36/10 Yellow Vicodin

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yellow oval pill. 36/10 on one side and v on the other

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donna Says:

If this is a vicodin then mine must be a missprint.Oval and yellow it has 36/01 on one side and v on the other. At least i was told it was a vic. the strongest available.what do i have ,bootleg?.

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maunell Says:

i found the yellow pill with a v on one side and the o1-36 on the other in my daughters purse what is it

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jesse Says:

its actually 10/36, hydrocodone samcneelyjmesme as Vicodin HP. time for a sit down!

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Verwon Says:

Okay, just to clear up the confusion, the listed marking is 3601 V, with the 36 and the 01 separated by a score line to enable easy breaking or cutting of the tablet. It should be oblong and yellow, with the stylized V on the opposite side.

And it is a generic for Vicodin, that contains 325mgs of Acetaminophen and 10mgs of Hydrocodone, so it's a narcotic pain reliever that may be habit forming and could cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, drowsiness and constipation.

Are there any questions or comments?

You can learn more Vicodin details here.

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ray227 Says:

How can you tell if you have a fake vocidin
10 36 o1.. The yellow pill it looks fatter n lighter yellow? ?
& is it hard for people to make them

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