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Opana 40 how do i get them perscribed properly
" Opana 40 how do i get them perscribed properly knowing too much about science chemistry etc...not wanting to waste tdocs time or mine i know!! " ive been addicted to opiates for years.. went thru the vicodin perc heroin methadone suboxene and subutex stage all to mask my real pains.. no longer subutex.. works for break through pain releif i was giving one of these from a friend for a percocet 5 since i refuse to ever take an opiate again i noticed its made from the thebiane plant and not the morphine . codeine synthesis... i immedietly hard a quarter and it was the first time in years my back and joints were alright every was alrigth my arm been broke 3 times wit plate both of em ankles the pain just faded and i was feeling euphoric yes doctor.. i was happy but in control.. du... ...
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pregnancy risks
I started taking lo loestrin fe 6 days after the last day of my period as directed by my doctor. and, i did miss one blue pill during my second week and so i took two the next day to make up for it. now im on my third week (still on blue pills) and I want to know if it is safe to have sex in one week while taking the white and brown pills....i really hope that i dont get my period during that...i hope it just skips lol. what is your advice? should i go to my doctor and get a new pack and just start taking the new pack of blue pills(skipping brown or white so that i can skip my period? ## You should definitely consult your doctor, generally it is safe to skip your period occasionally, but you need to make sure with your doctor that it is okay for you to do so. As to pregnancy protection,... ...
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Mon, Apr 16 '12, 2:16 PM   1  Subscribe to thread 229585
thyronorm side effects double dose
hyronorm side effects double dose during pregnancy for two months ## feel giddiness after taking .12 thyronorm- [ dr prescribed .25 thronorm] .....lap gall stone operation done on 22.1.11. weight loses 6 kg last 1 yr. Now feel week & want to gain weight. what may i do? male,5-7inch,52yrs,61kg ## F-8yrs,21kg,4-3inch experienced bitter urinary inflammation. UTI[partial] confirmed before 2yrs. then completed treatment as advised by renowned doctor from ramkrishna mission seba pratisthan,kolkata,india. Again urine inflamation happened off and on [ 4/5 times in a month for 1/2 hours]. no infection confirmed by recent urine test. what precaution /measure may be taken? ## i was taking thyronorm 75mg,and doctor instructed me to take 125 mg,because of high tsh delivery date is on m... ...
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missed 2 white and 2 browns + unprotected sex = pregnant?
i totally did not realize that the white pills are also considered active with hormones... and tossed them for 4 days... i started my new pack as I usually would --- I, however, did have unprotected sex with my husband and he did finish inside! I'm freaking out! so upset that I didnt realize the white pills were also active! i also just took a pregnancy test and it was negative... should i be taking one every wk? what are the chances of me getting pregnant? VERY concerned, someone enlighten me please. ...
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Is Lyrica A Supstitue For Metanx
i take metans it is a purple pill it is for pain in my legs, i am a type 2 . it makes me sick in the stomach. ## Pregabalin (Lyrica) is used to relieve neuropathic pain (pain from damaged nerves) that can occur in your arms, hands, fingers, legs, feet, or toes if you have diabetes. Metanx is a vitamin supplement noted to provide the distinct nutritional requirements needed by diabetes patients to restore the metabolic processes associated with diabetic peripheral neuropathy. According to Metanx's webpage, by restoring these metabolic processes, you may begin to feel the difference in one or more of the following: Numbness in Feet Burning Pain in Feet (especially at night) Shooting Pain Tingling Feet Improved Sleep That said, I wouldn't necessarily call Lyrica a substitute for Me... ...
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A disturbing side effect
I wonder if anyone else has had something like this. I am 55 years old. After starting Androgel, my energy levels rose, my sweating episodes cease and my wife and I were both became very delighted with the return of our sex life. However, there is a dark side. I have also become obsessed with pictures of naked men – specifically, their genitals. It’s like looking at a Playboy when I was 12. I find myself thinking about joining a gym just to go to shower room. Clearly all of this is very different for me and it is very uncomfortable. I am embarrassed to talk about it to my doctor. Does anyone else have anything remotely similar to this? ## I had a few different ones, they come from repressed hidden thoughts, not meaning you are gay but most likely ju... ...
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Gentamicin Iv
hello i am having a lot of difficulties after being in the hospital for cellulitis was put on gentamicin 3 days after i have ringing in ear now i am completly deaf anyone with similar symptom my body feel like thre are ants all over and feel just terrible ## Should always mention the you age/sex and what kind of cellulitis . High dose drugs often weakens our body. Proper diet , vitamins and supplements can help you . Report to your family physician for it who will help you to get back to health. ## It is in a black box warning for Gentamicin that it may cause Ototoxicity in some people and that it is usually irreversible. Have you contacted your doctor? ...
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How strong is Dilaudid compared with a Lortab 10?
Never taken hydromorphone but have taken Roxies and strong hydrocodone but nervous about the effects of the dilaudid. Can anyone tell me the differences. Thanks ## I personally haven't taken Dilaudid (Hydromorphone), but based on some research I gathered: Hydrocodone is classified as being an intermediate centrally acting analgesic. Hydromorphone is considered to be a very potent (stronger than intermediate) centrally-acting analgesic drug. Additionally, Hydromorphone is considered to be the strongest of the antitussive drugs, and was developed shortly after diacetylmorphine (heroin) was removed from clinical use for this purpose in most of the world and banned outright in many countries. In essense, Hydrocodone is a weaker drug than Dilaudid. Some people suggest using Vicodine (Hyd... ...
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Tue, Oct 16 '12, 1:38 PM   2  Subscribe to thread 223563
can abilify prohibit you from joining military
i was told by a marine recruiter that it does ## I would think yes since it is a medication made to treat people that have bipolar disorder. didn't the recruter tell you that you can't be on any medications or anything like that? I know this because I was going to join and I'm on antidepressants and a friends of mine had to go off his ritalin in order to join too. I personally thinks its stupid to make someone have to go off medications they were prescribed by a doctor just because they want you to be perfect and crazy enough to shoot to kill if they send you into war. ## As a former recruiter, you will be automatically disqualified if you tell them that you are bipolar. Also, you have to be off all meds (except birth control) for 2 years. ## not true i havent been on abilif... ...
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Generic Xanax
I ordered Alprazolam, an Xanax generic from 247 drugstore an online pharnacy and they sent me Zolmax-1 in blisterpacks. I had severe adverse effects and am trying to find out what Zolmax-1. Amazingly after many flaming e mails from me to 247 drugstore they refunded my $299 in full. This drug and business are located in India. ## Wow, I am so amazed, but glad that you got your money back from this debacle. Way to go and to stick to your guns. If I were you, I would flush that Zolmax. ## I also got them from different IOP. UH-Oh this could be an epidemic. I also charged back. ## This is a regular problem with online drugstores, especially the ones that do not require info from your doctor and/or a prescription. You should always stick with online well known and reliable online pharmacies ... ...
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red oval pill with star and 150mg
I have a red oval shaped pill with a 5 point star on one side and 150mg on the other ## A reddish brown red oval shaped pill with a 5 point star on one side and 150mg on the other. ## Did you find out what it is? ## Did you find out what it was? ## Hello There, The pill in question is a herbal male sexual enhancer. They were giving them out in soho London this evening. they are called star150. ...
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i had a termination of pregnancy 6 months ago and I had my periods once I have a bad discharge and it smells I have tried everything after the procedure the doctor told me to come back so that he can do a womb scrub procedure after the termination I have never been the same im gaining weight I cant control my moods at one stage I thought I was pregnant again I had all the symptoms but I went to check there was no baby what should I do im so scared to to a womb scrub ...
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msj white pill
small round white pill markings msj, no markings other side ## The plain white tablets, no scoreline and MSJ imprinted on one side are 30mg ephedrine tablets ## I cannot verify this, I can't find anything listed under this marking and Ephedrine is banned in the US. ## thanks johnny B just bought some see nd didnt nw if they were the real thing . :) ## msj white tablets what do they do? ...
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Where Can I Buy Butesin Picrate
where can i buy butesin picrate on line? ## I recommend taking a look at the list below for common brand names of Butesin Picrate (as from what I can tell, this specific brand name may not be available here in the U.S). These other brands appear to be sold over-the-counter, but I would suggest calling around to your local pharmacies, or checking their websites to see which of these are available. Brand names In the U.S: • Almay Anti-itch Lotion • Americaine Topical Anesthetic First Aid • Americaine Topical Anesthetic Spray • Butesin Picrate • DermaFlex • Dermoplast • Lagol • Nupercainal Cream • Nupercainal Ointment â€... ...
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Sun, Oct 30 '11, 10:36 PM   1  Subscribe to thread 218681
i am a newly married woman ,i am not getting period for more than 1 months, so we dad doubt of conceive, so i consult a Dr., she checked with urine & blood test showed negative, still we had doubt so we took sonography there it showed "mildly thick 14 mm endometrium showing features of cystic hyperplasia" doctor advised me to take regestrone tablets 5mg tabs twice daily for 5 days and i waited 10 days for periods to come. but no periods .after we went to Dr. she did the urine test and Dr. conformed the pregnancy.BUT MY DOUBT IS WHERE THE REGESTRONE TABLETS WILL CAUSE ANY PROBLEM IN BABY GROWTH OR RELATED .PLS DR. CLARIFY MY DOUBT. ...
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Sun, Feb 19 '12, 6:33 AM   0 
Lyrica No Help
I was prescribed Lyrica due to pain and burning on right side from a stroke I had in 2003. M&M candies would have been just as effective. They increased my dose to 600mg per day. All I noticed was weight gain, better urination so it must shrink prostrate gland, it also seemed to effect my male sexuality, it was harder to get aroused for sure. It also shrank the size of my wallet(very expensive) started low dose and went to 600 mg. They wanted me to refill and keep taking, I said no, it was not effective and helped me none at all. I have been using Oxycodone and Hydrocodone for pain and discomfort on my right side. I take Oxycodone during day and Hydrocodone over night (Oxycodone can effect your breathing and I have sleep apnea. Thier concern is my using controlled drugs for pain rel... ...
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Failed Urine Test from Fentenyl....
I received a telephone call today from my pain management doctor of almost 7 years telling me I failed a urine test for Fentenyl . I have been taking 25 mcq every 48 hours. I went on vacation and had my entire prescription for the month stolen from my hotel room. It was near the end of my trip. When I returned, I telephoned for more, explaining the situation. They told me "no" and made me wait therefore I had to go through withdrawals. I had tried Fentenyl several years prior and had the WORST withdrawal from it that I could not imagine what I was in for, so I left the patch I had on for 10 days until my next appointment. I figured it would lessen the withdrawal symptoms little by little. Well, I had forgotten that little tidbit of information and never told them. I even forgot ... ...
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I recently received the mail Danazol. I am taking Tramodal for fibromyalgia. After reading Danazol's treatments, I am quite mad! It treats endometriosis. Has NO tramadol in what so ever. It contains testosterone and has masculine side effect. WTF!!! ## Hi, Brenda! I'm sorry you've had this problem, but this website doesn't manufacture, prescribe, nor sell any medications or products, it is an information only website. Who did you order from? Did they list it as containing Tramadol? ## It sounds to me like your doctor definitely prescribed you the wrong medication for fibromyalgia. "Danazol is used to treat endometriosis, a disease that causes infertility, pain before and during menstrual periods, pain during and after sexual activity, and heavy or irregular bleeding.... ...
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diaze10 blister pack
These are from India and are meant to be 10MG Diazepam. Not sure if they are the real thing or not. They are small white tablets with no markings other than a score on one side. ## With no markings and being a foreign medication that is not regulated by the FDA, I cannot tell you anything about it and there is no way to confirm what they may be. ## diazepam msj are they safe and regulated by fda and how much diazepam do they contain in each tablet ## Check the website MEDSINDIA which contains every single licenced drug available in that country complete with description and the maximum retail price in Indian Pharmacies. Simply search for the brand name and manufacturer which by law must be printed on each blister along with the MRP. There are literally hundreds of diazepam brands, the h... ...
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Can One Live With An Sti For Longer Than Six Years And Still Be Cured?
i have been been having lower abdominal pains ever since i was in grade 8, the pains started like a ball of air in my right side, then moved around my back few months after, i then went to the clinic and even went for an abdominal scan, but nothing found. Im currently at university and still having the same pains, i'v never been treated for any STIs before and im starting to suspect that it is an STI! Well if i'm correct, can i be cured? Im still a fresh and active boy, tested NEGATIVE for HIV....PLEASE HELP.. ## It depends on what it is. If it is a sexually transmitted disease, then there are some that can be cured and some that can't be cured. The operative question, however, is where you sexually active to have caught one, when you were in 8th grade? Learn more STI detail... ...
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