Bupap For Headaches

reb Says:

I was given this to help with headaches but am also on tramadol and skelaxin so I dont really know if it helped or not. Has anyone else been prescribed it for this reason, what kind of effects did it have?

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emmy Says:

yes i was given this for my migraines and it helped tons. the skelaxin and tramedol didnt really help at all. i need to find a dr here that will prescribe them again for me as i moved from one state to another. side affects, sleepy but not to the point of nodding off in my plate lol. did get rid of my headache and helped me sleep. now if you know of a dr in texas that will see me cheap as i have no ins. then youll be a life saver. thanks

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Paige Says:

Yes I have been on this medicine for about 5 years now bc nothing else has ever worked besides this medicine and Staydol nasal spray. But I just found out today that they have discontinued this medicine, so I don't know what they are going to put out to help now. But I hope you find something because I know migraines are a rough thing to deal with from experience. Good luck.

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