Generic 10mg Oxycodone Ir Kvk Brand. Any Info About Known Quality Of This Med Compared To Other Generics? (Page 2)

SignmanTommy Says:

I have seen so many different opinions and information about companies offering generic oxycodone and the differences in strength, and quality over other generic brands. I have also heard that the FDA allows from 12% to 20% variances in the active ingredient (oxycodone) in their pills. Which if i am understanding this correctly, they can be + or - 12 to 20% of the actual amount of oxycodone per tablet? Can someone with the expertise or knowledge (like a pharmacist or a doctor) explain this to us who have heard this and don't understand? I personally suffer with chronic pain from a construction accident 20 yrs ago in which my back was broken in 7 places along with a lot of muscle and nerve damage which has left me on disability and in chronic pain after 4 surgeries and 7 levels of my spine fused. I currently take 150mg's of oxycodone IR daily, and I have noticed the difference between different manufactures of the same medicine at the same size tablet. My doctor said he could specify a certain 'generic' brand on my prescription, but that my insurance company will only pay for a generic equivalent to a 'specified brand name' IE: Roxicodone is the brand name, but I can only receive the generic equivalent to that, like KVK, or qualitest, mallankrodnt (sp?) etc. Does anyone know which 'generic' brand of oxycodone (10mg IR) is known to be of the highest quality and potency? Any help or information would be great. Chronic Pain survivors and those who suffer with pain, God Bless You and I hope you have a pain-free day (if possible)..Tommy

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tyvin Says:

This is the problem for people with real pain when the addicts as opposed to the pain patients who are dependent on them for help with the pain. Addicts can't control the pills, the minute they get their supply it's gone. A person who is dependent on them for their pain manages the pills just fine and isn't constantly running out early, borrowing, begging, etc... Of course is dependent on the pills for our pain would go through withdrawal if we suddenly stopped taking them, but there's a big difference between us and the addicts that don't have pain but take them in multiple doses to feel high. I recently was switched to the 10mg generic and it made me very sleepy and it didn't really help my pain (I was surprised). It's pink with the letters NP on one side and the 12 on the other...

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CO Susie Says:

I think there's a color coding standard in the pharmacy industry. It seems with the oxycodone that it's 10mg pink, 20mg gray, 30mg a light blue. It doesn't seem to matter which company is producing them, the color seems standard.
You're so right. There is a difference between addiction and pain medication dependency. The abusers have the whole range of drama with their pills, just like you mentioned. The people who are abusing eventually move on to bigger and better, but in the meantime they cause lots of problems for those of us who are chronic and depend on our medication to be able to function as a semi-normal person.
The only reason I can think of that a legit pain patient would continue to run out of medication is that they are on the wrong medication.

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lozan Says:

They work wonders for my pain. Only the KVK TECH Brand. KVK is about same if not equivalent to the Brand name ones I had for pain. They work amazing with very limited side effects. They take effect within 20min or less and 15min without food. I have tried others and wow the quality is just horrible and side effects as well. I get 180 a month of the 10mgs.

KVK is great.

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Kosey Says:

I do not use Walgreens walmart so forth for my meds I find the pharmacies that still do compounding the smaller drugstores have the best meds

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Smith Says:

When I was a pharmacy Tech for 20 yrs & as a patient I haven't asked but it was always possible for a Dr. to write Medically Necessary for brand or write a certain kind of generic a person must have!!! Unfortunately the most expensive is usually the best quality. My personal experience is Mallinckrodt & I always have gone to mom & pop pharmacies with a pharmacist you can absolutely trust & talk to. 90% of all Dr.s have no time & were never taught about the pharmaceutical side of medicine. Ask your mom & pop pharmacist or look it up. Small pharmacies can always order almost anything. Some small one's will order from one distributor tho & another will order from the one you need. I finally got my mallinckrodt back at 3 times the price. I don't care. I know the dr. must be able to write medically necessary for insurance. I have to look that up too. Very pathetic-

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Kosey Says:

Smith you are right about the mom and pop pharmacies I used what was called a rexall pharmacy when my doc prescribed me a med I had been using Wally World they didn't have it neither did Walgreens he told me to go to Moore rexall sure enough they had the still do compounding and since then have used them for years. I found their Meds to work better for me!!!

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wizz Says:

But you can help them.out a little bit with that. If they will let you. And you love one and other.

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Ck69 Says:

That's some bad advice to tell anyone to leave there boyfriend.

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Dove Says:

Get a drug safe. That's what I had to do to keep my meds from being pilfered.

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Kitty Moosy Says:

tyvin, that pink 10 mg Oxycodone is manufactured by Zydus pharmaceuticals. I've personally never taken it, but I do take name brand Percocet prescribed by my pain doc; and have ever since my pharmacy switched to Alvogen oxycodone that didn't work at all for me. I'm very satisfied with the name brand Percocet, it works wonderfully for my pain! Good luck with everything, and take care.

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KVK Sucks Says:

I suffer from severe chronic coccydinia (tail-bone) pain and periferial neuropathy pain in my feet. I am unable to sit or stand for more than 10 or 15 minutes at a time. Car rides are impossible along with most other activities so I am trapped at home for the most part UNLESS I have the right Oxycodone or Roxycodone manufactured pain medication.

This past week, the independent pharm. I filled my prescription from only had the KVK tech brand. I was skeptical but had no choice since my regular pharm was out of "my brand" so I had little choice to try it. I take a half 15 MG tablet 3 to 4 times a day and have for the last two years (since my tail-bone removal surgery in early 2014). I have gotten relief and can still lead a fairly normal life as the "Qualitest" or something close to this works. For verification, this small light-green pill has a scripted "V" on one side and 48 11 on the other.

I got my KVK mfg'd meds on Wednesday and took my first half yesterday afternoon around 4 PM and waited and waited for relief. After an hour, I still had no relief so I had to lay on the bed on my side and pray for it to kick in. I was dizzy and had blurred vision and was very tired. I fell asleep and didn't wake up until 8PM!! I awoke in the same pain as before and during the medication cycle. I cannot take this medication because it incapacitates me. This is no life sleeping day and night and not being able to do things or get any relief at all from this so called pain med.

KVK should be ashamed to be producing this and selling it on the cheap at the sufferers expense. I hope I can give the remaining pills to my Dr. on Monday and ask that he request ONLY the above med. The real problem is the major pharmicies (sp), the FDA, DEA and some drug manufacturer's (namely KVK Tech) have sold us out. The doctors have also caved because it is rare anymore that they prescribe pain meds for fear of losing their licenses. You can blame the DEA and the "War on Drugs for this major issue. Is this really the United States of America we are living in?

By the way, all of the above agencies, businesses and practices know this and yet they continue to dispense the KVK crap. I'm sure KVK sees this blog and yet there is no response from them anywhere. The silent are often guilty as charged. Maybe a legal case will get their attention. Any attorney sufferers out there?

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lainey0007 Says:

I take same med, for several years now. Am one of those who does NOT abuse their neds. However I have made the mistake of "loaning" 2 or 3 till they "get their's filled" and of course I have learned and no longer am duped in this way. But it did cause me to be as many as four days short a couple of times and I just wonder what time period you are talking about that he uses them up for and goes into withdrawal because I never have and hate to say it but he may be "working" this as well., Be careful of you both and good luck.

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Kitty Moosy Says:

Lozan, the paid mouthpiece for the KVK tech brand to go on web threads and tout the effectiveness of the brand, thinks we're all stupid. Take his declarations with a grain of salt, we're not buying what you're selling. Just go away, KVK brand does NOT work, period.

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Wow Says:

I'm shocked and can't believe what I'm reading and feel helpless... I been on the 5 KVK for years and just switched to the 10's because frankly nothing really happens. I read all this anger toward KVK and I'm not alone and can't believe it. So the problem is Mallicroftt or what ever it is only makes them in 5 15 30 MG... No 10's or 20's.... So M is a problem. I here about actavis and I'm not sure to change to that. The red dye has been making me feel weird. I've been on them a month... And yes I take them and later on I'm sleepy lethargic and feel overall crappy. Takes hours to wear off and it happens all the time unless I'm lucky... This didn't used to happen when I took them in around 2005 something like that, I was euphoric not anymore. And I used to be on the 30 M's at that time. I was lowered over time from another MD... (thanks) And I remember the 30 mg M's weren't that effective either. If that's what I was on. So I switched to the OLD OC not OP ... And they.... worked like a charm. But since the crappy OP they also changed and are not as effective.. You apparently need a lot to make them effective but the problem I see these days there's just side effects or they feel like a placebo... I don't know, our society makes a big deal of these pharmaceuticals only to find that the one's you never get (dilaudid and demerol or whatever) are probably still effective but never are prescribed in this day in age because of the USA so called epidemic. I wonder how things are in the rest of the world... So back to my situation. I'm on the 10 mg Roxy's and I get from my ma and pa pharmacy is KVK. They told me I can order anything I want (do they make a brand of this instead of a generic or is that an issue also?) Basically I'm on the KVK, can't get the Mallicroft and not sure what is better. I read here a couple of one's but is there really a difference... You tell me... This whole thing stinks.

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Wow Says:

Just found out the Rite Aid near me carries that so called HORRIBLE ZYDUS 10 mg (which figures) and I was like no thanks... But Rite Aid unlike the ma and pa pharmacy I go to can order anything I want. But problem is everything I read here is either gone (Ethex) or terrible Actavis and the one I'm currently getting KVK which also has controversial issues... What the hell is good. I can't get the Mallinckrodt because I can't go back down to the 5's and I can't go up to the 15's.... The 30's Mallinckrodt which should work like all the other milligrams have this reputation as being the best roxicodone medicine. So I am at a lost... The question now is.... what are the good one's in 10 mg and unfortunately there is only a few and all them stink from what I hear and some of these companies don't make 10 or 20. I wish my MD could've gone up to 15 mg so at least I had a choice... I am at a crossroads. Isn't there anything good that works.... Thanks....

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GenRx25 Says:

You can too take oxycodone IR 10 mg tablets, as I have a bottle sitting right here. They also come in 20mg and 30 mg IR TABLETS....none come in capsules!! And yes the 5mg's come in the IR formula as well....but they are far from the only ones. So please, when you are trying to help people and clarify things for people with serious questions regarding serious medications, have your facts straight, and double check them because the only correct thing in your post was that 5 mg oxycodone comes in the IR formula...the rest was 100% useless. Please, this site is not for wasting peoples time when accurate answers are what they are study up and check your facts please. I'm only saying this to help make sure people are informed correctly. Thank you.

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Ea Says:

Love's the best. People in chronic pain have gone through it before and know they need relief. Be sympathetic.

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Mememe Says:

Malinkrofdt is best quality i never use kvtec beacuse they use to many cheap fillers that make me itch really bad

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Ea Says:

Yes, I agree that Mallinkrodt is the best of the generics. At least in my experience. If anyone else knows of any other effective generics for oxycodone or hydrocodone, please be good enough to let us know.

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Sultrylady84 Says:

Oxycodone doesn't have fillers. Only the percocet does and includes tylenol. Why is everyone always complaining about any of the generics. It drives me crazy.

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