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green world sliming amaigrissant capsule
64 Replies RSS
Does anybody know any useful information about greenworlds slimming amaigrissant capsules? - Effects, benefits, manufactures, and a website where I can actually find an image of it? ## Greenworld slimming (amaigrissement) capsule is basically for people who want to lose weight, without food restrictions or have very busy daily schedules, thus don't have time to exercise. -it's a natural floral formula which helps you lose weight safely with no complications or side effects -it lowers the cholesterol to keep you healthy -improves your immunity -prevents the symptoms associated with obesity pains. Bad cholesterol, tiredness etc. Composition: Cassia seed, hawthorn fruit, jasmine petal, roseleaf, bitter orange flower petal, mulberry, green tea This product adopts a natural floral fo...
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yudec, diet pills
10 Replies RSS
I need to know where to buy yudec diet pills ,in the united state. Or online. ## only in mexico ## I never seen them in the U.S. I live in T.J and often go to L.A if you would like we can come up with an agreegemnt so that way I can send them to you. ## i need more info on this diet pills ## Yeduc contains the active ingredient Sibutramine, which is used to aid in weight loss, but was removed from the market in most countries in 2010, due to the risk it caused of cardiac dangers. Learn more Sibutramine details here. Thus, it is no longer legal to have here, unless it would be prescribed to you in another country where it is legal. That would then allow you to bring in a supply of up to 3 months worth. But ordering it here actually isn't, since there are other equivalent medications ...
Updated 8 hours ago in Sibutramine.
Checking for possible drug interactions with Contrave
1 Reply RSS
Checking to see if I can take Contrave along with Buspar, Effexor, Metoprolol and Quinapril? I have put on weight and would like to try Contrave if there are no side effects with the above medications. ## Hello, Jeanne! How are you? No, according to FDA Contrave should not be taken with Buspar, since it can increase the risk of your experiencing seizures, and not with the Quinapril, because it can increase the risk of negative effects on your liver/liver damage. However, if you want to lose weight, there are other options you can discuss with your doctor. Your weight gain could be due to the Effexor, and/or Metoprolol, so it might be solved by simply changing medications. How much have you gained?
Updated 13 hours ago in Contrave.
Fentermina/Axcion 30mg
118 Replies RSS
I have been taking Fentermina/Axcion 30mg faithfully since April 2008 when I was 32yrs old and 5'4-5'5 and weighed in at 185lbs. I'm 33ys old now and to this day I weigh 147lbs. I haven't been this small since 2005. At the beginning I used to have really bad side effects such as really bad migraines, insomnia and so forth. Now a days, I only have dry mouth and am very thirsty. My headaches aren't as bad as they used to be and my insomnia either. I have no complaints especially because it's helped me suppress my appetite and helped me lose so much weight. I have been taking 30mg and take it once a day in the morning and by the time I'm ready to go to bed, I'm drained and ready to go to sleep with no problems. ## i'm trying to get a hold of some phenter...
Updated 20 hours ago in Phentermine.
how long does it take to get contrave out of your system
13 Replies RSS
I need to reduce my intake of Contrave because of side affects. I'm cutting back from 4 pills to 3. How long does it take for Contrave to reduce in my system so that I don't have the severe symptoms? ## Hello, Penni! How are you feeling? Has there been any improvement, yet? What side effects have you been experiencing? When it comes to this medication, it depends on which ingredient is causing the symptoms. The Naltrexone in it only takes about a day, but the Bupropion may take about a week, based on the FDA listed half-lives. ## I saw my doctor yesterday. We have reduced my dosage to 2 pills a day to see if that helps. If not than next week I'll go down to 1 a day. My worst symptoms out of several are hot flashes & nausea. ## I've only been taking contrave for a wee...
Updated 20 hours ago in Contrave.
Side effects of Contrave
7 Replies RSS
I'm on my third day. Today I have a severe headache. But my question is this, has anyone had bad diarrhea? I get cramps, then bam. But I was feeling better by night. Today is the worst. Should I continue or stop? ## Hello, Shercon! How are you doing? I'm very sorry about the way you're feeling. Those can be normal side effects of Contrave and it may take about a month for them to wear off, as your body gets used to the medication. Other side effects, as listed by the FDA, may possibly include dry mouth, dizziness and nausea. Have you consulted your doctor? Unless they feel there is some reason to be concerned, you should most likely continue taking it. ## Verwon -- are you taking Contrave? ## I'm on Contrave and the stomach discomfort wore off, very mild headache left to...
Updated 1 day ago in Contrave.
Itching from Contrave
33 Replies RSS
I have been taking Contrave for three weeks and have developed itching on the insides of my hands and the bottoms of my feet. Has anyone else experienced this? ## Hello, Arlie! How are you? Do you have a rash, or just the itching? Contrave has been known to cause a rash as a side effect, as listed by the FDA. You may also experience nausea, dizziness, headache and insomnia. Are you on any other medications? The itching could be due to a circulation problem. ## No rash. No other meds. Nothing new besides the Contrave. ## There's a chance that it's affecting your circulation, which can cause itching. Have you had it checked out by your doctor, yet? Has it improved, at all? ## I have cut the dosage in half (one pill in the morning and one in the evening) and no longer have the itch...
Updated 2 days ago in Contrave.
contrave and cymbalta
10 Replies RSS
On day two of Contrave but also on 30mg of cymbalta. My doctor didn't seem to have any worries on both together. Has anyone been on both. I actually skipped my cymbalta for last nights dose because I want off of cymbalta. I have been on 30mg since last November. Any personal experiences?? ## Hello, Erica! How are you? They can increase the toxicity of each other, as well as increasing the risk of seizures, when they are combined, according to the FDA. Thus, they should not normally be prescribed together and it is advised that this only be done as a last resort, when someone is out of other options. Is there anything else I can help with? ## I am wondering the same thing. I am also on cymbalta fornthe past month and a half and now i started contrave a week ago. Everything i read say...
Updated 2 days ago in Contrave.
phentermine 37 5mg i was taking but there not working now
2 Replies RSS
Was taking phentermine 37.5 and lost 28 lbs but now there not working as well how can i keep losing ? ## How long have you been taking it? Sometimes, once our bodies get used to a medication, it stops working as well for us and we need to make a dosage adjustment, or try a different medication, entirely. Have you informed your doctor of the problem? The FDA lists the typical side effects of this medication as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, irritability, insomnia, and anorexia. ## Same happened to me. I found online that if you drink water with lemon it helps. There are articles on this. Just google phentermine and lemon juice.
Updated 2 days ago in Phentermine.
high blood pressure can i take lipozene
38 Replies RSS
want to try the the pill ## Lipozene is a dietary fiber, that said, fiber is generally considered good for blood pressure patients, since it can help to lower it. Have you talked to your doctor about it, though to be sure? ## If I have high presure can i use lipozene ## If i suffer with high blood pressure can i take lipozene! ## CAN YOU TAKE LIPOZENE WHILE TAKING BLOOD THINNER ## i take high blood pressure medication diovon 80 mg is it safe for me to take lipozene ## i would like to know if it's safe for me to take the dietary supplement "lipozene" while taking my high blood pressure medication "diovan"? ## Do you have any side effects from taking Lipozene and high blood pressure medication? ## is it safe if i take lipozene?? while i'm taking high bloodpressure ...
Updated 2 days ago in Lipozene.
Help with nausea and vomiting on Contrave
2 Replies RSS
I am on week 2 and the nausea is really bad. Vomiting and constipation at times have started. I am losing weight. I'm also 14 months post gastric sleeve surgery. I need help with the nausea. Any suggestions? ## Ginger chews really helped for me. Also noticed the nausea was worse if I ate fatty food. Hope that helps. ## I think Ginger is an excellent option for alleviating nausea as suggested by post #1. [1]"The Effectiveness of Ginger in the Prevention of Nausea...": Peppermint essential oil tends to help me with nausea as well. [2]"Study of the Effect of Mint Oil on Nausea...": But I'd also consider looking into Ginseng if you need a trifecta of remedies. [3]"Effects of Korean ...
Updated 2 days ago in Contrave.
Fentermina and Acxion
700 Replies RSS
Just wonder what type of medication this was? ## Now I don't know what Acxion is but I do know that Fentermina is the same as Phentermine, a diet pill which reduces the appetite. Maybe Acxion is something along the same lines? Good Luck! ## I WAS TAKING ACXION (FENTERMINA FOR ABOUT 6 MONTHS AND LOST 59 LBS IN JUST 4 MONTHS. YUP I SURE DIID FROM A SIZE 12 TO A SIZE 2. I FEEL GREAT AND I AM SO ENERGETIC. I AM ALWAYS ON THE GO GO GO. I AM NO LONGER TAKING THE PILLS, BUT I WOULD BUY THEM ACROSS THE BORDER, JUST 28.00 FOR THE BOX OF 30 PILLS, 1 PILL A DAY. GOOD-LUCK..... ## Is this diet pill for women only ? Acxion Fentermina ## How can i get the acxion pills? ## In the US, this type of med is prescription only, so you would need to see your doctor to get it. ## I also use Acxion and get...
Updated 3 days ago in Phentermine.
how to clean my system from methamphetamine
8 Replies RSS
I'm 70lbs over weight & I use methamphetamine every day, about $15-$20 worth. how long will it take to get it out of my system? ## How can I get clean in one day? Had a bump ... and i have to go see my p.o at 9 am tomorow. ## A person that's been using for years and a daily user takes & passes urine tests regularly said: take 2 Tablespoons of baking soda mixed in a glass of water, drink it of course, and drink lots of water and pee at least once (don't give them your 1st pee). She said you'll poop your brains out but who Cares? Someone else said 10-20 alkeselzer (spelling?) Depending on your weight & lots of water. One of them said you have a 2 hour window. Personally, I would drink a lot of water and some Gatorade so if it goes to a lab the Gatorade will con...
Updated 3 days ago in Methamphetamine.
A To Z Gold NS Soft Gel Capsules
4 Replies RSS
Does A to Z gold caps cause obesity? ## PLEASE ADVISE ME THE CONSITUENTS OF YOUR A TO Z -GOLD NS CAPSULES ## Hello, I haven't been able to find any pertinent information regarding "A to Z Gold NS Soft Gel Capsules", do you have the bottle or package they came in? If so, there should be a list of ingredients somewhere on the package. If you can provide me with the names of the ingredients I can do some research and help you to determine wether or not they can cause weight gain. If these soft gels are a multivitamin combination, they shouldn't cause weight gain. Please post back if you have any information to add, thanks! ## I'm 60 years (male) and need some assistance about the intake of the medicine...... please give some advice about dosage , benefits and side-effec...
Updated 3 days ago.
Althea Pill
37 Replies RSS
I am taking althea pills and i wrongly took the pill which is supposed to be taken lastly. I took the one which is for tuesday instead of saturday. ## is althea can help you lose weight and balance your hormones..I am 40 years old and I feel like I gain weight so fast now.. ## Candice, from what I am finding, all Althea pills contain the same ingredients, so it actually doesn't matter which pill you take, as long as you haven't missed any, you will still be protected against pregnancy. Just continue taking them, as normal, adjusting by a day and you should be fine. Roxanne, it can help balance your hormones, but they are not used for weight loss. The only way they will help is if your weight increase has been purely do to a hormonal issue. Have you consulted a doctor? Is there a...
Updated 3 days ago.
Contrave and Vomiting
10 Replies RSS
I have been on Contrave for 3 months. I have battled nausea all along, hoping it would go away. I've lost 15 pounds. The pill seems to make everything taste bad. Coffee, spicy food, even just scrambled eggs taste bitter and gritty. I didn't have any other side effect. This past week, the nausea has moved on to vomiting. I've used Tumms and Dramamine as well as a prescription anti nausea med on and off for all three months. I truly feel poisoned. I feel ridiculous that I have used this knowingly for 3 months and endured feeling sick. I've spent a lot of money and feel terrible even a week after stopping the drug. Please don't take this. I feel that fairly soon enough folks will complain enough to take it off of the market. ## I dont feel that it should be taken off th...
Updated 3 days ago in Contrave.
does garcinia cambogia show up on drug test?
8 Replies RSS
I would like to know for certain if garcinia cambogia could show up on drug test? I am a pilot and always concerned about taking any supplements or things that could help with weight loss in case there's something that could show up as a drug. ## my husband was on this an came back postive on his drug screen ## What did your husband test positive for using garcinia ## No.. It does not because its not a control substance. Its a weightloss regime. Im pretty sure ur safe. ## Okay, I'd like to know how it would cause it's all natural and if you take it and are like me on c.o. b. Which is condition of bond which requires u. a. 's and show it to the p. O. Or manager or company or like me on c.b.o. then even if it does, they are aware your taking a natural supplement and it sho...
Updated 3 days ago.
Loss of effectiveness
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I've been on contrave for about 5 or 6 months. I went from 205 to 188 in first 3 months. I'm back up to 195 now. It seems the medication has lost its effectiveness. Please help. I love this medication. No side effects for me. I don't want to regain my weight. Should my doctor increase the dose. I'm taking 2 in the morning and then 2 before I go to sleep at night. So 2 about 10-12 hours apart.
Updated 4 days ago in Contrave.
mosegor vita cap side effect
4 Replies RSS
is it good to our health to take a mosegor ## Mosegor Vita is a nutritional supplement, it contains a lot of nutrients that our bodies need. Many people do not get enough from their diets and a deficiency in them can cause some serious health problems. Has your doctor suggested you use them? They contain: Pizotifen hydrogen maleate 0.5 mg, vit B1 3 mg, vit B2 3.2 mg, vit B6 2.4 mg, nicotinamide 19 mg. Per 5 mL syr pizotifen hydrogen maleate 0.25 mg, vit B1 0.7 mg, vit B2 1.14 mg, vit B6 0.7 mg, nicotinamide 5 mg Since it is a multivitamin and not a drug, the side effects profiles have not been studied, the only think known is that some people report a little nausea, after taking it. ## is this true that this vitamins can make you tall? ## Im breastfeeding a 10 month old baby, can i safe...
Updated 4 days ago.
What are the directons in taking the diet pill Acxion Fentermina?
19 Replies RSS
What are the directions in taking the diet tablets Acxion Fentermina? Has anyone else been takings these tablets? If so have you lost a pretty good amount of weight? ## Take 1 in the morning when you wake up! ## I take one a day in the morning eat a small snack to control energy ## Yes, these tablets are normally prescribed once a day and have been successful in helping many people with weight loss. This is an appetite suppressant. Common side effects may include: nausea, insomnia, headache and irritability. You can read more here: Did you have any other questions? ## The directions are in spanish, but if you do not read spanish it says to take it 30-60 minutes before eating (breakfast and lunch) and do not take after 6:00 pm ## Is there any medications that u cant take with axion? Or i...
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