Creating Oxy-cola Breaking Down The Oxy Op's.

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phreece Says:
After weeks of reading all kinds of different threads on multiple sites, I have found that this method and regamen works so good, if not better that the old OC's.

So this is what I do.

{edited for safety reasons}

This method is a mix of a bunch of threads I have read on here and wow, it has been working great for me.
This is really just for those how like to take it orally, but with this new formula, that is pretty much the only way you can take it anyway.

Good luck all, I hope this help some of you out there looking for instant releaf.
Any questions, please feel free to reply to this, I will be on most of the day today

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Verwon Says:
And such things are exactly what caused Purdue to change the Oxycontin formulation in an effort to prevent.

Such practices are very dangerous, especially combining with other medications, it can result in organ damage, overdose and even death.

I do not recommend anyone doing this.

Oxycontin should only be used in the manner in which it was intended.

Are there any questions or comments?

Editor's note December 22, 2015: this thread has been locked because it violates our terms of use.

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BillyBoy Says:
Just out of curiosity, why do you take the benadryl? I am so frustrated with the new oxy's, and they are providing zero help. I am going to try this method, and am praying that it works. I am curious about the benadryl though.

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ChelseaBaby Says:
Billyboy...Phreece...where from?

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BenBaker Says:
I've seen this method on other posts, and so far, no one has denied it.. Which would make this the only claim that hasn't been shot down by other posts, so that has to mean something.. But anyway.. As far as the bendadryl is concerned.. It's a great thing to take with any opiates.. For a few reasons.. It completely takes any signs of nausea away for the whole day if you take 75-100mg(3-4 pills).. It removes itching for the time of each dose.. (roughly 3-4 hours).. And it also gives you this calming, almost high like feeling that goes great with oxycontin or pills that are similar.. People normally only take 1-2 pills of bendadryl, but when you're on oxycontin, you def wont feel the effects of one or two, so you take 3-4.. My doc recommended it to me, and it works fine.. Everybody i know that takes oxy does this two.. It decreases the negative feelings you might get from oxy.. Including the itching, nausea, and dizzy/sleepiness.. It's really calming like smoking a cigarette 30min after taking a pill... So idk if thats why he/she said take benadryl, but that most likely is related to her reason. Though she said 50 to 100mg, thats 2-4 pills.. I really only hear of 3-4, but my tolerance is high, so idk.. Good Luck with the method though.. I havent heard anything negative about it, but I don't know anyone personally who's done it.. And for me.. I've just been taking the 40mg op to avoid withdrawals.. So my high days are over.. just taking it normally will let me sleep at night, and function through the day without sweating 24/7.. Guess that's the whole plan of the switch..

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Moderation is key Says:
This idea is good except for the omission of one Important fact. The cola has to be ice cold. The polymer binder is called hydroxylated methylcellulose and works to prevent abuse by gelling at higher than room temperatures. Your nasal cavity and stomach are 98.6 f which may attribute to the fact that these don't work as well when taken as directed and for the fact that it gels in your nose or when trying to cook for iv. It is however soluble at near freezing temperatures and can fully disslove in cold coke thus making it possible for ir for breakthrough pain. I do not believe anyone yet knows of it's solubility at colder temps yet it works and can fully dissolve in as little as an hour and a half. Do not nuke this mixture it will clump the oxy and destroy the drug which breaks down at temps near boiling.

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Bob Says:
Dude why are you even posting here. Your opinion doesn't matter because you have obviously never taken oxy for pain, had the company switch to these new op's that don't work when used correctly, and having to feel like s--t all day because of it. The reason people are going to do this method is because we need instant release for breakthrough pain. It doesn't help when you can't get out of bed and have to go to work when your herniated disk in your back is hurting so bad and you take one of these new op's and don't even get relief IF ANY for at least an hour. The fact they changed these pills compound structure is stupid because no matter what they do there is always going to be a way around it. Where there's a will there's a way. Maybe if you had a 300 lb steel pipe fall on you and despite having multiple surgeries the pain still comes back every single day you'd have a different opinion on this matter. I'm so sick of all these people getting onto these forums giving their 2 cents when they have no idea what they are talking about because they can't put themselves in other peoples shoes. People like you that have no life other than to get on forums like this and bitch to people about problems you don't have or understand is ridiculous. You're just another troll that has nothing better to do with their time than search the internet for stuff that isn't your concern just to try and make people feel bad, wrong, and stupid for taking medicine for severe pain that you nothing about. You just do it because you're unhappy with yourself, your life, and what you've become so you have to try and take that out on people on the internet trying to make a point but in reality you just make yourself look like a dumbass and no one takes your advice so your wasting your time. Get a life and stop wasting your time giving your opinion that no one cares about.

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chas Says:
Well did it work?

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Hailey Says: addicted to script pain meds due to chronic pain..yes i love them..yes i promise to keep taking them any which was i prefer at the time..yesss, more the merrier. thank you

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polar bear Says:
people, people you are so close to breaking these down tou are well, lets say misguided.
low heat like youre on and that is all you get from me.

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I have been on a ER med that has given me obstacles but there is always a way around

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Pain Demon Says:
Dam dude,don't know who you are,but u hit the nail on the head.Unless people have direct experience with pain and on a constant basis for years,they will never understand how this can change a human being;mentally,physically and emotionally.Right on brother.

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Phreese, Coca-cola conclusion to the "OP'S" reminds me of a "real brain" in Chuckatuck ( town on a mountain) named Jughead. Is that you ? A real smart "tech" ! I wonder how many will really use your genius.... Yeah, don't lose none of the waxy clumps, for sure.... Good luck, Phreese, maybe you can get a patent..

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scott pillgram Says:
If u some of u guys r truely doing this 4 breakthrough pain, y not just take percocets? Just wondering, not judging

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DJ Says:
this has been the single most helpfull post ive read on here! thankyou

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Jamie Says:
Because Percocet's are for VERY moderate pain. intact Oxycontin and Percocet are about the same except you would have to take a LOT of perc's to equal the pain relief of an oxycontin, and perc's are cut with aspirin so taking that many is not good for you just like taking a lot of ibuprofen. It is VERY unhealthy. I take Oxycontin 80mg, I would have to take about 20 perc's to equal that one pill. would probably OD on the aspirin!

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Jeremy Says:
Benadryl Reduces the "itchy effect"

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Jacob Says:
Ops and the traditional OCs (OxyContin) were time-release. The weren't(arent) used for break-through pain.

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Sylene Says:
I am in searing, unbearable and completely incomprehensible pain.

I realize U can not understand it, but UR lack of compassion warrants a warning

I want U to pay careful attention while I explain the tenth circle of hell for U. Dante didn't mention it because he couldn't do it justice. I was 35, had my PHD, a family, a great job and the sweet American dream. Until one day pain came knocking at my door- stupid me, I guess I shouldn't have answered but when UR spine begins to crumble, he has an open invitation. After the surgery (failed) I found I had a new master:

Pain was here to stay.

Ten years later pain has taken everything but my life so if I want realistically quick releif, I chew the fuggin pill.
What's funny is I used to be just like U. Trusting and following rules. I sincerely hope U never have to find out for yourself what chronic pain is like, look through old photos of URself before pain and have UR son point at the woman there and ask "who's that pretty lady Mama?" because pain took my beauty long ago.
Old Friends wish me well but don't stop by anymore- pain won't let me out of bed, & beds don't fit in restaurants, theatres or clubs. Forget family if they live more than half an hour away because that's as long as I can sit without fainting, and since the pain master likes to change it up now and then- by adding new dimensions to my suffering- I'm no longer considered "reliable". Oh and the man I married? My first and only? Well I'm lucky there, he stands buy me. We don't have sex since pain came to live. I can't bend my spine or lift my neck. Its hard to feel sexy when UR scarred and broken.

Try and take that in dude:
Sex isn't worth it when UR in pain.

I don't eat, I don't sleep and all our money goes to medical bills. so that man of mine doesn't play baseball anymore. He has dark circles and bags under his eyes, in many ways watching someone U love suffer is as difficult as suffering yourself. So I take opiates! And-
U need to know this Bob-
there is no end to pain.

No amount of pills can completely exercise that fuggin demon. No, when I say releif I'm talking about turning the dial from agony to bearable. And if I want that, if U'll fuggin excuse me for wanting just that, then I need to chew the mudderfuggin pills. I can't do that now.

Do U know what hopelessness is? Let's chat about that, Bob.

Let me take UR life, shake out the accomplishments cause no one cares once U become invalid, remove 90 percent of what U earn to pay for medical care, (plus beds chairs and walkers), and then call UR friends and family to inform them UR a fuggin failure who can't get out of his room- I'lll be sure and whisper in their ears that UR a drug addict too, just in case they still believe in U.

Lastly my friend, pain is pain, U don't get to judge who deserves relief or Y. In short Bob, shut the Fuc¥ up!

U don't understand, but what is worse, U don't try. So shut the hell up and get off R websites. Côme back when pain is UR master and we'll talk.

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Thomas Says:
Right on Sylene!!! I live in Canada where they just replaced the old oxy with the new neo. I used to get up in the morning and chew an oxy. Can't do that now. Am I fugged? Nope. I research. I have personally tried the cola method AND IT WORKS!!!!!! period. I'm sure they'll come up with a "cure" for that too. I prepare them the night before. As soon as I can wake up and crawl to my med cabinet, I stir in a little more cola and stir to get the oxy powder off the side of the shot glass. Down it like a healthy shot of tequila and ta da. I crawl back to bed and wait (in pain) until it starts to work (about 15-20 minutes) This IS the only method that doesn't require a whole shyt load of work to get some kind of decent results. So forget your nuker, oven, feezer etc. Even though it's not as good as before, by christ it works for me if only to bring me to the point of being able to move my body again. Thank you for your time.

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