I Take A Combo Of 10mg Percocet And 10 Mg Er Opana, Still Need Help

Tigers 01 Says:

I take the perc 10 and opana 10ER..along with steroid injections every few months and I am not getting the relief I hoped for. My pain doc has been great so far and has adjusted my meds several times. I want to ask for stronger meds.. I work 10 hr days and I'm starting to struggle more and more. I want to ask for higher dosages, but I don't want him to get a bad impression of me. What is the best way to ask this?... Thanks

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Tracy Says:

Explain to your doctor that you do not get the control needed for the hours you work. Tell him what you stated here. Be totally honest and tell him to at least increase the long acting med, the opana, so you can make it thru the workday. Being honest helps, as does looking your doc in the eye when speaking to him. If he is compassionate he will try to accommodate your needs. Who knows, the increase in opana may make it possible to take less of the Percocet. Good luck & keep up informed. I'm not being nosy, just want to know you are being helped. In this day & age it is hard to get help that's truly needed. I feel for u as I still haven't been able to get my pain under control. I need another back surgery, just found out on thurs, so maybe my doc will be a little more sympathetic about my pain. Here's to hoping, right?

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Kevin Says:

Thanks for the advice! My pain docseems very understanding and compassionate. I stated before that I will just have to accept that my life will be full of pain. He replied that it is his job to make my life as comfortable as possible.
I will let you know what happens Tracy. And I wish you luck as well. Please do the same, I am curious about your situation as well. It is nice to communicate with someone else that truly understands what pain is.

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Jellybean Says:

I see a pain doctor for my spinal cord being shattered 20 yrs ago. Be completely honest with the doctor and let him know ito isn't working anymore because I can guarantee your tolerance has increased due to u taking them a long enough time. Percocet or another name for it oxycodone can be given in up to 20 MG maybe more but that's the highest I've ever been on. U also instead of steroids might should ask is he can put u on a time released or long acting pain med for example morphine, oxycontin, fentanyl patches,etc.... These r options I would consider that way u have the long acting that will remain in your system then u would have percocet or oxycodone for break through pain. No doctor if they really care about your situation should have a problem with putting u on long acting and u still get the breakthrough. I personally also would not want to be on the steroids because they cause weight gain and also if u have any sores they also slow them down from healing. I hope this helped u out some. Good luck!!!!! Oh also an advantage of the oxycontin long acting is it starts as small of a dosage as 20 MG and can go up to like 250 is the highest I've heard of someone being on. Just always be honest with them and if u feel like u r being judged like u r a drug seeker then let them know u know there job is hard to figure out who the drug seekers r but u r not one of them and that it is unfair of them to put u in that category. In there oath they take it states they r there to help there patients live pain free and it is not there job or place to judge only to help there patients. Again good luck I know how hard it can be to find a doctor who truly cares and doesn't judge u because so many people abuse doctors just for a high.

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