Baclofen And Vicodin Okay?

me-n-az Says:

Can you take this muscle relaxer with a pain pill? A Vicodin 5/500?

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el barto Says:

Sure no problem if you want to get really messed up.

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Joy Says:

Yes you can take Baclofen with Vicodin. I take Baclofen with Norco 10/325. Have been on this cocktail of these two meds for quiet sometime now. May make you a little drowsy at first but once your system gets used to it there is no problem. Hope this helps, God Bless, and you will be in my prayers. I am on these due to a spinal birth defect from birth.

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VerFree Says:

These medications are often prescribed together to treat pain, and the muscle spasms that can contribute to pain. However, they should only be taken together with a doctor's approval, and under a doctor's regular supervision of the patient, because both of them can cause depression of the central nervous system as a side effect.

CNS depression can, in some cases, reach dangerous levels, resulting in lowered heart rate, lowered blood pressure, extreme dizziness, fainting, and possibly even death. If you start to experience these symptoms to an extreme degree, please seek emergency medical attention. Central Nervous System Depression Details

Ref: Baclofen Information
Vicodin Information

Have they both been prescribed for you?

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