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Cody Says:

Please READ this as I am going to try to explain my best of my experience with these medications.

I want to start out saying that life is what you make it. There are millions of people out there with a chemical imbalance such as ADHD, DEPRESSION, ANXIETY etc. With that being said I have all three of them stated above. I went all through high school without being on any medications. I tried some depression pills but never stuck with them but I made it and graduated with a B-C average but I did it. I first was introduced to the drug ADDERALL from my best friend who I worked with at the time. He gave me a 10mg instant release Adderall pill. I was scared to take it because I didn't do drugs besides drink on occasion. So I was scared what it was going to do to me. Well since that day my life has changed either in a bad way or good way throughout the years. Its a roller coaster right now in my life. As soon as that pill hit me and got in my system I was on the biggest high of my life!!! I thought it was a miracle! It cured my depression, adhd, anxiety in one shot! I felt amazing and I think I cried because I finally found the "solution" to my chemical imbalance. I was in on cloud 9. I was so focused and worked so good at my job. NOTHING bothered me and I was always so happy. That first pill lasted for two days. Finally I crashed and got through it. My friend was not prescribed them bc he got it from someone else so he didn't have anymore.

So the next week I went straight to my family doctor and told him exactly how I got the pill and how it helped me tremendously. I was diagnosed professionally as a child that I had ADHD but never was put on anything. But just with my story I told my doctor I got a prescription of Adderall 20mg XR. I was so happy and ready to start my future! For the first two months of taking it I never took more then I was supposed to. I had a new higher paying job and even started going to school also. Well that one night when I was tired from school and had to go to work I took another pill, Scared of what it was going to do to me but it gave me that high and I felt normal again. I only took 2 pills if I was really tired. Then one night all my friends who were at a different college were partying I decided to take 3 throughout the day so I can party that night. Well that was another high in its self because im sure some of you people know that drinking beer on Adderall is amazing and you can party all night long!! I was hooked pretty much and partying a lot more. My 21st bday came around and I took 2 pills at once before I went out for my bday. I felt soooo alive and had a blast. Well overtime the pills started wearing off quicker and I constantly had a pill in my pocket to take when I was coming down. Well I was hooked bad but I was still doing good.. I met a girl and fell in love with her. During our first 6 months I didn't tell her I was taking Adderall until finally I broke down and told her I have a addiction to these pills. She was concerned but didn't take it seriously.

Eventually I confessed to my mom and told her but I continued to take them. I was going through a living hell at times with insomnia anxiety attacks and depression. It was getting to me bad. I was 221 at one time in my life while on these pills I was actually gaining weight somehow I guess because I was partying soo much while taking them and my diet was horrendous. I am a very athletic person and I was in the worst shape of my life and so unhealthy when I was on them. So one day after partying hard the night before I woke up and popped 3 20mgs of Adderall straight with a hangover! Terrible decision!! I was driving to my gfs house and I had one of the worst anxiety attacks of my life to this day. I was losing control on a busy highway and I literally thought my life was over because I couldn't focus on anything and thought I was going to wreck. Well by the grace of god I got off an exit and my gf had to come pick me up. She was sooo annoyed and didn't understand what I was going through which made me feel worse and sad. I said that's it Im done with this s***.

I got to my gfs house and was up all night as usual and had to take off work the next day bc of insomnia. This was a normal occurrence calling off and I eventually lost my job of 5 years! So as I was unemployed I was paying to get my pills filled without insurance which was like 120 bucks each time. It got to the point where I was a raging walking ticking time bomb. I was an alcoholic also because I would always drink beer to come down from the pills so everything was caving in all at once! I finally broke down and went to my doctor and told him everything. I was probably 26 at the time crying to him to never ever let me on these pills again! Well he didn't even after a month off of them I tried to go back and get on them promising myself I wouldn't abuse them Well he didn't budge and didn't give me any. So I went to another doctor and got right back on them and continued to abuse them and drink!! I was in a haze battling guilt and depression knowing I was lost and couldn't get out of this disaster.

Finally I said enough is enough and I cant deal with those terrible symptoms anymore. I had every symptom you can imagine. I thought something was wrong with my heart all the time, panic attacks at least twice a week, insomnia you name it. I finally quit for 3 months. Those 3 months I don't remember how I got through it but I did and then I got another really good paying job. Well got right back on them and the same s*** over and over happened. Finally quit cold turkey and haven't taken a Adderall in 4 years!

I was so proud of myself for the first 6 months I was doing my job without any medication. Then I started vyvanse! It was a miracle because I didn't have any symptoms until after two months they all came back again. To make this long story short I am now 30 years old and am currently on 20mgs of vyvanse Prozac and Ativan. all in which I take randomly bc Im not good with routines. Last February 2014 I got a 2nd dui. I had a new gf that I hit it off good with and was still addicted to pills. This was the turning point of my life. I am currently still going through the dui stuff and the depression and stress almost killed me due to my health diteriating. It is now November 1st 2014 and I am currently on 4 months house arrest. I haven't had a sip of alcohol for 51 days now! The longest I went since I started drinking. This was a huge accomplishment and the depression is getting better but I still feel I need the vyvanse which I DONT!! I was up last night until 1 am and to get up at 4 am to go to work. I felt miserable this morning and I am at my last straw with quitting vyvanse all together this time and I know I can do it. You eventually just get sick of it and will overcome the withdrawl symptoms bc you know what your in for. Im finally finding my inner self and am getting stronger everyday with my will power to become a better person. Everything happens for a reason in life and me hitting rock bottom saved my life. I am currently single again and still have my job. I am getting in the best shape of my life and want to be the healthiest person I have ever been before. The best thing for your body to recover is SLEEP. You need sleep for your body to function properly. Everyone out there struggling CAN DO THIS. It will just make you a better person once you get through the withdrawl and become your OLD SELF. Im getting to old for this s*** so Ive had enough. I cant believe these drugs are on the market because they are seriously the devils drug sometimes. Oh and one last thing, ive read a lot of posts tonight and I didn't see one thing about bettering your faith and leaving your problems up to GOD. This act does wonders and will help you get through anything I PROMISE you. Just PRAY and say GOD help me and take my problems unto you. It takes a lot off of your mind and body. There is soooo much more info I would like to explain but I got to end this lol. PLEASE ANYBODY OUT THERE going through a hard time {edited for privacy} I would love to chat and bring somewhat comfort in your life. You are not alone and you have a bright future ahead once you get your old life back. God bless!

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Josh Says:
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Im 17 years old and i started taking adderall just about 3 months ago. Since then, my friends have noticed a huge change in my behavior. I had a few extra and wanted to make a few extra bucks so i sold some to my friend, he told me that what i had given him was actually dextro amphetamine mix and that it wasnt what he thought he was getting. He was fine with it and didnt ask for money back or anything, but it got me thinking.

Over the 3 months i have gone from 20mg to 10mg to, now, 30mg and i have noticed that im having weird facial tics, usually in my cheeks and eyes, and a stutter every once in a while. Im also annoyed much easier, and have stabbed a few people, with pencils not knives, due them annoying me.

My friends tell me they like the new me more, and to be honest i do like the focus and increased ability in thinking, but im worried about this tic and stutter developing into more. Im also having sleep issues and a lack of empathy, but im not sure if these are related.

I got a girlfriend, expanded my friend group, and have been doing much better in school, but i dont know how this drug will effect me in the future and if its worth it. If anyone has suggestions and alternatives please send me a message back.

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David Says:

@Cody (thread starter),

Well said! I totally agree that life is what you make it, and no matter what chemical imbalances you're faced with there are always ways one can improve over time. The roller coaster of life is always going to be there, but the decisions and choices we make can greatly influence whether the outcome is positive or negative…What we take away from the experience is what matters most in my opinion, since it catalyzes our growth as an individual and what we have to offer in society.

That said, I'm glad to hear that you finally managed to overcome this struggle of substance abuse. Your decision to better yourself and willingness to hold yourself accountable for any slip ups will carry you far in life towards reaching those goals and even surpassing them once you do!

Thanks for posting your story as even someone who's not on these meds can learn from it.

All the best,

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Ria Says:

I seriously enjoyed reading your post about this, and I would love to talk to you more about these drugs. I am 22 years old and was diagnosed with adult ADD about two months ago. The first month I was prescribed 30mg Vyvanse once a day but after two weeks I felt that it was doing nothing for me and I called my doctor. He upped my dose to 40mg Vyvanse once a day. That did seem to help a bit so when I seen him at my next appointment I said that it was lasting longer than the 30's but was still wearing off in the afternoon. So now I am currently taking one 40mg Vyvanse in the morning and one 10mg instant release adderall at around 3:00. Well, I still don't think it is enough and I am wondering if I am going to sound like a drug addict or something if I ask my doc for something stronger. I'd like to know your opinion on the matter since you have been there.

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Tiredman Says:

I love this post as have quite a horrendous Story as well, mine ended with me on 50mg of extended release Adderall, 25mg zyprexa, 100mg of trazadone, and 20 mg (yes the classic 2 10mg), and 80 mg of Celexa! I didn't know what was real and fake I had worlds spinning in my head like constellations. I was sleep spending all of our food money on candy. I seriously hurt our family of 5 some months. I ended inpatient taking another slew of Meds which I am slowly reducing now as I can. My experiance with ADDERALL was horrible as I have a brain injury that at the time I honestly could not remember as I suffer from extreme amnesia and short term memory loss.

I had no idea how easy it was just to slide into the refill routine that they seem to desperately steer you towards. This is not a knock on the Dr.s themselves but, more so just a personal experience. Question everything! your here so look it up!

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Tommyt Says:
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Is there a way to get anabolic str legal

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Rhiannon11 Says:
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I REALLY like what you wrote... It's crazy... It's like I knew that starting on vyvanse again was just going to cause more problems, later on, than it would fix.but, after having my now 3 month old baby that is severely colicky, and NEVER sleeps, along with a 3 year old that fights sleep, and having to work... I was at my WITS END!! I was falling asleep while driving... Almost wrecked w my 3 year old in the car w me. ALL BC of EXHAUSTION and NEVER getting more than 1-2 hours of sleep a day! So, I honestly felt like I had no choice but to get back on this crap.. Even though I knew it would only help for a little while...NOW, 2 MONTHS later, I've been having to take more and more just to stay awake, and normal... So, I'm out for the next 4 days... Anytime you don't have this stuff, you're MORE exhausted than you were prior to taking them, BC of all the sleep your body has missed out on... So, I am SO SCARED for the next 4 days... I don't know what to do..I just hope I can get through these 4 days and still take care of my babies... But, it is just so hard to function w out the med, and without the sleep!! But, you're right about needing to take our problems to God, and rely on HIM to help us, NOT a freaking pill, that usually ALWAYS makes the situation WORSE!!

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Susie Says:
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You have to lean on God for this kind of help. No matter how much our family members want to help us get off these and see us happy we have to want to do it ourselves. We have to give up and give it to GOD

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