Is Baclofen The Same Thing As A Soma

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Tracy Says:
my mom has been taking somas and her doctor changed her meds and she is skeptical of new medicene.

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courtney Says:
no baclofen is not exactly the same as soma. they are both muscle relaxers but baclofen is a little stronger. i had been on soma and flexeril for over two years and now they have switched me to baclofen. it does work alot better for muscle spasms

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bev00 Says:
Am wanting to know at what rate baclofen treatment can be tapered off and the risk affects if stopped abruptly

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stephanie Says:
baclofen work alot better than soma it really releives the pain quicker than soma.

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1776blues Says:
IMy doctor just gave me Baclodol 5mg/300mg carisoprodol (soma). Strange thing is I can't find any info on this pill that tells me what else is in the pill, btw, they are not as good a reuglar soma.

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drew Says:
i get bad tightness in ny muscles within my neck, middle and lower back. weird, when i took 2 somas that helped, but the flexeril didn't help at all. i tiold the doctor this and had asked for something stronger. he gave me a prescription i can't recall the name, but it strated with an s. i also know it was 800 mg.s and costs 300 dollars which my mediacaid and medicare would not pay. but they would pay for the generic which i got today, baclofen, but it's only 10 mg.s ! far from 800. i don't know if this is as good and as strong as what was reccomended, please tell me ........ please remind me of what that prescription is that starts with an s aswell, lol

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tnfan65 Says:
I currently take soma as well and am trying baclofen for the first time. We will see how it works and let you know. As for the muscle relaxer that starts with an s. That is probably skelaxin.

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Skippy Says:
Can you take baclofen & Soma @ the same time ?

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HB Says:
via mobile
I see that my response is years after the original post but perhaps it will help others that find this topic. The muscle relaxer that was prescribed at a dosage of 800mg and started with an s that one individual mentioned is Skelaxin. My reason for responding however is the implication that the medication Baclofen 10mg is inferior due to the dosage. I am not questioning the posters lack of satisfactory results or to promote one medication over another. I only mean to share some knowledge. You cannot compare the efficacy of two different medications based on dosage. 0.25mg of one medication could in fact be far more effective and/or stronger than 1000mg of a different medication in the same class. Don't discount a medication based on the dosage as it is completely irrelevant in the capacity of efficacy. Just an fyi...


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Sk8r Says:
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You sound like an addict, just wanting your soma. baclofen is overall a stronger muscle relaxer. Your fixation on lot only the milligrams of the new script but not even caring enough to know the non-generic name is such a a neon sign for a budding,if not full blown drug seeking behavior. It's sickening. I've been there & now have been clean for over 7 years. Get it together. I am coming to this conclusion merely on how desperately worded your post was composed. So if you don't want people thinking your're drug seeking- compose a better structured, intelligent question, where you actually know the name of the medicine you're prescribed. FYI - Lioresal is also a name for baclofen. Not sure where you're getting this "s" thing. My suggestion find the root of our pain & deal with it. Don't just pop pills.
L-5 S-1 disk herniation / Spinal stenosis/ severe lubmbosacral arthritis & SI joint subluxation - 3 IV's/facet joint IV's. This happened on Sept 9,2013. I have not been able to lay down to sleep since Septwmber. I've lost my job because I was hurt & had just had to take 5 weeks off work due to a torn meniscus knee injury rock climbing. Having an RFA consult on next Friday the 21st & hopefully the RFA the following week. I need this constant pain to end. I want my life back. Sounds like you just want Soma...or you need to ask an actual well put together question!

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Jean Valjean Says:
As an Occupational Therapist and RN and working for many years in all types of health care settings.....I strive to remain non-judgmental about any illnesses, weight problems, addictions and medications. It is not helpful. What is helpful is to realize that we are all different...our body chemistry is different....some people don't do well on some medications and some do. What is helpful is to have a doctor that listens to the patient and not a government gestapo member.
On a personal level.....I have a serious injury to my entire cervical spine and thoracic spine. It has altered the structure of shoulder joints and clavical positioning which is now causing thoracic outlet due to a whiplash injury on top of it last fall. Through the years.....I declined any opiod pain management and used occasional prednisone for flareups when nerves became impinged and then inflammed which creates pain. The miracle medication for me was 1-2 SOMA. The dose has been the same and have taken it on and off for 10 years. Did not even know it was supposed to create 'withdrawal' symptoms' until the recent 'hoopla' over the medication. When I did not need it ....I stopped taking it.....and there were no withdrawal effects. My MD has tried other muscle spasm medications and SOMA is the only one that works. Wow. I guess that makes me an addict. How dare I state a preference. I recently declined a medication that is a controlled substance (Clonazepam). I will repeat what I said to my MD....I don't want to start a medication that will 'label' me and in 5 or 10 years time they will find a reason to not prescribe it simply because someone, somewhere, found some other use for it. What is happening to this world when those who are injured and hurting are left to suffer and be judged because someone else used it for a non prescribed purpose.

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Notruthere Says:
via mobile
Thank you Jean. I was scripted soma. Then my doc became very uptight and withdrew script. I am not a pill taker. I then was scribed baclofen , tizanadine, tramadol. I do not want the three . I find relief with soma. But docs at geisinger have been sanctioned on their oath to do no harm in exchange for the big pharms pockets. Soma was been used/abused by the new gen. Ravers so it had to been taken from responsible users. Punish all for the actions of a few. Baclofen may be a sister to soma but it has been altered on molecular level to prevent its combination with underground drugs giving the aniseed their 'high' I suffer daily because tramadol is the same as a gallon of coffee to me( I hate any thing that speeds my may abolish) had to object to it on 3 visits. Tizanadine I believe is a mental placebo for its noticeable relief. And the baclofen does not take the ache out of the pain. I can like any human adapt to my pain the brain will produce endorphins to block pain unless your brain is damaged but the brain can not block nerve ACHE and baclophen does not do this but soma did. I have 2 full bottles of baclofen that have expired and collecting dust, I have 5 full bottles of tizanadine collecting dust. I have a big bottle of tramadol also collecting dust. FYI tramadol is abused by a users for a speeder buzz. I learned this when From the underground when tried to gain info on it. But soma is no longer available due to its abuse in this and other countries but doctor will hand out handfuls of that OxyContin s*** to any jacked up meth head that stumbles in their door looking for a H fix. It is easier to circumvent the scripts then it is to be an honest law abiding citizen of the 'state' any more. Try a road paved in silk. And btw sk8r you need to find something better to do with your 'wizdom' more like h8ter you are a disinformation all propaganda machine and I wonder what ur true agenda iz & who u really work for. A cubicle harvesting informational facility for discrediting posts to help spread Stygma about usefull drugs. Ur a Pharm-er and your posts are laced with vinegar and hate post off.

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sk8r Says:
via mobile
Actually "ravers" do not abuse soma. If you were informed from the searing the underground as you put it, you would know that their are more deaths of 20 something's at raves from drugs like Molly mixed with alcohol, red bull and lack of proper fluids than from soma. I've never seen, read or heard any news report on ravers abusing soma. I have, however read many reports of middle aged folks abusing controlled substances and it being on of the contributing factors to doctors cracking down on the prescribing of soma. As far as the last part of your comment it's not even a a cohesive or coherent thought. My agenda is to point out that laying blame on doctors or "ravers" for not being able to obtain from doctors what you alledge is the only pill in all the pills manufactures in this world that works for you seems like a load of cr*p. And fyi doctors don't just hand out oxycodone like candy. You are grossly misinformed.

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Information Seeker Says:
It is good that you kicked your habit on the drugs. Now, maybe you should consider kicking your attitude problem.

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Sk8r00 Says:
via mobile
It's not attitude- it's information & Information concerning the rise in abuse of drugs like Soma by middle aged women. Say what you want about me, & my recovery (It doesn't bother me in the least) but the statistics say it all. It's not kids and ravers who are abusing, doctor shopping, overdosing, and dying from the over use of drugs like Soma. This is one example of thousands of articles about the rise in deaths of middle aged women and prescription drug deaths. And that was from a year ago. It continues to rise and will until people stop to question what they're putting in their bodies and why. I have finally found a reason for all the pain I've been in and why I haven't been able to walk since September. I have a malignant tumor in my left sacral ala and degenerative disk disease at 42. I'm currently seeing a neurosurgeon and oncologist but am declining pain meds. This may change with the circumstances but for now, I do not want to simply take a pill to make things better. I'm not ignorant. There may be a time when I have to do just that. So I'll just nip that in the bud. This has gone from what I thought was a simple back injury & severe lumbosacral arthritis & spinal stenosis to lymphoma - the details of which I don't understand when the doctor explained it to me. There are numerous flaws in our medical system from the prescribing of drugs to the diagnosing of a medical problem. It's not about attitude, it's about being informed.

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poppin4pills Says:
Sk8r00! If you really had half that s*** wrong with you, you wouldn't be able to move without some kind of narcotic pain med! I suffer from a million medical problems and I actually have half the s*** that you claim to have on top of having Lupus, and Rheumatoid Arthritis. There is nothing wrong with people taking/asking for info on any medications! Last I checked drug seekers don't seek information on drugs, they take the f***in drugs without caring about the effects as long as It gets them high. You bring up STATISTICS! REALLY?? Come on now, we both know that's a bunch of bulls***! Taking medications is actually safer then eating half of the food made and processed in America!

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Information Seeker Says:
It's not you that I was referring to about attitude. Sorry if I clicked on the wrong name. It was poppin4pills that has the attitude. I agree with you to a large degree.

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red Says:
well said

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ss Says:
I had spinal surgery due to a drunk driver hitting me 20 yrs ago been thru therepy meds the whole bit, I don't like taking the new meds because the side effects are worse that what your taking it for, I also have many allergies to meds, food & vitamins so I always have benedryl just in case, I have taken 2 soma a day & hydrocodone twice a day for many yrs & am not allervic. I am in my 50's. my doctor took me off of the soma & has giving me zanaflex, tramadol & flexeril, I was very allergic, they push oxycodone & I refuse to take them because anyone I know has died from them. she gave me baclafin today, so far I am not allergic & it is helping my spasms, I was recently in another accident from someone texting & now have all my neck discs herniated & pushing on my spinal cord, sever spasms & migrains, I am allergic to prednisone & my doctor agrees with my discs cutting off my spinal fluid I should not receive inj's. so far so good with the baclafin. I don't sleep for dasy due to the pain & migrains from the spasms & she felt them & its like rocks in my head, neck & down my spine & sciatica now down both my legs & I cant stand straight & when I sit I have to halfway laydown. she gave me Neurontin but not trying it yet, going to take baclafin for 3 days & if no reaction I know I am not allergic & will try the other med, I am in my 50's & really don't care about additiction I just want to be able to walk, I also have lupus & very painful. in 3 days I will stop the baclefin & try the other med to see if I am allergic to it, she said it would be good for my nerve pain if ok on that then I will try taking both together & hopefully I will have no reaction. I am not trying to feel high don't want to I just want to be able to walk & sit & play with my grandson. I don't want narcotics & have tried vitamins & such but they don't work so she gave me these new meds. she started me on low dose to make sure I am not allergic, & if I can take it she will raise my dose, the 10mg helps a little but I still have Charlie horses in my shoulderblades down threw my hips. I am really hoping I am not allergic & I refuse oxy's. I hope the medication for the nerve pain works & I am not allergic. I just want to walk & have as little pain as possible. it just upsets me that junkies get all the meds like soma & such but people like me with mri's to prove my injury cant get help. I really hope this works I don't look at the meds as narcotics or addictive, I am fine with non narcotic as long as it works. so far so good & have my benedryl at all times just in case. I am in my 50's with lupus & car accident injury & shouldn't have to go thru all this. I like my doctor cause we always try the non narcotic way & try the vitamins so hopefully this will work. I just want to be able to leave my bed & live life with less pain. I always have pain but if we can keep it at a minimal so I can enjoy my grandson I am happy. tramadol, xanaflex & flexeril did nothing for me but set my body on fire, migrains & quarter size hives & my eyes swolled up so if these meds work with no allergies I am happy, I just feel if someone like me who needs these meds & have documented proof of needing them if unable for doctors to give me then these young drug seeker should not be able to get them either.

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Sk8r00 Says:
via mobile
I can't move and have not been able to since September. I am in constant excruciating pain. I have been in and out of the hospital in the past month and have a visiting nurse who administers medication. I feel like the newest poster with lupus. I don't want drugs. I want my life back. I went from working full time, rock climbing, & playing rugby to be incapacitated by pain. I can't sleep more than a doze when I'm so exhausted. I can't walk but I can't sit either without severe, acute sciatic pain. I never said I wasn't in pain you did with your ridiculous asterics. I AM in pain. Horrible pain that leaves me in tears praying for relief for just a few minutes. So you can take your opinions on me and my diagnosis and do with it what you will because it is of no use to me. Simply put, I have had a lot of time to research the health care system and pain control because I can't do anything. I read as a way to try I distract myself from the pain I'm in. I thought the article was interesting. I hope the individual with the migraines and lupus finds relief soon. I know how unbearable sciatic pain can be. I have been thinking about asking about neurontin, as it seems to be a pain blocker that is helpful with nerve pain. Thus far nothing I have tried has been helpful. And as for the asterisk, your opinions on my medical condition is of no concern to me. Although maybe you know more than The Hospital for Special Surgery in New York. In that case, thank you for your input.

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yodichick Says:
via mobile
Hi !! I just started taking baclofocen it makes me a zombie for hours . I only take it at night and wake up with a bad hangover . Ive taken soma before but my doctor wont give it to me and that's the muscle relaxer I need . My dr thinks its addictive but the zombie phase from soma is like 45 min vs 8 hours and then some. If I wanted to take a muscle relaxer to get " high" baclofocen is the one id use . Does anyone else feel this way with these two drugs ?

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