Cetirizine False Positive For Methamphetamine

angie Says:

I take random urine drug tests for dcbs and I took one the other day and it came up positive for methamphetamine and I haven't taken anything except for allergy pills (cetirizine 10mgs). However, my worker said that wouldn't cause a positive urine drug test.

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Nikky Says:

I took an allergy pill and I had a drug test for a new job so I'm wondering if the allergy pill is ok because the medicine contains cetirizine? Please let me know. Thank you so much.

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gina Says:

I am also wondering - Can it make you fail a drug test for methamphetamine? I do not use any or take any drugs. I only take the meds Atorvastatin which is a cholestrol med, Cetrizine for allergies, Neurontin, Meloxicam for arthritis, and breathing meds: one for COPD and another for asthma. Can any of these make you test positive for methamphetamine?

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Thebobson Says:

Hi, have you used any Vicks inhalers for a blocked nose? There was a scottish guy who was stripped of a medal in either the winter or summer olympics because he tested positive for methamphetamine. He argued that it was because of an ingredient that was in the US version of the inhaler but not the British. He lost, but my chemistry professor said it's possible that he was telling the truth. The two compounds are isomers of each other, meaning mirror images - same make up but very different effects. Google it, I'm sure you will be able to find more info that could help you.

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joshua Says:

Yes, cetirizine is a antihistamine and can cause a false positive for methamphetamine; and gabapentin causes a mild euphoria so many places are testing for them, but as long as you got a prescription you will be fine on both of them.

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Randall Says:

Can you make methanphetamine out of cetirizineHcL10#mgtablet m on one side and c 37 on the side use to make meth

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Staci Says:

I do radom u/a's and had one come up positive for meth.. I havent used in months.. I have allergys and have taken zyrtec over the counter.. They say that this med. Does not show up to make me positive i have researched on my own and i have found that it DOES indeed give a false positive.. What the hell do i do????

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Tinker Says:

Re: Staci (# 6) Expand Referenced Message

It just means it's positive for an amphetamine which is what is in the sinus medication you have taken. They can narrow it down and determine it Is not methamphetamine.

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Nick Says:

I'm on Cetirizine HCL 10 mgs and I know for a fact that I am going to get a false positive tomorrow when my parole man gives me a urine. Geez I hate having allergies.

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