Fake Hydrocodone Pills

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Has anyone filled their prescription for blue Watson 10/500 pills from any pharmacies over the phone? I got 90 that look like my CVS refill, but have the effect of a vitamin. Ripped off again.

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Jay Says:

I think I was similarly scammed. The color was greenish, not blue like the regular Watson 10/500 and tasted salty. I had been called 20 times and finally succumbed. Is this your experience too. The phone number was a 305 exchange

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Mitch Says:

I purchased Norcos over the phone. Came in a vacuumed plastic bag. They were blue with WATSON 540 printed on them. The looked real but when you take them it is like you are on valium, you don't get pain relief. Purchased from a 321 exchange. Anyone else with the same experience?

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jiltedagain Says:

I have also received fake pills from a 321 exchange. They are not real and will not exchange or refund your money. Don't go anywhere near them. Who knows what's in the pills, but it's not hydrocodone.

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koonybug Says:

I purchased some blue Watson 540's from COD Pharmacy and got no pain relief. It was as if they forgot the hydrocodone.

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Duped Says:

I got yellow ones that were sent in a vacuum sealed bag COD. They had Watson 10/325 stamped on them and I could tell they were fake before I even opened them. They looked like pills that had been wet. I stuck my tongue on one and they tasted sorta sweet. My own jacka$$ fault for getting ripped off, put don't take any of this stuff, as people are reporting they are laced with PCP.

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dani Says:

Recieved same cod. Hydro is fake. Just took 2 and thwy tasted sweet and crumbly. Feel outta it a lirrle. Like hard to type and keyboard light is swirling around. Not cool!!! Def not what I was prescribed. They are yellowish and look wet. Hard to read watson then numbers under it. Alot of them broken into pieces. DO NOT TAKE THESE!!!!

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Perl Says:

I bought hydrocodone from a Mexican pharmacy over the phone.Was sent pills that were very similar to the real thing; I compared them to a real pill and saw the difference. Is there any way to find out what the fake pills are? I am just curious because most people would just believe they are real.

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DarnDarn Says:

Purchased what I thought was Watson 540's (10/500) which even was blue and had the imprint on one side and scored on the other FROM ONLINE PHARMACY. Took 2 and they are very much like Valium..no Euphoria from hydrocodone. What a rip!!! I paid $599 for 90 of these stupid fake tabs. Watch out!

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DarnDarn Says:

Yes I had the exact dame experience. Pills were bought from olmypharma.com for $599. I think they are valium because I took 2 the night before and have felt tired all day the next day...

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Y would ne of u guys even attempt 2 buy it like dat..dats wut drug dealers r 4. Wtf!!!! Dat wut u get I'm sorry

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cece lamberna Says:

I would have to agree with Scott on this one dont be crazy and spend $600 bucks on 90 pills for nothing go and find your local person that wants to sell them or something similiar make a damn deal and save like $300.00!!! I was looking into buying some online cause my doc. is no longer with me cause I moved so I am stuck with withdrawl and sever pain eeekkk!! but I WILL NOT be buying n e thing online,who knows what ur really putting into your body ALOT of the s*** they put in online pills cause our hearts to stop trust me its dangerous s*** right here!!! So think about what you guys are doing k seriously!!!

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Kell Kell Says:

Is there any way to tell the difference between a fake Blue WATSON 540 tab and a real one?????????

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Kell Kell Says:

Can anyone tell me the diff between real watson 10/500 and the fake ones going around. The diff as in visual beings i already know they dnt wrk takeing them. I took a cpl and am haveing pain and numbness on my right shoulder

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Jimbo Says:

A friend of mine just ordered those on line from some over seas website. She received fake ones yesterday. They have a spotted, chalky appearance similar to extacy. She is a serious addict and came over here after taking 25 of them. To say the least she is lucky to b alive. Her pupils were the size of dimes. I will tell you like I told her, DONT TAKE THEM. They could be anything. Rat poison, anything.

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ray Says:

i bought from cash on delivery .net and got scammed for oxys stay away from that place

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Kell Kell Says:

This message is for Perl who got them from the mexican!! U R HOLDING THE key to my question. I believe mine r comeing from mexico aswell and I HAVE noticed some diff but dk for sure. Wld u mind plz telling me what diff u noticed when compaired please fake to real? I am also wondering about whats in them and want to guilt the looser that sold them to me. Ur local pharmacy can tell u actually if u had enuff of them come up with something good to say and explain how they make u feel blablabla they can have them sent to a lab!! PERL plz get back with me soon as possible thanks!!!

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Jimbo Says:

I'm not Pearl but don't take them to the pharmacy stupid!!!! They have you arrested on the spot!!!

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perl Says:

There are no real meds being sold over the phone or on
line for rx pain meds. If you have a real one, just compare
them, look inside and taste it.

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jcarter Says:

send them to me

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eRock123 Says:

Well now you moron know to even have a steady connect of a dealer who you know will not rip you off...Or go find a rouge doctor there everywhere!!!! Doctors that take cash only are the ones to go to.Doctors are legal drug dealers these days selling what is pretty much herion. Or GET OFF THE PILLS....WHO WANTS TO BE A JUNKIE? either be smart or stop doing desperate ass things that you know are shady,

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