3000 Mg Of Gabapentin Down To 1200 Mg - Awful Side Effects?


About 16 months ago, I was put on Gabapentin for sciatica. Eventually, I worked my way up to around 3000 mg per day and stayed at that dose for quite some time.. maybe 6 months or so. Here recently, I've slowly reduced it down to 1200 mg (600 mg in the morning and 600 mg at night) - My doctor says that Gabapentin shouldn't have any side effects. However, nothing else has changed with my medicines. Here are my side effects: SEVERE depression, feeling worthless, not wanting to do ANYTHING, including work, suicidal thoughts, uncontrollable crying, knowing something isn't right in my mind, etc) - Does this sound like the Gabapentin reduction? Again, my doctor says there would be no side effects, but I'm SERIOUSLY wondering. Everything I read online is pretty bad about this drug. How likely is this causing my symptoms? I have a psychiatrist appointment in 3 weeks (1st appt I've ever had with one).. Should I stay at my 1200 mg until I see this psychiatrist? I'm usually the life of the party, very happy, bouncing off the walls, etc... But I'm just not like that anymore. I'm afraid it's this Gabapentin causing this. Any advice? Anyone else experience things such as this? It's honestly the scariest thing I've ever experienced in my entire life... Especially having the suicidal thoughts quite often when I NEVER have thoughts like that... ever!!

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Hello, Billofak! How are you?

All medications carry the risk of causing withdrawal effects, because your body gets used to them. They aren't usually as severe as those that may occur, when someone is addicted to an opiate, or other controlled substance, but they can still occur.

And the withdrawal ones for Gabapentin, as listed by the FDA, pretty much encompass what you've listed. It's due to the way it works on brain chemicals, since it's actually an anticonvulsant. It is actually also used to treat some mood disorders, as well as nerve pain… Which also means that stopping it too fast can also create the risk of seizures.

It may be best to consult the psychiatrist, to be sure of what all is going on and get their advice, before making any other changes.

Is there anything else I can help with?

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I've tried easing off the gabapentin to and there are withdrawal effects! Depression- anxiety -sleeplessness nausea excessive urinating amongst other side effects

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I was given this medicine for RLS & Sciatica in large doses. I only took it for a month. I experienced extreme headaches, weight gain, insomnia, nausea, & nerve problems. I had the shakes so bad that I couldn't text or type. Things were slipping thru my hands. It was like I couldn't control my actions. I even cut the dosage down which didn't help. I quit taking it and it took a awful week to get over the effects & get back to normal. I take Ropinirole now which is working great with no side effects except to make me sleepy

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Hi, I have also having mood issues, to prove my side effects as Im 300 only, and NO plans to go up, the issues with side effects stopped, the pain increased but I am wondering if I too am having suical thoughts, along side crying. and my mind feels different, almost compulsive thoughts. I was desperate and after a injury couldn't sleep. I now have passed this. bit the 1 tablet, a 100 gave me insomnia. and ive also go bladder issues which stopped quickly, and are back today, and I get sore feet from them and it effects mt joints and pain full in other places ive never felt pain. I might as well deal with that is. I plan to make a slave . I study herbs and cosmetics. here I go people. ill let you know aka will post up the top. best of luck with your decrease. and hold tight. you can do this. ive had that many withdrawals in the last 10 years, I have to get through this. I'm a young women also. and I was up all night feeling like I had to pee. NO infections etc. was checked. so I begin tomorrow evening to come off after my trip away. xx

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