I Was On Subutex For My Opiate Addication 7 Days And The Next Day Took A Narco 10 325 Will That Make Me Go Into Full Withdrawl Or Is It Ok Because Im

ronald Says:

asking for the first time, but my question is will taking narcos after a week long subutex ( suboxone) treatment, but only one narco a day, prolong my withdrawl from the sub or worse will it send my body back into the exact same place i was phyisically prior to starting the treatment. one day after my 7 day detox at hosptial i took one that i found and im kind of worried it will send me back to page one. i was taking up to 30 pills a day prior to detox and want to succed but it has been 5 days since treatment and im still struggling almost as if i were doing it cold turkey, is the reason for this due to the fact that i took the 1 narco the day after or is it just a normal process im going through?

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Tommy Says:

Dude. Opiates can make you feel like hell for months. And I mean months. Like up to ten months. A seven day is a f***ing joke. You have to take it for months (subs) and slowly ween yourself down from like 16mg to 8 mg to 6mg to 5mg to 4mg, 3, 2.5, 2, 1.75, 1.5, 1.25, 1, 15/16mg, 14/16mg 13/16mg all the way to 1/16 mg on a weekly basis. Then make your last dose 4mg. It will gradually taper out. Remember subs have a very long half life. Seven when u are taking a 1/16mg there is like 3 mg actually in you. Research suboxone detox plans.

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Dropzone Says:

Everyone here getting off subs needs to first taper down to practically nothing first . Then ask your GP to prescribe gabipintin ,Tramadol and a anti depressive . Then make the jump ,see how you feel . I even used a little piece part way threw first week ,but with those meds I mentioned I've been clean now for not quite three months and feeling great , no PAWS no nothing actually didn't have to use the full bottle of Tramadol , but most diff the Gabipintin

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Dropzone Says:

Tommy's right in his blog taper taper taper down to nothing . Took me 8 months on just the taper alone ,and yes feeling like dog poo. It totally sucked. Then the jump off but with the correct anixety meds Gabipintin Tramadol for the leg pains and a anti depressive for the obvious . you can do it. I never did any of the so called aa NA stuff . I ran my own program ,I didn't need anyone else trying to run my life. Or hit what I call pity pool meetings . I didn't need to spill my guts out to the world ! I promise You can do it. I'm 58 broke every other bone in my body Skydiving ,with 7 years on that crap. If I can you can. On no pain meds at all. None ,even have a beer when and if I want . Almost three months totally off Subs. Feeling good actually . Thought I would suffer more ,but that 8 month taper was hell. Great wife and three grown daughters and my GP. ALL BEHIND ME! It's now a Thing in the past now. You guys can do this .

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jmd Says:

I'd like more information about what you went through. I'm on 96 mgs of methadone now for the past two years and want to switch over to subutex ( not suboxone ) asap! The medications you listed make a lot of sense. What were you initially on?

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Liza Says:

Get off it as soon as u can. It brutal withdrawals. The drug hocks on to your plasma. Read about it on line. Subutex withdrawals.

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Leen Leen Says:

I am on Suboxone 8/2 today and have 4 surgeries upcoming. My primary care dr said I should continue with the Suboxone and take any prescribed opiates with it during surgery recovery. I do Not think the other pain meds are going to break through the buprenorphine. Please advise

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T Says:

No I been on subutex not suboxone for 6 years when I took an opiate after suboxone I was ok and never had an issue on subutex my ob actually gave me Vicodin after birth and knew I was on subutex I was fine now if u take suboxone with opiates still in your system you can have horrible withdrawals so I wouldn’t recommend that!

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