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I have taken Anacin for 20 plus years due to my chronic knee pain. I have tried everything out there but can honestly say Anacin works the best for me. I thought it was the aspirin-caffeine combination, but for some reason that ain't all of it. I've tried other aspirin-caffeine tablets by other companies, like Bayer back and body, and even though it is higher in aspirin content it just doesn't work as well as Anacin for me. One very important thing one should know is (and I discovered this the hard way) too much caffeine for too long a time affects your heart's natural pacemaker. It makes your heart beat too slowly. You'll know this when you just don't feel right but can't put a finger on it. Check your heartbeat. Mine would go down to 50 bpm. For an out of shape fat guy, no way is that normal. When this happens I have to stop taking Anacin for about a week and then I resume. It has happened off and on a few times for all the years and I stop for a while and resume again as Anacin works best for me. I've been doing this for almost 30 years, but I always make sure I take them on a full stomach. I read that the max aspirin daily dosage is 4 grams and that is exactly what I take, 10 Anacin a day. I should start taking maximum strength though to cut down on the caffeine but I can't find it in Hawaii. One interesting point I found is that I read where one of the oldest people in the US once said, (he was 103 at the time) said he took 9 Anacin a day. He has since died though, but he listed it as one of his "secrets" to a long life. Who knows.

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Manawela, sounds like a side effect similar to an 'addiction-type' when stopping a med after a long time for any period of time. Your body isn't meant to take aspirin-caffeine for 20 + years. How about any "rebound headaches"? I used to get massive headaches-tension, migraine, you name it. I felt the only thing that worked was Excedrin Extra Strength, the 500mg dose. I took 2. Then I had to be extra careful. I knew 4000 mg of Acetaminophen was that toxic level. There is a warning on the label! I was taking other meds that had that in it too. That time they had me on the 500 mg dose for my Oxycodone/Acetaminophen combination so I knew i had to either as my Dr liked to call it 'Take a Vacation from that med and rotate to a different one' which we did every 6-9mos. to avoid tolerance or increasing the dosage, And go with a medication without Acetaminophen. I still have to watch those # of pills. I think Anacin still has a max number you can take per day. They are still available to buy OTC. I saw it... I stopped using the Excedrin all the time as my Dr was explaining to me these type of meds give rebound relief but cause it too. Please, try and look into something else. However, in the meant time here you go.... good luck! Google is your friend! You are very welcome.

Source: "Anacin Aspirin + Caffeine, Coated Tablets, 300 tablets", Web.

The quantity for other amounts I believe are listed there. You should be able to have it shipped to Hawaii, that is the US.

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BTW- I think you are definitely going to have a problem. Especially - If you are NOT GOING TO READ THE INSTRUCTIONS. IT SAYS NOT TO EXCEED EIGHT PILLS A DAY!! That is a sign right there that you are addicted to Anacin and built a tolerance to it. You need a stronger medication or need to find something to use as a substitute for a little while. Upping it is going to cause toxicity and then organ failure. Not a wise idea.

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I can emphasize with you. I also have tension headaches with shoulder pain EVERY DAY. The only thing that really helps is BC Powder for me. It can really be hard on the stomach. I tend to take too much - maybe medication dependence - ?? When my ears begin to get "muffled" I, like you, take a break. I cannot judge you at all, because I know what it is like to have unrelenting pain. Sometimes we get desperate! But we both also know this can't be good for us. Good luck in whatever you decide to do.

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Hello Manawela,

I'm sorry to hear that you have had chronic pain for so long!

As I'm sure you are aware that this medication is not designed for long term usage. With that being said the warning label states that prolonged usage of this drug increases the chance of stomach bleeding and with prolonged consumption of caffeine you are exposing yourself to increased heart related issues.

The instructions state that no more than 8 pills should be consumed a day. You stated that you are taking 10 a day which means that you are misusing the drugs and exposing yourself to even more risk.

If you haven't already, please speak with a doctor to see if you have caused any long term issues and perhaps see if there is any other medications they would recommend you take.

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