking hour and every hour of sleep. Therefore it is crucial that we must act...

The Kratom Encyclopedia - A List Of Benefits

[1] Mitigates opioid withdrawal - [2] Antidepressant properties - [3] Anti-cancer or chemopreventive compounds & Antioxidant properties - [4] Diarrhea Treatment; Diabetes treatment; & Improves blood circulation - A List Of Other Reported Properties -Pain relief -Nootropic (Cognition Enhancing) -Anti-leukemic -Anti-malarial -Immune System Stimulation -Insomnia Relief -Energy Promotion -Mood-lifting -Opiate maintenance / transitional substance Source: "The Kratom Bible - A Complete Guide To Kratom". Web. According to the National Institute of Health (NIH) who outlined the neurobiolo...

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sleeping tablet names

I want to gain an extra 3 to 4 hours of sleeping time. What sleeping pills can help me? ## Please Mam Mujhe sleeping tablet chahiye.. Neend k liye. ## Mujhe achchhi tarah se neend nahi aati hai main study bhi nahi kar pata Mujhe koi neend ki tablet ka naam batao na jisse main 3-4 hour zyada so sakoon ## I'm 25 years of age. I want sleeping tablets. Pls tell me tablets name... ## mera name puja hai mai 26 sal ki hu mujhe kuch dino se thik need nhi aati ## I am not sleeping well because of an exam. Can anyone please suggest me a medicine name that would help me sleep? ## Have any of you guys tried taking (red vein) Kratom as a sleep aid? My research shows that this particular strain of Kratom is considered to be more sedating than the other types [e.g. green & white vein] and its ...

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Cure for opiate withdrawal

Kratom is the answer to all your dreams. I've successfully detoxed off 105mgs and had no sickness. Research this plant. Extensively! It's saved my life! ## Congratulations on tapering off the opiates! That's no small feat by any means. It's also pretty amazing that you didn't experience any sickness in the process due to the help of Kratom. According to the US National Institute of Health, Kratom isn't well understood in Western medicine; however Kratom's alkaloids reportedly play a big role in augmenting its effectiveness at mitigating opiate withdrawal symptoms. You can read more about that in the link below: Kratom's popularity has certainly gained a lot of traction over the past couple years in America, and I t...

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Lone wolf white vein maeng da kratom

Just picked up a bottle of Lone Wolf White Vein Maeng-Da capsules. I just need some info about how to take this stuff, their 500mg per capsule. Plus I heard if taken in small doses it gives you energy but if you take more than at a time you'll get a nodding effect? I'm just extra nervous cause I usually take subs for a week till I fill again n there's usually not any problems. So I want this to be a smooth transition. I take some really potent opioids and I usually have to take 1 and a half subs on my day one of stopping my pills, so if I take that many subs how many of these kratom pills should I take on my day one? I read a lot about kratom the past week. I just hope it lives up to the hype. Thanks for listening to my rant and any and all suggestions are welcome. ## Hi Raw...

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Kratom - Coliform and E coli lab results

I recently purchased WMD kratom from a vendor and afterwards found a lab results tab on their web page. The results tested negative for Salmonella and Listeria Spp. BUT, it did test positive for Coliform at 1200cfu/g AND Escherichia coli-Generic at 100cfu/g. My question is, are these levels safe? And what is cfu?

kratom - does it block pain?

Does kratom block pain? If so how much is needed? I am on 50 fentanyl for a year + 30 mg er morphine 2x daily before that, but still have lower lumbar neck and knee pain, and need to keep working or try... Please advise. ## Hey Jeff, sorry to hear about your pain. I don't know how the kratom plant translates to doses of conventional pain medication but yes, it is reported to be a pain killer with a similar mechanism of action as other opioids. May I ask what State you live in? Kratom is perfectly legal in most states but there are some states / counties that have outlawed it. Still one of those gray areas and research should be conducted by anyone who is considering it for pain management or withdrawals. Hope this helps! Sources: ## Yes Kratom is great for pain and it makes you fee...

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Kratom VS Narcotic Efficacy In Pain Management

In your experience, which one works best for pain management? Taking side effects into consideration, I find that kratom wins by a long shot over narcotic pain meds. During my experiment with kratom, I've only ever experienced temporary nausea less than a handful of times in higher doses... On the other hand pharmaceuticals have side effect lists that are longer than many children's stories (not to mention being potentially severe / life threatening to top it off). Having experience with both kratom and vicodin, my personal assessment is that (depending on the strain) kratom has noticeably stronger analgesic effects - but I wonder if anyone else feels the same way? If so, which pharmaceutical medication do you think kratom's pain relieving efficacy is comparable to? Do you t...

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I have unbearable tooth pain from a cavity in a rear molar.

I have unreal pain from a cavity in a rear molar. hot or cold liquids create unbelievable pain in my jaw. I have a dental appointment in two weeks on Feb 10. I relayed this information to the dentist and the secretary said there is nothing that can be done until my appointment. I have tried aspirin and ibuprofen and there is no relief whatsoever from the pain. It is so bad I am not driving because the pain is such a distraction. I am not nor have I ever been addicted to any type of opioids or pain medication. What are my options for obtaining some kind of medication for the pain until my appointment? Should I go to the emergency room and explain my predicament? I realize there is no way for a medical professional to test for nor is there an indicator for pain but I am in agony from this...

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