Baclofen And Delayed Period

Katie Says:

I recently started taking 10 mg of Baclofen twice a day. My period was almost 3 days late and I'm usually very regular. I was just curious if delayed periods were a side effect of this pill?

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Verwon Says:

Many medications can cause menstrual irregularities, according to NIH reports, but there is also a chance that it was caused by something else, such as the issue you were taking the medication to treat, or some other issue, stress, or another medication.

Are you on any other medications?

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Brandy Says:

If you normally have intense cramping before menstruation to bring it about, I'd say yes, it is possible.
Refusing muscle spasms could be slowing the rate at which your uterus can expel it's lining.
I'd definitely ask your doctor or ob/gyn.

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