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effergin tablets
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effergin tablets ## Iv been given some small white pills sold as effergin to aid weight loss. they are very small and white with ATOM printed on one side. Can anyone tell me if they are effergin and is it ok to take two each morning to suppress appetite? ## yes they are and they do work well they do 4 me ## hi could i please ask does anyone know how i can get effergin pills from?? as i carnt find them anywhere. thanks ## i wudnt recommend effergin tbh, me and my mate took a load along with 4 grenades, ok so it was a stupid idea but we were bored at work and he dared me. had an amazin night with incredible energy and amazin feeling of shudders thru my body, never felt so good but after 4 hrs the bad effects kicked in, shakes (or tremors it feels like), insomnia, feeling of sickness, swea...
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Not yet adjusting to Contrave
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Into my second month on contrave. I have experienced every side effect. Irritable, ringing ears, vomiting, lack of libido ect..ect. I have lost weight but at a high price. I hope hope hope my body will adjust to this torture. ## You should try Belviq, it has a much friendlier side effect profile ## @Jojo, I'm not sure how long it's supposed to take for your body to adjust to the effects of Contrave, but after two months of it not working as expected I'd be hard pressed to expect anything different out of it. That's just me though. I realize some medications such as birth control can also take a long time to become fully effective as well; and if that is the case with Contrave this may just be an extended waiting game. However, on the other hand - if the side effects aren...
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neuro-b for weight management
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I am a mother of a nine month old infant..and I'm getting thinner day by day. The doctor prescribed me neuro-b. Will this help me to get well and build my body? ## It may, but it really depends on why you have been losing weight. The NIH lists its other side effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness, and diarrhea. Has your doctor done any testing to see why you are losing weight?
Updated 10 hours ago.
Question about Contrave and pain meds
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I have been taking Contrave for 30 days. I have hurt my back. If I need opiates prescribed then how many days should I be off Contrave before the opiate can be used effectively (and not throw me into precipitated withdrawals)? ## It usually takes about 3 days, though it can vary slight from person to person, according FDA reports. However, taking it too soon with this medication would not throw you into precipitated withdrawals, it would just prevent the opiate from working. Precipitated withdrawals occur when the reverse happens... as in you are taking opiates, then suddenly take Contrave, which blocks opiates. Is there anything else I can help with?
Updated 12 hours ago in Contrave.
easy figure pills
44 Replies RSS
where can i find them and are they worth it, are they safe, or is there something better? ## They do have a website, if you do a google search. However, they do not list the exact ingredients, they just claim it is 100% natural. That said, these types of products are not actually proven to help with anything. Does anyone else know anything about this? ## These are a natural product, but a toxic one. T. thevetiodes is the botanical name for yellow oleander, considered to be a highly toxic plant. It is hard to get info on what a dangerous dose is, but there have been deaths. Do a Google search and you will get some more detailed information. ## i have been on them for about 8 months. they work very well, no side effects, except for cleansing of your fat cells. ## how much weight have you ...
Updated 12 hours ago.
Contrave and alcohol consumption
29 Replies RSS
I have filled my prescription of Contrive but have not yet started taking it. I read all the possible side effects and am weary about taking in and wanting to continue to socially drink (glass of wine, socially drink on weekends) ## @pnj, According to's drug interaction checker, there ARE potentially dangerous interactions between Contrave and Alcohol. These statements go on to note the following: Consuming alcohol with Bupropion (one of the active ingredients in Contrave) may lead to an increased risk of seizures, decreased tolerance to alcohol, muscle spasms, confusion, and changes in cognitive awareness. For those reasons mentioned above, I would not encourage anyone to take the two together or even within the same day. Hope this helps! ## OK, I read the notice about alco...
Updated 12 hours ago in Contrave.
Contrave vs Belviq
57 Replies RSS
I was on free 2 weeks of Belviq followed by 1 mo out of pocket Belviq. Lost and felt good with NO side effects at all. Then my doctor said she thought Contrave would be a better choice because it is just as effective, if not more, and cheaper...just 70 dollars a month. But, I have heart racing and feel agitated. I did not experience either with Belviq. I feel like calling my Dr. Back and asking to switch back and suck up the 200 mo. For Belviq. ## Hello, Jewels! How are you? Are you certain that Contrave is the correct name of the medication? Because it is listed by the FDA as containing Naltrexone and Buprenorphine, which is used to treat drug addiction, it is not used for weight loss. This is a narcotic analgesic, so it has the potential to be habit forming and may cause side effects,...
Updated 13 hours ago in Contrave.
Contrave and General Anesthesia
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Hi. I am scheduled for a surgery in 2 weeks, in which I'll be having general anesthesia. Does anybody know if the Contrave will interact with the meds they give you to put you out? I'm just getting started with this. I hate to quit, but safety first. Thanx for your replies.
Updated 15 hours ago in Contrave.
Althea Pill
29 Replies RSS
I am taking althea pills and i wrongly took the pill which is supposed to be taken lastly. I took the one which is for tuesday instead of saturday. ## is althea can help you lose weight and balance your hormones..I am 40 years old and I feel like I gain weight so fast now.. ## Candice, from what I am finding, all Althea pills contain the same ingredients, so it actually doesn't matter which pill you take, as long as you haven't missed any, you will still be protected against pregnancy. Just continue taking them, as normal, adjusting by a day and you should be fine. Roxanne, it can help balance your hormones, but they are not used for weight loss. The only way they will help is if your weight increase has been purely do to a hormonal issue. Have you consulted a doctor? Is there a...
Updated 18 hours ago.
Pharmaceutical identification and questions about same
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I am an experienced Pharmacist with friends who have died from misinformation regarding use of pills. My detox patients, Drug Counselors and inner city outpatients have shared much with me over 25 years because I do not judge. Thus knowledge from both the therapeutic as well as recreational worlds makes me a perfect nonjudgemental Bridge between those 2 different worlds. I want to help. ## What do you know about Contrave? If I need to start Opiates, how long should I be off Contrave for opiates work and not cause withdrawal feelings.
Updated 18 hours ago in Contrave.
wanting to quit taking contrave
80 Replies RSS
I need to know how to stop taking contrave. Can I just quit cold turkey or do I wean off? If I wean off how do I do it? ## Hello, Janice! How are you? How long have you been taking it? Why do you want to stop it? The FDA lists Contrave as being used to aid in weight loss and its typical side effects may possibly include nausea, dizziness, nervousness, insomnia and anorexia. Have you consulted your doctor? It does require slow tapering for some people. ## I was looking up how to wean myself off of Contrave and found this comment on here. I've been taking Confrave for about a month or so. I just started the 2 pills in the morning and 2 pills at night dose Sunday (today is Friday). I've felt horrible all week since increasing it. Hot flashes in my face, horrible nausea, glands some...
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i would like to get some of redotex where can i get them
149 Replies RSS
Just wondering where to get redotex from over the counter? Please let me know ## Dont order from Gloria Cruz she is a sting artist. She stole my money. Stay clear of her she is a con artist ## I am not a con, Robin, I sent your diet pills and you got them! I have never had any complaints on this site or any site! you got mad because you asked me if I could try to score some smack for you and I didnt even know what that word meant, I told you I dont sell anything other and diet pills with a prescription! Please dont get mad because I told you to go to rehab and clean yourself up, I have never had any complaints and hope you leave me alone, I do NOT HAVE NOR SELL illicit drugs or whatever you call it! I suggest you get help! I will pray for you and hopefully god will help you too! ## Hi e...
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Contrave and Vomiting
7 Replies RSS
I have been on Contrave for 3 months. I have battled nausea all along, hoping it would go away. I've lost 15 pounds. The pill seems to make everything taste bad. Coffee, spicy food, even just scrambled eggs taste bitter and gritty. I didn't have any other side effect. This past week, the nausea has moved on to vomiting. I've used Tumms and Dramamine as well as a prescription anti nausea med on and off for all three months. I truly feel poisoned. I feel ridiculous that I have used this knowingly for 3 months and endured feeling sick. I've spent a lot of money and feel terrible even a week after stopping the drug. Please don't take this. I feel that fairly soon enough folks will complain enough to take it off of the market. ## I dont feel that it should be taken off th...
Updated 1 day ago in Contrave.
Killer Headaches
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I'm on Contrave almost 3 mos and lost 29 lbs...that's the great part, but lately I am getting the worst headaches, usually over one eye . Lately I've been getting 3 headaches a week and all I could do is lay in bed. Sometimes ice on my head feels better or even the pressure from the pillow being on my head to block out the light helps. I went to my prescribing doctor and she said headaches are a side effect. Other than a headaches my only other side effect is dry mouth. My doctor said the headache should go away as this does happen to a few patients on this meds. Advil migraine doesn't seem to help so I really don't know what else I could take with contrave. If I wasn't on contrave this kind of headache would definitely be gone with a Vicodin! But I know I cannot...
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Contrave and Vicodin
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I am on Vicodin for nerve pain in my neck. Dr prescribed Contrave, I asked if it was okay to take both, she said yes. I took 1 Contrave and had horrible depression/anxiety/nausea/dizziness and panic attacks. It has been 5 days and I still don't feel right. When will it leave my system?
Updated 1 day ago in Contrave.
1394 Replies RSS
weight loss pill ## how do you take these pills and what r they for. ## WELL THIS IS A DIET PILL THAT WAS TAKING OF THE MARKET IN TH U.S. BACK IN 1989 FOR THE REASON THAT IT WAS HURTING EITHER UR LUNGS ECT. IT HAS A LAXITIVE IN IT AND WAS KNOWN TO HELP YOU LOSE UP TO 6 LBS A WEEK,WAS RX FOR THE OVER WEIGHT PEOPLE(OB) ## This drug, however, is still available in Mexico, as well as several other countries, so unfortunately, those who self-medicate, for whatever reason they are doing so, can pick it up there very cheaply. In most cases, you can get away with carrying small amounts, around 3 months worth or less, of a drug into the US, without having it seized or questioned by customs. Customs agents are not trained to keep track of which drugs are or are not legal in the US, and if someone...
Updated 1 day ago in Heather.
contrave and sleepiness
27 Replies RSS
I started contrave 4 days ago, today being my 5th dose. every day, i take the pill about 8am and by 9:30-10am I am so sleepy I can't stand it. Days 1 and 2 I managed to fight it off until about 12-12:30, day 3 until about 1-1:30, and day 4 I fought it off until 3pm. If I take a 1-2 hour nap, I wake up fine, with energy and then cannot get to sleep until about 2am, sometimes 3am. Today is day 5, I'm having that "drunk" feeling and sleepy, but no where near how it has been. It seems this effect is slowly wearing off, but I haven't seen anywhere where this is a common side effect. I know all medications effect everyone differently, so I'm wondering if this is something I should be concerned about, or just another side effect that I will get used to as the weeks go o...
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Non-itchy rash from Contrave
11 Replies RSS
I have been on Contrave for 5 days. 2 days ago, I noticed a splotchy rash on my buttocks, legs and around my armpits. It does not itch. My doctor does not know what it is and the only thing new is this medication. Has anyone else experienced this side effect? If so, does it resolve on its own? ## I'm in week five of taking Contrave. I had no side effects until I started the week 5 dosing (2 tabs twice a day). I developed a blotchy red rash mostly on my forearms. Ive list 10 lbs so far so I'm staying on the Contrave. Bum just going to try taking ZYRTEC to are if it relieves the rash. ## A rash is listed by the FDA as a possibly side effect of Contrave. Most side effects do go away, after 4 to 6 weeks, once your body gets used to the medication. Other side effects may also include...
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small round pink pill labelled phentermine
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the label says 'phentermine' but it is a small round pink pill. I have searched many websites but most phentamine pills are white and blue. can anyone help me identify this pill ## Are there any markings on the tablet? If there aren't, it is going to be impossible to positively identify it. There are just far too many possibilities. It could be an over the counter item or a supplement. I am sorry, I wish I could be of more help. ## There are no details on the pill but I do know it is an appetite suppressent and the bottle said phentermine ## My friend has just come back from a slimwise clinic she has been given some round pink pills and there are no markings but have phentermine on the front ## hi i am taking the same pills small round pink tablets with no markings but was p...
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Dizziness and arm shake
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I have been on the 2 pills in morning and evening for a week and a half. All of a sudden I started getting so dizzy I couldn't stand and my right arm shakes like crazy once in a while. Is this normal? I have had to miss a couple days of work because I was so dizzy. I stopped taking it a few days ago but I still have the same problems. How long till it stops?
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