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I cannot find coverage for name brand xanax and alpralazam does not work . what do I do if I cant afford brand name without coverage? ## Insurance compnies do not like to pay for brand name drug when a generic is avaiable. They most likely will make you pay for brand name, and since you have insurance the drug company will not give you a discount card either. So either get use to the generic or pay big bucks for brand name. It's just the way they work. Sad but true. ## There actually is a discount card available from the manufacturer, Pfizer, that can even be used by those that have insurance, but I am not certain how significant that savings may be. You can request an application from them at 866-706-2400 Are there any other comments or questions? ...
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Thu, Jan 26 '12, 2:50 PM   2  Subscribe to thread 224186
it is a pain med from mexico??? ## Afriend of mine just returned from Mexio after having her teeth pulled and dentures made. The Dr. gave her Dorixina for pain and we were wondering, 1. what is in it 2. is there any equivilent here in the U.S. if so , What is it?? ## I was given Dorixina by an MD and relative in Colombia for migraines. I just found info in spanish on the web: it is a non-narcotic analgesic with no side-effects, and can be used with various types of pain (not just migraines). It is a much better choice than hydrocodone/codeine type meds which I have had to take a lot, so I'm very glad to find out about this although apparently it's not available in the US (no doubt for BIG PHARM reasons, since my sample is produced by Roemmers, in Venezuela). From what I've r... ...
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Mon, Jun 16 '14, 11:06 PM   28  Subscribe to thread 158967
round tablet on on sideits a big g onthe other side it p4 ## THIS IS NOT FLEXIRAK! This is Paroxetine 40mgs, a generic for the antidepressant Paxil. ...
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Wed, Apr 16 '08, 2:41 PM   1  Subscribe to thread 181047
Wet dream
helo my name is khan i am 20 year old . a big problem with me .when i sleap Wet dream is sart. no dream in my sleap but when i get up in the morning Wet dream with me get up in this problem has make me veak and veak . ...
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Thu, Feb 13 '14, 9:36 AM   0 
In 2008 I began a search for aspergum on the internet. It's 2009 and I still haven't found any. Does anybody know if it's being manufactured anywhere in this world???? ## I've been searching as well and have not had any luck. You would think although it was being manufactured and sold for 60 years, according to a reply, if it worked (and it did), why stop making it? I sure don't know of anything they've made to replace it that anywhere near as good. By the way though, I'm 57 and I don't remember this product back in the day......hummmmmmmmm! I guess it just didn't cost enough to make the big wigs enough money. ...
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Thu, Jan 22 '09, 10:18 AM   1  Subscribe to thread 186459
Good Man needs help..Severe Spine Injury .I need a methadone Doctor in Northern california
Please help ..If you know of a doctor in northern california who will prescribe methadone around 180 monthly..Please let me know.I am a good man with kids jus trying to live a normal life..I have great medical coverage but cant find a doc that will help ...thank you and bless your family ## The biggest problem you may be having is trying to ask a doctor for a specific medication. Any doctor can prescribe Methadone for pain, but if you're specifically asking for it, then they see that as drug seeking behavior. The best thing you can do is to go see a new doctor and make sure that they are sent, or that you take with you, a full copy of your medical records. If they can see the diagnoses and what works to help you, as has been documented by a fellow physician, they will be much more p... ...
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Wed, Apr 30 '14, 10:13 PM   4  Subscribe to thread 225198
The new Oxycontin with the imprint OP compared to the old Oxycontin with the old imprint OC
I got my Oxycontin (name brand) today and thought i had gotten the generic because it had OP imprinted on it instead of th regular OC imprinted on it. I ask my phamacist what was going on and he said that Oxycontin had changed their logo. I noticed the pill was slighly bigger so when i took my pill i noticed it give me heartburn really bad just like the generic did when i tried the generic. Now i am in pain, i have the heartburn, and i don't know if i will be able to hold this new formular down because i am so sick at my stomach. Do you think Purdue will ever change the formula of Oxycontin back to the original? I sure hope so. I am going to start a petition to get the old formula back again. Anyone interested in singing it please let me know. Loretta Sloan 630 Bird Road Magnolia, K... ...
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Wed, Nov 07 '12, 10:13 AM   79  Subscribe to thread 208739
where to fill oxycodone prescription ny
As i lie in bed wanting to kill myself sweating yet freezing, every joint in my body wanting to come out of my akin, throwing up, insnia, starving yet can't eat all because I've been to over and a kid u not 70 pharmacies in the tri state area. The common bs excuse is it's in back order... Wonder why everyone is dying of H.. I'm scripted 60.. 30 mg oxycodones a month for severe tendinitis and an neck injury I suffered which left me paralyzed from the waist down all that gives me hope is my meds yet pharamciescwanna play god and can give two shyts... Love to see them last one day with the pain I t vetsgave.. Advice I can give is try big department stores Target, shop rite , wal mart ect... These are ur best bets oddly enough ...
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Sat, Mar 29 '14, 8:19 PM   0 
...about to take my first shower with Fentanyl patch - help friends! I'm afraid, suggestions anyone???
I'm new on 100 Fentanyl patches for the second day - feel OK, I've been on opioids for pain management for few years, read a lot of scary posts on misuse and deaths... I am so worried at this point, that taking a shower scares me.. Can anyone suggest any "coverage" for the patch area, while in a shower??? I don't think I can just "take a shower as is", it will come off, I'm sure... I like the patch, it does work ( I intend to use it EXACTLY as prescribe), but I am, as mentioned before, simply paranoid, I will get the patch wet, damage, etc., Also, I read a "hot showers are a BIG NOs" - anyone tell me more about it??? Please friends, I need a shower badly, it's not fair to others and members of my family, the girl needs her hair done! :) Thank ... ...
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Sat, Jan 18 '14, 6:43 PM   4  Subscribe to thread 258638
i quit taking zoloft or sertraline a month ago, nauseau, dizziness, quick electric shock feeling
I was on zoloft/sertraline 100mg.for 3 years and began weaning myself slowly a few months ago (with Doctors recommendation) and have not had ANY pills for 32 days. Well it has been alot harded than I ever thought. I have been sick to my stomach almost daily since, and have alot of dizziness and these weird quick electric shock type feelings through my whole body at times. Not to mention I feel like im coming apart at the seams at times. EVERYTHING makes me cry, even NOTHING makes me cry. I began the meds when I miscarried twins because of sadness & stress but always was mentally pretty stable. I didnt think it would be a big deal quitting. Sometimes I feel like my brain is damaged since I stopped them.Does anyone know how long these withdraw symptoms can last? And anything I can do ... ...
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Thu, Aug 28 '14, 11:23 AM   1  Subscribe to thread 271312
sulfa meth
I'm taking sulfameth for UTI but the pills are to big for me to swallow, does anyone know if you can chew or crush them? Thanks! ## I am not an MD, but I can offer you my personal educated opinion. If the pill is a capsule you can certainly open most capsules to release its contents into water to make it easier to take down. If that's not the case, then crushing the solid pill into smaller pieces would not alter its chemical makeup; it would only divide the dosage up into smaller parts. Sometimes pills accidentally break on their own from falling on the floor or getting squished, but they are still usable in most cases. I hope my opinion somewhat helps in your decision. Please post back if you have any other questions or concerns. ...
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Tue, Sep 14 '10, 12:05 AM   1  Subscribe to thread 208392
mylan 1560
one side purle/with mylan 1560 and the other side white with mylan 1560 ## what is it for ## it is a siezure medication, its to control siezure activity ## To be more precise, this is Phenytoin 100mgs Extended Release, a generic for Dilatantin. This is used to help control and prevent epilepsy seizures and it can be used to treat some nerve pain. Phenytoin Capsule Image Click Here ## i take this pill but i gain weight and specialy my breast geting bigger ## I have been taking this for years now and yes it has made me gain weight and i take 4 a day, i have seizures/blackouts only the last 7 years, i wish there was something else i could take insted of these every day. ## i have my regular prescription phenytoin 100 mg, the capsule says mylan 1560, inside this capsule is a long unmarked w... ...
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Fri, Jun 06 '14, 6:44 PM   6  Subscribe to thread 160208
upand down
I also have been on synthroid for 12 yrs. and still am not on a reg. dose--dr.change me reg.. I was put on 350mg. and then brought down to what I am now at 125mg. seems to be ok. I hate that with any meds. I never can get regulated.. It is one big roller coaster ride with my health and sanity as the booby prize. ...
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Tue, Feb 14 '06, 5:12 PM   0 
Mylan 3422
It's a capsule. 1/2 gray, 1/2 peach. I found some in my teenage son's room and need to know what it's used for ## Not a big deal it is a prescription medication for a UTI ( Urinary tract infection) I don't see what else he can be doing with it! ## Thank you for the reply. He tends to be forgetful when it comes to medication so I need to have him find the bottle now. ## To add some specifics, this contains 100mgs of Nitrofurantoin, which is an antibiotic that's most commonly used to treat UTIs. Learn more Nitrofurantoin details here. It may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, non-allergic skin rash and diarrhea. Elderly people may be more sensitive to these side effects and experience them more severely, so it should not be the first choice antibiotic for t... ...
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Fri, Mar 29 '13, 9:49 AM   3  Subscribe to thread 159121
what is white round with 013on one side and a p in a big upside down v on the other side ## Sorry, this is not listed in the US prescription drug databases, so I can't find an identification on it. ...
Updated 6 years ago.
Mon, Jun 09 '08, 12:08 PM   1  Subscribe to thread 182433
big yellow football shaped tablets 600mg. ## Just trying to find out what the main reason this drug is prescribed for and the main dosagel ...
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Mon, Jan 30 '06, 7:23 PM   1  Subscribe to thread 167010
amox k clav
I was prescribed amox/k clav 875mg. They are big white tablets with 93 on one side 2275 on the other. Is this the right pill? ## Yes, the pill you described is an 875 mg Amoxicillin + Clavulanate Potassium tablet. This combination results in an antibiotic with an increased spectrum of action and restored efficacy against lactamase producing amoxicillin-resistant bacteria. To view more information about this drug, please click on the link below... If you have any more questions or concerns, please post back so I can further assist you. ## I am allergic to sulfa drugs can I take amox/k vkav tab am getting tooth removed it is infected Thanks ...
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Wed, Sep 08 '10, 12:00 PM   2  Subscribe to thread 194503
iam in pain
I just started takin amox for ear infection and they gave me hydroco 5-325mg but it wont take the pain away I waz wondering can I take ibuprofen. Is that a big nono???? ## Yes, you can take 800mg of Ibuprofen every 8 hours. I wouldnt take any more than that, it can be rough on the stomach. Take with a full stomach of food. I've had severe tooth pain from an abcess, and Ibuprofen worked better than the Tylenol3 with Codeine the dentist gave me. ## I totally agree with Leo. I was prescribed Tylenol 3 with Codeine post surgery, but the Codeine gave me such a bad headache that I ended up taking Advil for pain relief and it worked well for me. ...
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Tue, Jul 30 '13, 11:49 PM   2  Subscribe to thread 249731
 Avandamet Metformin + Rosiglitazone
Metformin (BAN, USAN and INN, pronounced /mtfrmn/, met-FAWR-min; sold as Glucophage) is an oral antidiabetic drug in the biguanide class. It is the first-line drug of choice for the treatment of type 2 diabetes, in particular, in overweight and obese people and those with normal kidney function.[3][4][5] Its use in gestational diabetes has been limited by safety concerns. It is also used in the treatment of polycystic ovary syndrome, and has been investigated for other diseases where insulin ...
 Prandimet Repaglinide + Metformin Hydrochloride
Metformin (BAN, USAN and INN, pronounced /mtfrmn/, met-FAWR-min; sold as Glucophage) is an oral antidiabetic drug in the biguanide class. It is the first-line drug of choice for the treatment of type 2 diabetes, in particular, in overweight and obese people and those with normal kidney function.[3][4][5] Its use in gestational diabetes has been limited by safety concerns. It is also used in the treatment of polycystic ovary syndrome, and has been investigated for other diseases where insulin ...

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