Difference Between Suboxne And Methadone

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Mimi Says:

What is the difference between the suboxone and methadone treatment

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babs24u Says:

Hi, Same question-
What is the difference between methadone and suboxone ?
Thanks for helping !

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anonymous1234 Says:

I was on methadone maintenance for 5 years this time (clean from other drugs for 4 years) and I just switched to suboxone. If you are just on dope or oxys, you need to figure out what you want. You will feel better/higher off the methadone. about an hour after you take it you get that kind of warm feeling and you can still catch a nod. I switched off methadone b/c I got sick of going to a clinic all the time, putting up with the bull**** and everyone treating you like you are a worthless junkie, even if you are doing everything right and working the program--but I am in a fairly big city, so my experience may be atypical.

So far on suboxone, it will hold you esp. if you are just coming off dope or pillls. Some people say they feel high of it but I am taking 24-30mg of suboxone per day and I feel not sick but a little off. Then again, I have used opiates for a long time and coming off a full-mu agonist like methadone straight to suboxone can bring on withdrawal symptoms.

Suboxone can be prescribed by a physician, in a regular doctor's office, and you can get monthly scrips unlike methadone where you have to do to a clinic and usually have to go every day. If you don't make it in time, door's locked and your out of luck till the next day.

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anonymous1234 Says:

One more thing, there is a difference betweeen Subutex (which is only buprenorphine) and Suboxone (buprenorphine and naloxone). Naloxone is also knows as Narcan, that lovely substance they shoot you up with if you OD. The Narcan has a blocking effect for other opiates and the Dr said you can't shoot it up which is why they prefer to prescribed Suboxone for monthly scrips.

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Angel Says:

Anonymous1234, He does not have to go to a clinic to get methadone. I was getting it from a regular doctor a couple years ago for pain. It is a good pain med if you have no medical insurance as it is so cheap compared to others such as oxy,etc. I don't take it anymore because of the side effects but a regular doctor can write a script for it.

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Logan Says:

I personally would say that suboxone does not get me high like methadone or any other full antagonist could. I have not had the nods once from the sub and I am confident that even if I took an extra pill, it would have little to know high effect. Again, this is just me. The sub will also take longer to get out of your system and therefore will take longer to withdraw from but the w/ds should take more time than from pills with shorter half lives. The one qualm I have with how sub is prescribed is that they want you on a threshhold dose, meaning 8mg plus so that your opiod receptors are occupied by the sub and if you take a few other opiate pills they cannot get you high because the receptor cannot receive the meds. This is good for keeping you from relapsing but obviously makes tapering/quitting that much harder. Overall, I would say that sub saved my life. I can function without worrying about nodding off in my car and or getting my next fix to keep from getting sick. That said, I have not tried to get off the sub yet. I expect the withdrawls will be a little milder but also longer than for full opiates. But the great thing is you never have to go off the drug if you don't want. i have heard that some DR's won't allow maintenance but maintanence has been approved by the FDA and my DR says I can be on sub for life if I need to. If it were most cost effective I think this could be an option for a lot more people. Also speaking from personal experience, i feel I got into abusing opiates because they were the one drug that cured my anxiety/panic attacks. The sub is nearly as effective at keeping my anxiety in check and because I don't fear w/ds it actually is much better for my state of mind than the full opiates. Hope this is somewhat helpful and keep your heads up out there!

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Logan Says:

I'd also like to note that a regular/family doctor can prescribe methadone but only for pain. For opiate maintenance/WD it must be from a clinic etc. So if you want to get methadone from your regular doc he must prescribe it for pain, not for w/ds.
And 1 more general comment. My personal belief is that Sub will work for you if it is worth it to you to never be high again as long as you never are sick again. The sub does supposedly decrease cravings but those I know whoo have been able to stay clean (only on the subs and not shooting it) were so fed up with being sick that they were willing to give up getting high. If you can't honestly answer that you would rather be clean and not sick rather than high and sick on occassion, then I don't know if Sub is for you. Methadone would be a better route as you can stabalize your life and not worry about W/Ds and you can still get a buzz from it. Again just my two cents, every brain is different and reacts differently.

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subperson Says:


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Piper Hollowell Says:

Im a methadone patient myself im on 120 mg of it. i quit before and i have been on suboxine it really is just a waste of time and money

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Pat Says:

Hey Piper. you really need to ask Pheobe or Pru to help you out on this on, ok? Maybe your familier can walk you through it also


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Verwon Says:

Suboxone contain the active ingredient Buprenorphine, it is used to treat only cases of SEVERE pain and opiate addiction.

The main difference between the two is that most people who are treated with Methadone never get entirely drug free, they end up having to take a lifelong maintenance dose, however, the Suboxone is eventually tapers, without causing severe withdrawal effects, and has enabled many people to entirely beat their medication dependence.

You can read more on Suboxone here:


Suboxone however CANNOT be prescribed by just any doctor, to be used to treat addiction, it CAN only be prescribed by a physician who has special training in its use.

You can check to see if their is one in your area at:


Is there anything else I can help you with?

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curious1234 Says:

is it harder to get subutex than suboxone? I am on xanax and vicoden for 10 days a month,as well as oxycodone,it sounds like i would not have to suffer the pain with that as appossed to suboxone. It's really hard on me given i lost my father in an accident i just need to know if its something they wont predcribe? any help would b greatly appreciated. Thanks

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billyoledo Says:

I was on every pill known to man b4 i made it 2 my 3rd rehab.There, they started me on suboxone.I just used that drug to keep the withdrawls away when i ran out of my drug of choice.It never made me want to stop using like methadone did.When i started at the methadone clinic,it made me feel content and not want the other drugs.For me,methadone was the answer.It saved my life!

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johngz Says:

i had a terrible time coming off of suboxone and methadone was worse,the way i kicked was being locked up for 13 months @ i went through hell,i would suggest to anyone to jump into a 12 step program and work towards a drug free life,i know its easy to say and its the toughest thing i ever did but dont give up.

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mamaof3 Says:

Hey there are pain management doctors that write scripts for methadone just like they do suboxone u just have to hunt for the pain dr that prescribes methadone so u don't have to go to a clinic everyday and drink that nasty liquid. My exhusband described the taste of methadone to me when he was on it. He said if u stick ur finger in ur belly button then lick ur finger that's what the liquid methadone tastes like. My x was on methadone when I left him in Fl back in 2006 and he got off the treatment and went back on hard drugs and says its bc I left him and he had no reason to live if he couldn't have me. And now I hear from people in Fl that he's now on suboxone but still taking the pain pills... I myself will b going on the suboxone treatment from my pain dr as soon as I go back to my next appt next Mon. He did an MRI of my back and is gonna tell me what's wrong with my back that's causing so much pain and if its fixable he's gonna fix it then I'm getting off pills for good...

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stephanie Says:

i have been on the methadone maintnance program and 170 mg i want to tapper 5mg a week till 90mg than 2mg a week and so on but everyone is scarying me saying when i get to1 mg and be done im still gonna get sick is that true .i just waNT A DRUG FREE LIFE .

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pattyordway Says:

i have also been on methadone for 5 yrs and also like u are sick of going to the clinic every day and so sick of the same things, people say "oh ur not clean, ur on methadone" and i hate that, its so judgemental.. no matter how hard i try and even though iam eligible for take homes to get rid of some stress they always f*** u around so its just a big run around and hassle.. i am strongly thinking about switching to suboxone and i was told to get down to 30mg then go 3 days with nuttin, cold turkey and iam so scared, iam on 130mg daily and a detox doing it the right way will take forever, atleast a year if not more iam not good with math lol but what i want to know is, how hard is it to switch and do u find it successfull?

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anonynous2011 Says:

i was on methadone for 5 yrs. and i went down 5 mg a week and i went all the way down to 1 mg and i was not sick i was a little uncomfortable and could not sleep well but i took nyquil for 3 days after i quit the methadone and i was fine NOT SICK at all i felt like myself again i suggest if ur gonna detox work it all the way down to 1 mg it does work i was on 100mg and i have been clean for 10 yrs. now.

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Steph Says:

I've been on methadone for 9 years now. Sub was not an option back then. Methadone has saved my life. I was 98 lbs and getting worse and worse. I got high the first time I received methadone in detox and honestly have not been high off it since. The only side-effect I have at times is being a little sleepy. I made the BIG mistake of getting addicted to benzos, too. I'd rather be dope/pill sick! I almost died from it and had many seizures. I crashed my ex bf's car on the highway bc I blacked out and had a seizure while driving...alone. Anyway, I've been clean 3 yrs from everything exept methadone. I've heard stories about Sub that it's easier to abuse bc you have a full Rx. Like it was easy to take a couple more pills one day, snorting them, shooting them, etc. To me, that's like being out there using again. Bc I've been clean I have accumulated what they call "take-homes". I come once a week to get my bottles. They do "call-backs" and if u take them out of order or sell them, etc they will know and then ur take-homes will be taken away. Soon I will be able to only go there 2x a month. Like everyone else has said, it depends on the person. I like goin to the clinic sometimes only to talk to my counselor. She has helped me so much! I hope I have helped someone out there.

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Catherine Says:

I was on both suboxen and methadone...methadone was the hardest thing to get off of...the withdrawal symptoms were so horrible...I am on suboxen now because I feel like it is not as strong or habit forming like methadone was....I want to get off suboxone entirely because i dont have insurance anymore therefor i cannot afford it...i am so scared to go thru withdraway symptom like i did with methadone...is it easier to get off suboxen?? how long do the withdrawal symptoms last??please help with advice on how to do it safe??!!!

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bad neck mike Says:

just ween down and get to 2mgs a week and walk right off of it I did and it was a beautifull thing. The chains were cut and I was free for 4 years untill I got into another car accident and relapsed cause of pain . but you can do it , I did

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