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Baclofen 20, Ketoprofen 150, Lidocaine 50 Cream

Can anyone tell me the prescription trade name for a cream containing baclofen 20 mg, ketoprofen 150(?), and lidocaine 50 mg? ## From my own investigation, pain creams that contain these types of ingredients are formulated in compound pharmacies and therefore do not have a trade name like many other topical prescriptions. These are just generic topical formulas that can vary in ingredients with anything from what's listed below, to other combinations that I have not included here: -Baclofen, Ketoprofen, Lidocaine -Baclofen Gabapentin, Ketoprofen, Lidocaine -Baclofen, Cyclobenzaprine, Ketoprofen, Lidocaine -Baclofen Gabapentin, Ketoprofen, Lidocaine, Dicyclomine -Ketoprofen, Gabapentin, Lidocaine, Amitriptyline Hope this helps!

Baclofen - controlled substance?

Is Baclofen (10mg) recognized as a controlled substance? Does it have a narcotic in it? Does it control pain? ## No, it is classified as a muscle relaxant, so it does not contain a narcotic, according to FDA listings. It is used to treat the pain associated with muscle sprains, strains, and spasms. The FDA lists its typical side effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, and dry mouth. Is there anything else I can help with? ## I want to know if Baclofen is a controlled substance and if it is, then what class is it in? ## Ok now let me ask you about butrans pain patch can I take hydrocodone and robaxin with it? ## No way, you will develop tolerance and get in trouble. Butrans is buphrenorpine an opioid/analgesic. Discuss with your Doctor. ## Now i understand why, my dr.p...

is baclofen the same thing as a soma

my mom has been taking somas and her doctor changed her meds and she is skeptical of new medicene. ## no baclofen is not exactly the same as soma. they are both muscle relaxers but baclofen is a little stronger. i had been on soma and flexeril for over two years and now they have switched me to baclofen. it does work alot better for muscle spasms ## Am wanting to know at what rate baclofen treatment can be tapered off and the risk affects if stopped abruptly ## baclofen work alot better than soma it really releives the pain quicker than soma. ## IMy doctor just gave me Baclodol 5mg/300mg carisoprodol (soma). Strange thing is I can't find any info on this pill that tells me what else is in the pill, btw, they are not as good a reuglar soma. ## i get bad tightness in ny muscles within...

will Baclofen cause a false positve for valium on drug screen test

Recently tested positive for valium on pre-employment drug test.Took two ibuprofen and used oxymetazoline hydrochloride nasal spray the day before the test. Also use baclofen daily. Don't take valium ever.Lost job because valium showed up on test results. ## SAME EXACT DRUGS SAME OUTCOME FOR ME AS WELL!!!! i knew it. man i knew it. i lost my job managing a local strip club and i guess they thought i would start steaing to fund my "VALIUM HABIT" at the end of the day it was best thing that happened. only having a GED and only working in strip clubs as bouncers i walked into local sheriff office and got hired. now i got a gun and best believe the strip club back lot for the illegal private dances are patrolled regularly. ffunny i failed for anabolic steroids but i just went to...

Taking Baclofen and Soma together

Is it safe to take Baclofen and Soma together? I have not done it yet so I'm a little leery, but I hurt all over due to an automobile accident. ## No, these are both muscle relaxants, so you would be doubling up, which might result in overdose toxicity. The FDA lists the typical side effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, and dry mouth. Have they both been prescribed for you? What type of injuries did you suffer? ## Was curious..i was just prescribed baclofen recently by neurologist. Been on soma for years & works great. I want to know if i take my soma in the day can i take the night..i haven't started yet as i have had many med allergies..wanna be sure its safe. Plus I'm on blood thinner. ## I take soma in the morning and baclofen at night...

3k2 white round tablet

Round, white tablet with 3K2 what are the tablets as they were in the nomad by mistake and not prescribed. ## Baclofen - 10 mg Tablets ## I simply want to thank you, & your site, for its ease of use & accuracy. I tried the MIMS site first and it was, for my purpose, useless.

Baclofen/Methamphetamine false positive

I recently took a UA and it tested positive for methamphetamine. I am currently taking baclofen 10 mg and just stopped taking Tizanidine 4 mg at 4 times per day. Could either of these medications cause a false positive for methamphetamine? I also take flexeril, meloxicam, and ibuprofen 800. ## Can baclocen or Elavil cause a drug test to test positive foe methamphetamine

will baclofen show up

I took 7 of the 10mg baclofen last night around 11pm and had a .ua at 5:30pm the next day which was sent to the lab will baclofen show up? ## What was the result of this? What type of test was it? ## Please share your results #1. I'm interested in the test type.

baclofen drug test

Does this drug show up in a urine test for narcotics? ## my urinalysis showed up as methadone positive. I was only taking hydrocodone and baclofen 10 mg. ## this is an update to my original post. I called the lab who did the test. because my doc office notified me AFTER 30 days, I could not fight the test results. MAKE SURE you watch the dr. office seal and label your sample. I could have had the sample retested for baclofen had I known the doc office omitted telling them I was taking baclofen. the test would have come out differently. I have been expelled from the dr. office and have not been able to find a new doctor because of this! PLEASE BE AWARE ## Well of course you tested positive. YOU SAID YOURSELF YOU WERE TAKING HYDROCODONE DUH. ## Methadone isn't hydrocodone. That's ...

Will baclofen show up in drug tests?

Hello. I'm having a very difficult time getting a straight answer on this subject. Will it show up as a benzo? Opiate? Has anyone taken a 12 panel after taking it recently and passed? ## does baclofen test positive in pre employment drug test. ## I was hoping someone had answered this question. I just started taking Baclofen. I am on so many Rx that I feel like a walking drug store. At my age I would be absolutely horrified (!) if hospital blood test results made the staff think I was taking any type of methamphetamine or any other illegal drug. I have never taken illegal drugs--ever. If anyone knows whether Baclofen then would show up in a blood test as a street drug would you please let Grandma know? ## I was on Baclofen and it showed up as a methamphetamine in something else beca...

small white pill with BAC 10 on one side and a line in middle

It's a white oval but flat pill. One side has a line directly down the middle and on the other side is BAC 10. Any ideas? ## It is a muscle relaxant that is available in the U.S. and Canada, it contains 10mgs of Baclofen, to be specific. The FDA lists its typical side effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, and dry mouth. Is there anything else I can help with? ## I found this pills on my daugther backpack she is 15 years old and Im worry about it, can she get higth or something like that with this pills

round small white pill with N028

What is this pill? ? I just want to know out of curiosity. Its small white round with N028 on one side and has a straight line on the other side like asperin ## Hello, Jane! How are you? So far, I haven't been able to find anything matching this description. However, I'll keep looking and post back, when I have information for you. Can you please double check the imprint and post back? Thanks! ## It is a muscle relaxant or anti-spasm medication. It is 10mg. I take 2 every 4 hours for back problems along with Multiple Sclerosis. ## It's 10 mg Baclofen. It's a muscle relaxer. I have a prescription of this. ## Metoclopramide thats the name of the pill you was asking about

small round white pill with NO28

Found a small round white pill that has a score on one side and the other side says NO28. What is it? ## Is there any chance that the imprint says N029 as opposed to N028? I located a round white pill with N029 on one side and scored on the back (just as you described) to be identified as Baclofen 10 mg; which is prescribed as a skeletal muscle relaxant. For verification, the manufacturer is listed as Northstar Rx LLC. and the size of the pill is approx. 8.00 mm. I hope this helps!

Baclofen How Long Before This Drug Show In Urine

Not use often non narcotic THC pillform . Would like to know how long before it before it is out of my system. Also the difference of Thc form taken by mouth COMPARED TO marajuna and can this be detected in urine sample. ## Was taken for reason of non narcotic muscles spams. How long will is this detected by urine test ## Baclofen is a mucle relaxant, it is not a narcotic, nor is it related to THC, therefore, it is not something that is included in and tested for on standard drug tests. Is there anything else I can help with? ## How long does thc remain in bloodstream , hair and urine. Thank you ## I took a drug screen last month for my pain doctor and when I went back this month he informed me that I was positive for suboxone, a drug that I have not knowingly taken. I am prescribed oxy...

Round And White Pill Muscle Relaxer

I fell down a flight of stairs...hurt my leg and back...i was given a muscle relaxer, supposibly....its white and round...has the letters "TV" written on one side of it. And the Numbers 4096 on the other side...someone please let me know if this is indeed a muscle relaxer... :-) ## Yes, that is correct, this tablet contains 10mgs of Baclofen, which is a muscle relaxant, the brand name for it would be Lioresal. Side effects may include: nausea, dizziness, headache and dry mouth. Learn more: Is there anything else I can help with? ## I have a small round while pill with an A on 1 side and 53 on the back can you please tell me what it is for.

22 65 on pne side and a v on the other

22 65 on pne side and a v on the other oval and white ## The pill in description is Baclofen (10 mg). To view information about this drug, please click on the link below... Do you have any more questions or information to add? Please post back if you do. ## What is v 22/65 is it a Viking are what is the real name for it

How to get baclofen out of your system after taking too much

I've been on 60 mg daily of Baclofen for a few years, now, and every time I take doses too close together or take a little more than prescribed to help me sleep or with the pain, it gives me horrendous side effects. I get dizzy, it's hard to walk, I twitch a lot, and have a burning feeling in my skin. It doesn’t happen often but when it does, it’s awful and it lasts for the whole next day. I had to miss work today and I really needed those hours. You'd think I would have learned by now, ugh. So my question is, is there a way to speed up Baclofen getting out of my system? Or do I just have to wait for my body to eliminate it? Thanks! ## Not really, while exercise and increased fluid intake may help, the only thing that is really guaranteed to work is time. (NDC 01...

baclofen cream allergy symptomms

I recently started a baclofen, amtripyline & gabapentin cream for vuladynia. I have just discovered redness, almost burn like on the edge of the vulva and on my leg. I can not find any information as far as side effects and the doctor's office did not know. I don't know what to do. ## I have been diagnosed with vulvadynia and been working with my gyn/uro doctor for over a year. I have used nustatin, clobetasol, & topicort with no success. I also use Premarin vaginal cream twice weekly. Last week her prescribed a special compound of amitriptyline, baclofen & gabapentin. Has anyone tried this combination. I have a long history of UTI's and major bladder repair surgery including 2 slings of cadaver tissue on my bladder & urethra. Following surgery I was told my ...

832 b020

the pill is round with a line in the middle with numbers and on top and bottom onthe back of it smooth ## I think the imprint you are looking at might be BC20 832, it is manufactured by Upsher-Smith, and they list it as containing 20mgs of Baclofen, which is a muscle relaxant. The FDA lists its typical side effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness, dry mouth, and headache. Is there anything else I can help with?

Tizanadine, Cyclobenzaprine & Baclofen

I was having swelling in my throat w/ baclofen & now it seems to be happening again. I take tizanidine & cyclobenzaprine & I'm trying to figure out if either of these two are causing this? Does tizanidine have the same properties as baclofen? ## Cyclobenzaprine and Baclofen are both muscle relaxants. Thus, I must ask why you are taking both? It is not common to be prescribed two medications in the same class, at the same time. And yes, according to FDA reports, since all 3 of these medications are muscle relaxants, you may also experience such a reaction to the others. You should be very cautious and if you have severe trouble breathing, or develop hives, you should seek immediate medical attention.


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