Hi There Im 26 Years Oldi Have Epilepsy Since My Childhood But After Taking Medicines For 3 I Went Normal Never Got Seizures Again Lately In Mar 2009

Dipika Says:

hi there, I'm 26 years old.I have epilepsy since my childhood. But after taking medicines for 3 years I went normal & never got seizures again. Lately, in mar 2009 I again got seizure when consulted with doctor he started my medicine. I never got seizure again from the day I started medicines. But from this Jan 11 I'm facing little difficulty. I am not able to concentrate & find myself in a state of confusion several times. Along with this anxiety, sadness, loss of hairs, fast heart beating & weakness are there. Even I'm scared of closed spaces. I fear from everything. I don't have confidence to go out alone. Please help. I want to stop my medication too. Please suggest.

Thanks a lot for all help !

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Verwon Says:

What medication are you taking?

Have you spoken to your doctor about it?

I really can't tell you much, without knowing more details, such as the name of the medication.

If you are still having seizures, it may not be possibly for you to stop the medication, though there may be others you can try.


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Dipika Says:

medicine that I'm taking is Oxetol 300. I take 2 pills a day.

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Jac Says:

Re: Verwon (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

In addition to your seizures some of your symptoms sound like throid issues. When was the last time you had a T4 blood analysis? I'm probably wrong but I might be right. Good luck

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