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Where can Jakafi be bought?

Does anybody have an idea how can Jakafi be bought outside the united states? what is the price? ## I got Jakafi through my doctor for the treatment of myelofibrosis. We had to fill out an application for it from the pharmacuetical company, "Incyte". It has not been made available to local pharmacies, only through the way I just described. ## That is correct, it is currently still in the investigational stage, so it hasn't actually been approved and isn't publicly available anywhere, which also means that there is no price to give anyone. You can learn more about it here: Are there any other questions or comments? ## I am in Indonesia at the moment, and my dad's doctor recommended him to try JAKAFI. But it is only still available in US. My dad is feeling horrible at ...

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Jakafi and Health Insurance Coverage

I have been on clinical trial 2 yrs for myelofibrosis and wanted to know if anyone's health insurance is paying for the drug in case the clinical trial ends? What is the approximate cost per month? I have seen it is around $7000 month on another website. Any info would be appreciated. Thank you. ## That is about the same estimated price that I am seeing listed everywhere, which is pretty normal for these types of medications, especially being this new. I've no information on insurances covering it, though. That would depend on the insurance and if it actually gets approval. Does anyone else have more information on this? ## Thanks for the reply. Its now approved for sale in the U.S. I am live in Ca. I use wall greens drug store. I checked with them its $4.400.00 without insuranc...

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jakafi side effect

I am taking 30mg a day for Polycythemia and have a side effect which is puzzleing. Suddenly I have no saliva and raw inside cheeks. Also, water tastes sour. Has anyone else had such a strange side effect? Been taking the drug since March 2014, and aside from weight gain and tiredness, no complaints. ## Hello, Chinchie! How are you? I'm very sorry about the problem that you're having. According the side effects listed by the FDA, mouth sores have been reported with this medication and virtually any medication may cause dry mouth, you may also experience cough, nausea and easy bruising. However, I didn't find anything about the change in taste, but there's a chance that's just due to the mouth sores. Have you had your doctor look at them, yet? ## Jakafi can cause dry m...

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Please I need help as soon as possible if any one can help me

Hey :) So I have question my dad he has cancer he taking a new medicine called JAKAFI and his Dr he gave to him another medicine called HYDROXYUREA So Do you guys know if any there sife effect to taking both in a same time ? Also he has a problem in spleen and blood Thanks alot please reply me as soon as possible ## Hi Lana, From what I could gather, there are potentially unsafe drug interactions between Jakafi (ruxolitinib) and Hydroxyurea. Quoted below are the precautions you should be aware of: "MONITOR CLOSELY: The concomitant or sequential administration of multiple antineoplastic agents may potentiate the risk and severity of additive toxicities, such as immunosuppression and myelotoxicity. MANAGEMENT: Close clinical and laboratory monitoring for hematologic and nonhematologic...

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jakavi Ruxolitnib

I have been takining this drug Jakavi for 18 months for the treatment of Myleofibrosis. My spleen has reduced in size, my blood levels are much closer to normal range except for the Haemoglobin which is low. My concern is that since the commencement of the course of the drug my PSA level has increased drastically. Has anyone else experienced this? ## Further: my most recent PSA reading is 27.5 and have had a Biopsy of Prostate which is negative of cancer. Could drug Jakavi or Ruxolitnib or the Myelofibrosis be influencing the PSA reading? ## Am on Jakafi 20mg twice a day for last 2 years and recent psa increased from 5 to 16 over that time. Am going to dr tomorrow to check about biopsy so will try to match my info with yours, but from my readings it is a possible side effect.

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mom on jakafi

My mom was recently (two weeks ago) put on Jakafi, 10 mg twice daily. Her red blood cells went from 10.5 to 9.9...something like that. I am concerned it's the jakafi as i know that was something we were told to possibly expect. Just wondering if anyone has been on this long term (from the study) or even short term and how they are feeling? ## My dad went on the drug December 20,2011. All levels are dropping, but he feels so much better. Eating great, less night sweats and more energy. Transfusions have increased and the cost per month is outrageous. ## Yes, these types of side effects are listed as being very common when using this medication, which contains Ruxolitinib as the active ingredient. Some other side effects may include dizziness, hematoma, weight gain and herpes zoster. ...

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Jakafi in india

Yes, it is available in India. We bought it for my brother in Mumbai - {edited for privacy} ## One of my friends requires it in India. Can you please tell me where to get it? We live in Chennai. ## How much does it cost per bottle. Thanks ## What is the price per bottle of 25mg?

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jakafi and heart attack

My mom is on jakafi and had a heart attack does she need to take her off jakafi be course a Stent or surgery ## Hello, Lori! How is your mom doing? Since she has such as serious medical condition, she needs to consult her doctor and follow their instructions on what she should or should not take. It would be remiss of someone online to try to advise her on such a matter. ## She is home. So far they can not find a cause of the heart attack. She did not have any blockage. The doctoris researching jakafi more before they put her back on it. Thankyou for your response.

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