Human Nature, Big Pharma, Watson 853 And What You Can Do.

Fishmistress Says:

If you have a headache do you not seek aspirin?

Ask the judgmental pharmacists and anti drug warriors this question. Say nothing else. Every once in a while ask again. There is no good answer except the universal law which governs and drives every life form with a nervous system- the avoidance of pain and pursuit of pleasure drives all life with a nervous system. Each individual has their own personal tolerance for pain. Just because my tooth isn't hurting doesn't mean you aren't feeling tooth pain. You are 100% on the right path- get those pills evaluated at a lab which does qualitative analysis. Get both the old yellow hydrocodone and new watson 853's analyzed. Do not submit both to the same lab at same time or it will be apparent what you are doing. Keep the results and compile a huge database for use in litigation. Do not expect the wolf to certify the safety of the hen house. Pharmaceutical companies are the softer side of the same organizations that manufacture pesticides and cancer causing substances. They make money by selling products not by altruistic behavior. They manufacture, distribute and sell the substances which contaminate the earth with cancer causing, illness inducing products. Then they switch hats when you are sick, sell you drugs that to "treat" the disease/illness that they cause. These medications/treatments rack in profits that are so gargantuan no sane person could ever think it was reasonable to ask anyone to consider giving up money In this enormous volume. I am not kidding about this.

The big money is in stuff with patent protection- that lasts for 7 years. This is why they are always switching to new drugs even when the old ones work fine and have been around for the long haul. There was never anything wrong with the good old birth control pill (except it was in too strong a dose) yet there are dozens of new contraceptive formulations constantly coming to market- with very little long term evaluations or history. Oops I'm sorry they are coming to market and being evaluated on a large scale population of willing unknowing specimens. Yep that would be the consumer who places his trust and faith in a medical system that is all about chemical control not healing. Pharmaceutical reps are the highest paid salespeople out there. Doctors in this system are not healers they are puppet drug dealers controlled by big Pharma. Pharma is incredibly powerful politically. What is the number one goal of big Pharma? PROFIT. Don't forget it. Corporations exist for the sole purpose of making a profit. They are supplying products that are best for their bottom line not best for your health. It actually counter productive if you really think about it- if they make you well you have no need or less need for their products. Sick people are their best customers.

Here's a pill. oops side effects from the first pill? Here's another to treat the effects from the first one. And so it goes.. Do not place your body in the hands of your Dr. Do your homework, don't be afraid to say no. There is such an ongoing tidal wave of new meds hitting the market there's no way Drs can keep up with the possible side effects. You live in your body and have your entire life yet believe that a Dr knows what's best and cares as much about your body as you do or should. Do research ask questions and don't be bullied. If your Dr doesn't listen and respect your position fire him and find one that will. Drs are human beings just like us. Not better and not more in tune with your body than the one who resides in it. Drs do some really low down s***ty things to the lesser of us. They are on an undeserved pedestal and are able to get away with some awful stuff because no one thinks they make mistakes or get greedy, they have people believing that they are motivated by humanitarian altruistic reasons. There is a difference between a healer and a treated or medical provider. Providing medical treatment in western medicine is dispensing chemistry to alter symptoms. There is no true healing or wellness. Still not convinced? Do you know what an MD is? It is a doctor of medicine which is a type of chemistry degree. Ahh the power of the prescription pad is heady for sure.

Do not be afraid to report behavior that is unethical, weird, bullies, pressures belittles or seems unsafe or not right. You think about if you knew you were never going to be caught or penalized for speeding or unsafe driving no matter what would you honestly say your driving would be the same? Human nature folks.. Just like taking aspirin for a headache.. Is drug seeking behavior. By the way for a Pharmacist to be rude and judgmental about a patient expressing concern about what they put in their body is actually extremely unprofessional and should be not only reported by absolutely boycotted. That mean you buy nothing from that pharmacy. No matter what. You vote with your dollar every time you spend, exactly who you want to do business with. Treated poorly more than one time? Guess who insisted that's how they want to be treated and dealt with? Yep look in the mirror. If everyone did this it would be a different world. Absolutely. Just food for thought...