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Baclofen & incontinence

Trying to ween myself off Baclofen and noticed persistent incontinence is starting to subside. Anyone else experience this? ## I didn’t put the two together until I switched spasm meds and got the first time in years I didn’t have any issues. Unfortunately I was allergic and am back on baclofen, and it’s a problem again. ## The FDA lists increased urination, and urinary incontinence as being common side effects of Baclofen, along with nausea, drowsiness, and abdominal pain. Ref: Baclofen Information A common side effect is considered to be one that has been known to occur in more than 1%, and no more than 10%, of the people that have tried the medication. How are you doing, now? Are you seeing continued improvement? ## thanks for asking. actually, weening down Baclofen...

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i'm fighting M.S. i deal with alot of pain on a daily basis, I just tool myself off the fentenyl patch after 5 yrs, I have a baclofen pump implanted in my stomache starting wednesday there going to start injecting dilauded into the pump. will this only help the pain in my legs or will it also help the pain in the spine and neck ## what are the affect of 4mg dilaudid on someone who has personality disorder ## My girlfriend has personality disorder and is using vicodan. she than did a dilauded on a different day and and it seemed to have a real speedy nasty attititude on her. She's beeging for one now and she doesnt believe me how it made her. can you pleae expalin ## Yes It Will Help Both Pains Just Make You Feel Alil Weird ## Just like the Baclofen, Dilaudid is a systemic medica...

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Round white pill 025

What is a round white pill with 025 on one side and a score on the other side? Is this baclofen or an over counter medication? ## Hello Glo, how are you? Yes, there is a 20mg Baclofen tablet that matches this description. NDC: 52817-0321 Inactive ingredients may include: Silicon Dioxide Magnesium Stearate Cellulose, Microcrystalline Starch, Corn Sodium Starch Glycolate Type a Potato The FDA lists its typical side effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, drowsiness, and dry mouth. Ref: Baclofen Information

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Baclofen Suspension

I am a case manager and I have a young quadraplegic with a g-tube that needs Baclofen suspension. does anyone know where I might be able to get this for him? ## Actually, your pharmacy or the small pharmacies that do compounds should be able to mix it up. Do you have any hospitals in your area that has outpatient pharmacies? This is your best bet. If your pharmacist is leary to do it have him go to as this website gives him step by step instructions on how to mix the compounds. ## That is correct, if a regular pharmacy doesn't carry it in a suspension form, any compounding pharmacy should be able to fill the prescription for you. Baclofen is a muscle relaxant, and the FDA lists its typical side effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness, constipation, h...

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Baclofen and Vicodin Okay?

Can you take this muscle relaxer with a pain pill? A Vicodin 5/500? ## Sure no problem if you want to get really messed up. ## Yes you can take Baclofen with Vicodin. I take Baclofen with Norco 10/325. Have been on this cocktail of these two meds for quiet sometime now. May make you a little drowsy at first but once your system gets used to it there is no problem. Hope this helps, God Bless, and you will be in my prayers. I am on these due to a spinal birth defect from birth. ## These medications are often prescribed together to treat pain, and the muscle spasms that can contribute to pain. However, they should only be taken together with a doctor's approval, and under a doctor's regular supervision of the patient, because both of them can cause depression of the central nervous...

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is baclofen as strong soma

I start a new muscle relaxer tonight called Baclofen. I'd been taking Soma fit years and it's just not helping with the terrible spasms anymore. I'm hoping the Baclofen does the trick. Does anyone know if it's stronger than Soma? I hate taking new meds. I'll make my husband stay up awhile to make sure I don't have a bad reaction. ## Hello, Donna! How are you? No, it is not as strong as Soma. Soma is actually the strongest muscle relaxant available. The FDA lists the typical side effects of Baclofen as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache and dry mouth. Have you taken it, yet? If so, did you experience any problems? ## Hi Donna, how's it going? I take High-Dose Baclofen (currently 150mg a day titrating up to 350mg a day) for alcoholism. I do get some...

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is baclofen the same thing as a soma

my mom has been taking somas and her doctor changed her meds and she is skeptical of new medicene. ## no baclofen is not exactly the same as soma. they are both muscle relaxers but baclofen is a little stronger. i had been on soma and flexeril for over two years and now they have switched me to baclofen. it does work alot better for muscle spasms ## Am wanting to know at what rate baclofen treatment can be tapered off and the risk affects if stopped abruptly ## baclofen work alot better than soma it really releives the pain quicker than soma. ## IMy doctor just gave me Baclodol 5mg/300mg carisoprodol (soma). Strange thing is I can't find any info on this pill that tells me what else is in the pill, btw, they are not as good a reuglar soma. ## i get bad tightness in ny muscles within...

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Baclofen How Long Before This Drug Show In Urine

Not use often non narcotic THC pillform . Would like to know how long before it before it is out of my system. Also the difference of Thc form taken by mouth COMPARED TO marajuna and can this be detected in urine sample. ## Was taken for reason of non narcotic muscles spams. How long will is this detected by urine test ## Baclofen is a mucle relaxant, it is not a narcotic, nor is it related to THC, therefore, it is not something that is included in and tested for on standard drug tests. Is there anything else I can help with? ## How long does thc remain in bloodstream , hair and urine. Thank you ## I took a drug screen last month for my pain doctor and when I went back this month he informed me that I was positive for suboxone, a drug that I have not knowingly taken. I am prescribed oxy...

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Baclofen - controlled substance?

Is Baclofen (10mg) recognized as a controlled substance? Does it have a narcotic in it? Does it control pain? ## No, it is classified as a muscle relaxant, so it does not contain a narcotic, according to FDA listings. It is used to treat the pain associated with muscle sprains, strains, and spasms. The FDA lists its typical side effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, and dry mouth. Is there anything else I can help with? ## I want to know if Baclofen is a controlled substance and if it is, then what class is it in? ## Ok now let me ask you about butrans pain patch can I take hydrocodone and robaxin with it? ## No way, you will develop tolerance and get in trouble. Butrans is buphrenorpine an opioid/analgesic. Discuss with your Doctor. ## Now i understand why, my dr.p...

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Baclofen 20, Ketoprofen 150, Lidocaine 50 Cream

Can anyone tell me the prescription trade name for a cream containing baclofen 20 mg, ketoprofen 150(?), and lidocaine 50 mg? ## From my own investigation, pain creams that contain these types of ingredients are formulated in compound pharmacies and therefore do not have a trade name like many other topical prescriptions. These are just generic topical formulas that can vary in ingredients with anything from what's listed below, to other combinations that I have not included here: -Baclofen, Ketoprofen, Lidocaine -Baclofen Gabapentin, Ketoprofen, Lidocaine -Baclofen, Cyclobenzaprine, Ketoprofen, Lidocaine -Baclofen Gabapentin, Ketoprofen, Lidocaine, Dicyclomine -Ketoprofen, Gabapentin, Lidocaine, Amitriptyline Hope this helps! ## My compounding pharmacy calls it Baclo-Keto-Lido 2/10...

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small round white pill with NO28

Found a small round white pill that has a score on one side and the other side says NO28. What is it? ## Is there any chance that the imprint says N029 as opposed to N028? I located a round white pill with N029 on one side and scored on the back (just as you described) to be identified as Baclofen 10 mg; which is prescribed as a skeletal muscle relaxant. For verification, the manufacturer is listed as Northstar Rx LLC. and the size of the pill is approx. 8.00 mm. I hope this helps! ## I found the exact same pill and I can't find out what it is. If you find out please tell me. I found it in my car and am really worried about it.

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baclofen for pain?

I have DDD, scoliosis, which is serious, have herniations and bulging discs in cervical spine and also in lumbar spine. I can't walk without cane. I went to doc today and she gave me a small dose of baclofen,5 mg bid. Will this help my pain? I am taking generic oxycodone 30 mg every 4-6 hours as needed. I used to take oxycontin 20 mg, up to 5 times a day, it worked very well, but I can't take this now, because my medicare will not pay for it. ## Baclofen is a muscle relaxant. The FDA lists its typical side effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, and dry mouth. It is used to treat the pain associated with muscle strains and spasms. However, the only way to see how it will work for you is by trying it. Have you experienced any benefits, yet? ## Thanks for your r...

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Suggested Percentage of Amitrip/Baclofen/Keto/Lido/Pregab in Ointment

A friend of a friend gave me some Amitrip/Baclofen/Keto/Lido/Pregab ointment to try for severe osteoarthritis hip pain and it’s been a lifesaver. The topical ointment just gives ingredients but no percentage of each. Any help with suggested percentages for the ointment mix would be appreciated.

does balcolfen really work for spasms?

I have major spasms and he gave me balcofen. Its not helping ## Hello, Berry! How are you? Baclofen is a muscle relaxant that can help with muscle spasms, but not every medication works for everyone that tries it. Have you informed your doctor? They may need to prescribe something else. The FDA lists the typical side effects of most muscle relaxants as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache and dry mouth. Is there anything else I can help with? ## No...ask for flexiril or zanaflex. somas are great too but most doctor wont writr a script for them. ## Try Donatal, it really helped me.

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baclofen vs soma

I have been takeing soma for muscle spasms for a while know. Another doctor wanted me to try Baclofen 20mg. I found that the Baclofen made me feel a little strange and dopey. The Soma does not. I do like to take the Baclofen at night instead of Soma as it makes me very sleepy and does help me sleep better and longer. I like the Soma for dureing the day because it does not make me sleepy and can function better. When my body feels tired I experience more pain and spasm,hence the Baclofen when need to sleep. Hope this helps ## It is normal for medications to work differently, for different people. Sometimes, when your doctor wants you to try something different, you have to give it a go, for a few weeks and then just let them know if it has bad effects or doesn't work as well for you....

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white oval pill V 22 55

Found a white oval shaped pill with 22-55 and a V on the back of it. Do you know what it is please? I found it on my daughter's floor. ## Found a white pill with 22/55 And a v on the other siad ## Is the marking possibly 2265 V? If so, the tablet contains 10mgs of Baclofen, which is a muscle relaxant. NDC: 00603-2406 Here's an image to compare. Inactive ingredients may include: Silicon Dioxide Crospovidone Magnesium Stearate Microcrystalline Cellulose Corn starch

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Baclofen and Delayed Period

I recently started taking 10 mg of Baclofen twice a day. My period was almost 3 days late and I'm usually very regular. I was just curious if delayed periods were a side effect of this pill? ## Many medications can cause menstrual irregularities, according to NIH reports, but there is also a chance that it was caused by something else, such as the issue you were taking the medication to treat, or some other issue, stress, or another medication. Are you on any other medications? ## If you normally have intense cramping before menstruation to bring it about, I'd say yes, it is possible. Refusing muscle spasms could be slowing the rate at which your uterus can expel it's lining. I'd definitely ask your doctor or ob/gyn.

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Shelf life of Baclofen

My son takes Baclofen for muscle spasms. He was feeling much better and quit taking it. He recently started getting the spasms again and my question is what is the shelf life for this med. I have some left over from the last time he used it and was wondering if it is still good. Being Easter weekend there are no doctors open to get a refill. ## If it is in a pharmacy dispensed bottle, which exposes it to heat, light, moisture and etc. then the expiration date is one year from whenever it was dispensed. It doesn't get dangerous past the expiration date, but it does start to lose effectiveness, so it may not work as well as it did when it was new. Is there anything else I can help with? ## But I use to take them but I stop for a while and the bottle said discard after 2013. So I'm...

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will Baclofen cause a false positve for valium on drug screen test

Recently tested positive for valium on pre-employment drug test.Took two ibuprofen and used oxymetazoline hydrochloride nasal spray the day before the test. Also use baclofen daily. Don't take valium ever.Lost job because valium showed up on test results. ## SAME EXACT DRUGS SAME OUTCOME FOR ME AS WELL!!!! i knew it. man i knew it. i lost my job managing a local strip club and i guess they thought i would start steaing to fund my "VALIUM HABIT" at the end of the day it was best thing that happened. only having a GED and only working in strip clubs as bouncers i walked into local sheriff office and got hired. now i got a gun and best believe the strip club back lot for the illegal private dances are patrolled regularly. ffunny i failed for anabolic steroids but i just went to...

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Taking Baclofen and Soma together

Is it safe to take Baclofen and Soma together? I have not done it yet so I'm a little leery, but I hurt all over due to an automobile accident. ## No, these are both muscle relaxants, so you would be doubling up, which might result in overdose toxicity. The FDA lists the typical side effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, and dry mouth. Have they both been prescribed for you? What type of injuries did you suffer? ## Was curious..i was just prescribed baclofen recently by neurologist. Been on soma for years & works great. I want to know if i take my soma in the day can i take the [email protected] night..i haven't started yet as i have had many med allergies..wanna be sure its safe. Plus I'm on blood thinner. ## I take soma in the morning and baclofen at night...

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