Generic 10mg Oxycodone Ir Kvk Brand. Any Info About Known Quality Of This Med Compared To Other Generics?

SignmanTommy Says:

I have seen so many different opinions and information about companies offering generic oxycodone and the differences in strength, and quality over other generic brands. I have also heard that the FDA allows from 12% to 20% variances in the active ingredient (oxycodone) in their pills. Which if i am understanding this correctly, they can be + or - 12 to 20% of the actual amount of oxycodone per tablet? Can someone with the expertise or knowledge (like a pharmacist or a doctor) explain this to us who have heard this and don't understand? I personally suffer with chronic pain from a construction accident 20 yrs ago in which my back was broken in 7 places along with a lot of muscle and nerve damage which has left me on disability and in chronic pain after 4 surgeries and 7 levels of my spine fused. I currently take 150mg's of oxycodone IR daily, and I have noticed the difference between different manufactures of the same medicine at the same size tablet. My doctor said he could specify a certain 'generic' brand on my prescription, but that my insurance company will only pay for a generic equivalent to a 'specified brand name' IE: Roxicodone is the brand name, but I can only receive the generic equivalent to that, like KVK, or qualitest, mallankrodnt (sp?) etc. Does anyone know which 'generic' brand of oxycodone (10mg IR) is known to be of the highest quality and potency? Any help or information would be great. Chronic Pain survivors and those who suffer with pain, God Bless You and I hope you have a pain-free day (if possible)..Tommy

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Verwon Says:

The allowable difference is plus or minus 20% of the active ingredient under the current FDA regulations, they consider that to be an acceptable therapeutic window.

That said, most generic manufacturers do keep the differences much tighter and some really don't have any difference in the amount of the active ingredient.

Will your insurance cover the brand name, if your doctor writes that your medical condition requires it? Most will and that would avoid these types of problems.

However, you can't be taking a 10mg ir tablet, since the instant release is only available in 5mg capsules. If you're taking 10mg tablets, then they are the regular release formulation of Oxycodone, which is what Roxicodone contains.

Learn more Roxicodone details here.

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SleeplessinLA Says:

I have tried every pain med there is for my chronic pain management. So far im on Oxy 10/325 made by Watson. I find this generic to have the highest and purest levels of meds out there among all other generics. I hope this helps. Walgreens has them

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signmanTommy Says:

WalgReens told me that 'all' their stores carry what generic pills are sent to them by corporate. I asked which generic 10 mg ir oxy they carry, and she (the pharm.) told me they carry 'activist' brand oxys. I have had alot of problems with the quality of ativist, so i wanted to avoid those, but after looking at several pharmacys for my meds, i ended up at walgreens anyways. I filled my script and they were 'KVK Tech' brand, the ones i prefer anyways, point being: dont believe everything you hear on the phone. I'm sure they get lots of calls about oxys, and just blow you off anyways. Thanks for your comment, i look forward to ANYONES comments on oxycodone.

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Kfelix2014 Says:

The KVK Tech takes literally a whole hour to have any minimal effect opposed to the Mallincrodt brand which takes 20-30min tops, so its slow going and inconsistent and It is the same regardless if it is the 10mg or 5 mg KVK. The fillers are irritating to me. And if you have a red dye allergy steer clear of the 10 MG.

As a pain patient for some years and not a recreational user, I functioned best with the M brand, I felt "cleaner" in my mind and body, just normal and minimal pain and I was doing more activity with less side effects. Im no drug tech but it seems to be missing something. And certainly if you usually feel more energetic and functional prescribed M brand you'll notice the difference cause you don't get that with KVK. What makes it work to divert your mind of pain seems dull and tiring or like your more confused about how you feel then anything and certainly no "high" so maybe they make them less addicting? or removed a certain component or added one to null another but its my opinion if they change what makes it work then its just useless for everyone. Perhaps a new patient/customer wouldn't know the difference in comparison but when your used to a certain effect and a certain kind of relief, its not there, for me anyways. In fact when I first began after a dosing change even at a dose increase, my pupils were bigger and I felt like I got kicked in the back and not doing much. I had a few tablets remaining of the M brand, took it and felt so much better. W Greens no longer carries the M brand as of last month which is a surprise to me.
Im interested to know anyone else's feeling on this manufacturer so I can rule out if I just have an allergy to the filler perhaps or its its just a bad drug. Given that they are newer I have not seen any reviews and the company doesn't even list anything on their website.
Oh and those who use W Greens, I accidentally got a copy of their new "procedure" and they do visually judge you to determine if you should be given a certain medication. I will prob use another pharmacy, I only liked them cause of the drive thru convenience but obviously they are making major changes and Im not sure if that only applies to them.
Im looking forward to others thoughts.

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Rong Says:

KVK brand is the worst of the worst. I was taking activis brand which is made by Watson. Worked really well on my pain with no strong narcotic effect on my brain. Walgreens changed to KvK brand like 6 weeks ago. I had to take 3 times as much and wait 4hours to get any pain relief. Immediate Realease my arse.

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Fairness7 Says:

I thought it was just me. The Actavis worked soooo much better. I too get my meds at Walgreens and it is UNREAL to me that you cannot even special order a different Oxy IR. The only way that anything may possibly resolve this issue is to take a stance and COMPLAIN to Walgreens, (repeatedly if necessary), and request that they get rid of that Garbage and go back to what was working and/or find something, (Anything) else other than that trash; and as i mentioned previously; at least allow one to special order something else. Calling the above mentioned drug chains Corporate office would be hopefully have some kind of impact,(at least I would imagine), if enough people banned together and followed through. I dont know, maybe it's just me but if anyone out there has had a positive experience with the k9's Please let me know. I would like to hear some feed back. In the mean time, I'm stuck with a slew of these and I have to wait a whole month until I allowed to fill a script. I am Greatful that I at least have something versus nothing at all but I'm just so frustrated and feel powerless. I too am confused because I have read some posts where individuals have said that the k9's were wonderful. Anyway, thank you for your post; at least I don't feel alone any longer in thinking that it was just me. Thanks for letting me RANT.....

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Linda Says:

Chronic Pain Suffers, I live with someone that has chronic pain. He is addicted to Oxycodone and he asked me his girlfriend to give him his pain meds everyday so he does not run out or take more then he is prescribed. I have agreed to do this, but regularly he goes behind my back takes his own medicine and they he ends up short and goes through withdrawal. I am so angry and confused about the situation. I usually get mad and say I am not going to do this any longer, it makes no sense. I will go hunting down the med and borrow from others so I do not have to watch him go through withdrawal and can not stand how mean he gets when he is in withdrawal. Does anyone else out there help there spouse, friend or someone dear to them with there meds. I am at my wit ends of continuing to do the same thing and getting the same results, this is insanity and I think I have the problem I continue to stay in this unhealthy cycle. It almost feels like I am trapped and I cant get out. Any feedback or help from anyone would be appreciated.....Peace, out...Frustrated and tired.........

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No name Says:

I know what you are experiencing. Remind him very clearly that if you take an extra one this day and for the next 10 days then you will be x amount of days short or without and it's not worth the withdrawls, its much more comfortable to take the lesser of the tablets then to run out or even take 1 less a day to catch up. Also what this person is doing is growing an addiction and it will be noticed by the provider sooner then later and come time to take a drug test he will be caught up in a mess that will further debilitate him and put more stress on you cause he will have NOTHING
YOU can NOT have a relationship with someone on Opioids, opioids changes how their mind thinks and processes information hence why it works to relieve pain and not actually fix anything, its a temporary DIVERSION and he will be less inclined to care or be aware of his actions and repercussions. I know you want to be there cause no one else will but I'd leave cause if someone is not adding to your life they are taking from it and have to go, you will be doing this forever and it will only get worse. He might just have to hit rock bottom to see and I will almost bet he will get to that point if he cant control his intake now and is aware of the implications.You are contributing to the insanity but allowing it. If guiding him to others who hit bottom does nothing he will have to learn the hard way and that is not in your control- breathe and let go, trust me!

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lostforwords aka Linda Says:

I believe KVK is Tommy! Hope that you get some relief soon........


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Susie Says:

Our thoughts our with you and hope you are able to manage your pain levels. ZyGenerics makes products that we as chronic pain patients have found to be consistently effective. We have had problems with medications manufactured by KVK Tech Inc. I was told about the "effectiveness scale" that is allowed by the FDA, which I find ridiculous. I was also told by Walgreens, Safeway and Kroger, that they are well aware that KVK Tech Inc. medication is on the very low end of the effectiveness scale. They purchased millions of these pills as they "got a good deal" and "so sad, too bad" for the chronic pain people, we are "out of luck". I decided to let Walgreens, Safeway and Kroger "eat" their "good deal" and asked my doctor for an alternative medication that isn't manufactured at all by KVK Tech Inc. For the days that I must use a medication that they make, I found a small pharmacy that carries ZyGenerics products and doesn't carry KVK Tech Inc. at all, because of the complaints against their medication.

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suebee Says:

Been on both. The KVK are HORRIBLE! !! Had been taking the Mallinkrodt (sp?), and there is sooooo much difference no matter what anyone says. Now I have to wait a month for my next doctor visit. I will take the time to make sure I never take this KTech brand again! Im upset as had bad foot surgery and its all that helps me at this time. Hope this helps. ..

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CO Susie Says:

Mallincrodt, ZyGenerics and all of the MANY other brands I have been given are 100% better than the KVK Tech brand. I get absolutely no pain relief and have had horrible side effects from KVK Tech products (including bladder infections), crazy mood swings and again no pain relief. I have put on all paperwork that I am allergic to KVK Tech products, but the different pharmacies, still try to sneak them over on me. After they fill my prescription with KVK Tech and have nothing to replace it with, I either have to accept the KVK or go back to my doctor for a new prescription. This is not fair. Nothing is right about it.
FDA allowing such a huge "fudge factor" on all medications, isn't right either. They have a website which accepts comments, and I have voiced my opinion to them.
If you were paying for $100 of gasoline and only receiving $80 or $88 worth, you would be extremely upset. Why aren't people upset about being ripped off on medication?
The FDA allows producers to use fillers/buffers that aren't effective either. The filler/buffer is usually what transmits the pain reliever to your central nervous system for the pain relief. So if it doesn't transmit, you get no pain relief. Some people try to say "all pills are the same". They are not. Each company has a patent on their drug so that other companies can not make it "the same".
The legal and illegal opiate market runs in the billions every year, and lots of companies want part of that market. We look to the FDA to protect us, as we aren't qualified to analyze every medication we take. The FDA isn't doing such a good job of protecting us.
How about FDA employees get to pay $100 for $80 worth of gasoline for a few months, bet they would get a different attitude.

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CO Susie Says:

Just checking to see if any of you are still being stuck with the KVK Tech brand, or if you have been able to find pharmacies that are carrying Mallincrodt, ZyGenerics or anything but KVK Tech.

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sikntiredofsikntired Says:

All im getting anywhere! And its noticible at the least and they are raising prices on these third rate medications!!! How is it not a scam when no other margin of error would be tolerated in any other priduct..and this is for health. Medicap,walgreens,small town pharm, holly park. And i dont have insurance so insult to injury. Last pharm just went to those terrible k's...and raised the price 50%! What do i do. On top of everything i can only swutch pharmacies once a year or even two and they switch brands and prices at ther profitable cinvenience. Someone help. And everytime i do call the attutudes and remarks on my med have me not dare ask what brands they have. Especially whrn no insurance. Help if possible.. please... thank you. And everyone please donate a dollar to your local pharmacy and the companies they buy from so they can get a chopper..they need to be able to get from there bungalow in aspen to there third yacht at there fourth beachplace in a suitable time qnd ammentities

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CO Susie Says:

Tomorrow is my "fill my prescriptions saga". Every time I think that I have found a pharmacy that carries other brands than the "poison" KVK Tech, it goes south on me. I am so sick of this. website, select Report a Problem, then select Begin Report as a Consumer/Patient. Perhaps if enough of us complain, the FDA will take a look at this problem. I know my complaint alone isn't enough to get anything done. Numbers do matter. I am certain the problem is with the buffer/filler that is being used by KVK Tech. The pills are rock hard and coated with who knows what. I don't believe that whatever medication is actually in the pill is being transmitted to the central nervous system, hence no pain relief. Also I am totally allergic to whatever this buffer/filler is. After I find a pharmacy (minimum 70 mile drive) who has oxy that isn't KVK Tech, then on the way home, I have to stop at my doctors office, update the pharmacy portion of my drug contract and explain AGAIN, why I changed pharmacies AGAIN.

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CO Susie Says:

You mentioned that you can only change pharmacies once a year or maybe longer. Is that because of a drug contract at your doctor's office?

Did my prescription saga today, and it was smooth, got ZyGenerics instead of the poison KVK Tech YEAH !!!

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TJ Says:

I take 10 my Oxycodone IR and I have taken different generics depending on the pharmacy that I go to, and I don't see a difference. First off, you said that you can only change pharmacies once a year. Whose rule is that? What do you do if your pharmacy is out? Next you said that you are prescribed 150 mg/day, so your doctor prescribes 15 pills/day? That doesn't make any sense. I am prescribed 10s and 5s with fewer 5s in hope that I can drop the 5s. I was in a bad car accident and 18 months ago I was on 320 IR/day and 180 mg Oxycontin. In no way, shape, or form does 40-50 mg/day take care of my pain, but it helps.

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CO Susie Says:

I haven't had any experience with other generics in the oxycodone, other than the KVK Tech products that are the absolute worse pills I have ever taken. I changed pharmacies four times this past year, and my doctor did get a little upset with me, but I explained to him the problem that I've been having for several years with KVK products. He said several of his other patients have mentioned a problem with the KVK products also. I listed KNOWN ALERGIES as KVK Tech products and that I can't take them. The independent pharmacy that I'm using now, orders other brands for me and everything has been going great.

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karol Says:

Every one in tn Walgreens Walmart even the mom n pops pharmacy have all gone to kvk a brand it sucks Cowan work bad side effects it's not fair to us who really hurt to have to take this poison probably people have to die before they pull or change it.

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CO Susie Says:


I'm thinking that people are already killing themselves because of KVK Tech. Lots of people make remarks about no matter how much that they take, the pills still don't relieve their pain. I always warn people not to take more, it doesn't help and it's dangerous. The medication is still in your body even though it isn't being transmitted by your central nervous system. I'm also certain that it's causing horrible side effects with how a lot of people's brain works. I wish I could find a study that shows what brand of oxycodone people have had an OD on.

I truly think that the individual is being blamed as trying to feel high, rather than people looking at the brand of the oxycodone causing the problem. You didn't say how large a city you are in, but I drive 70 miles to a pharmacy that doesn't carry KVK Tech. It was a challenge to find a pharmacy that insurance would cover.

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