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Lyrica- can this be effective for the treatment of gastropareses?
I am losing alot of weight because of trouble with my feeding tube that I have for gastroparesis. Someone told me to try lyrica. Is this a good drug for this? ## My mom age is 43 ,,she usually have gas trouble often .now she had a slight pain in the upper right stomach. Sometimes she feels bloated stomach.even if she eats small amount her stomach becomes big.heavy indigestion,nousea,. ...
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Thu, Nov 13 '14, 6:09 AM   1  RSS feed for thread 205971
This may be a value for an enzyme. I have a cancer report from a cancer Society which describes a microbe which invades the cells, they have not figured out how but it builds a protein wall around itself to hide from oxygen and the immune system. Proteolytic enzymes break up scar tissue made from protein. certain veggies have proteolytic enzymes. This would reveal the cell to be attacked! There are many veggies, Broccoli, tumeric/curcumin, Kiwi etc which display this quality. I personally make CDS and have treated people. My last had bone cancer and was cleared after 2 months by his Oncologist. So sensible eating! Also cancer is a bi-product of drugs and Dysbiosis - google it. I suggest this is the BIGGEST health problem in the world!! ...
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Fri, Nov 21 '14, 2:43 PM   0 
how long should i leave fentanyl patch on after starting oxycontin
I am converting a pt from Fentanyl 150mcg to oxycontin 60mg. Should I leave the patch on for a few hours before removing it: ## Dear Cheri: I am not a Dr, nor am I in the medical field. All I have to offer is my experience. Going from 150mcg of Fentynal to 60 mgs of Oxy seems like a Huge Decrease! I am presently tritrating very slowly off of Fentynal, via my Drs help. May I ask why the switch? Is it not possible to ween down off patch then onto the other med? I say this because there are Many of us tritrating from Patch and if the Drs and Nurses only Knew what we, the patients go through, then and Only then would they Fully Understand. The big pharmaceutical companies Lie! I am not trying to be mean, nor am I a know it all. I am trying to help the person who is going from fentynal to Ox... ...
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Wed, Nov 19 '14, 10:19 AM   1  RSS feed for thread 274463
Lo Loestrin Fe missing period
First time taking pills. the second pack is almost finished. during the first pack, i was spotting non-stop, then had my period on time but extremely light spotting for 3 days or less. Now I haven't gotten my period yet even though it should have been normally. I am very worrying about being pregnant already...... ## Have you skipped any pills? If not, then there isn't a very big chance that you are pregnant, because oral contraceptives are over 99% effective, when taken properly. As to skipping your time of the month, that can be completely normal, because your body has to adjust to the hormones in the medication. ## I am currently taking Lo Loestrin Fe, and i have noticed that I have been having break through bleeding almost every time I start a new pack or a couple weeks befo... ...
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Mon, Nov 19 '12, 1:12 AM   2  RSS feed for thread 223643
Testoserone ill side effects
hi , I started in depot testosterone last summer . Not doctor prescribed ok . Aside from that I am 64 and working out with little results . I took a 1/4cc shot every week for 3 weeks and felt great . I then upped it to a 1/2 cc dose and the second week of that i started having panic attacks at night . Very severe . Very agitted . I went to a doc at critical care and told him . he said get off it of course and I did . he gave me something to slow me down . about a week later I was ok . I looked around for a doc to help me with it and they all wanted big bucks . i waited a month and went back to the 1/4 cc dose two times a month to be safe . This went on for 2.5 months and last week I took the dose and got a headache followed by depression followed by anxiety . I stopped and after a rough... ...
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Anyone know a Dr in Alabama who prescibes methadone for chronic pain?
Need a Dr who will prescribe Methadone for chronic pain..haven't taken any in approx 2 severe depressed and back pain is relentless...I'm 61.. not in good health..really need help...Live in the state of Alabama... ## Hi, Patti! Sorry that you're so miserable. Is there a special reason that it has to be Methadone? There are many other treatments options available for pain that use much safer and more effective medications or therapies. Do you have a general practitioner that you're currently seeing? If so, they can most likely refer you to a pain specialist. Learn more Methadone details here. The big issue with Methadone is that due to its very high addiction rate, doctors are very reluctant to prescribe it for pain, except for in very severe cases. ...
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Xanax Medication Management northern looking for a doctor Virginia
I'm looking for a doctor opera medication management um I've been on xanax or a long a long. Of time and it seems to work well I have no health insurance so I be paying by cash ## Your biggest issue might be from seeking a new doctor and trying to ask for a specific medication. Most doctors see that as being drug seeking behavior. Generally, your best bet when seeing a new doctor, is to make sure they get a full copy of your medical records, or take one with you. Doctors are usually more prone to follow the diagnosis and prescribing practices of their colleagues. Learn more about Xanax Details can anyone recommend a specific doctor in this area? ## ROGER MORGAN PHILLIPS 755 THIMBLE SHOALS BLVD. NEWPORT NEWS,VIRGINIA 23606 757-873-2229 ...
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Tue, Aug 07 '12, 9:14 PM   2  RSS feed for thread 231637
Looking for doctor to prescribe oxycodone 15 mg in palm beach county fl
I'm new to the area have MRI but no insurance and my old doctor retired and can't get my records. Anyone know of a good doctor? please help. ## Sorry to be the bad news delivery guy but you will have very little chance of getting what you are requesting. This is Florida where in 2010 almost 98% of the nations oxycodone for that year was dispensed (two CVS pharmacies within 5 miles of each other were busted for selling over 12 million doses in three years(average pharmacy fills 69,000 controlled a year). This and the proliferation of pill mills (where you only needed an MRI-so I would not use the "I have an MRI but no records" when searching for new dr) lead to the shutdown of said pill mills and big trouble for CVS and their supplier(care mark) as they can only order sma... ...
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Pink oblong morphine? no imprint
Big and pink told it is 120mg morphine ## If there is no imprint, then it is NOT a Morphine tablet that is legal and approved for sale and use in the US. Federal law requires that they all have unique imprints to enable the identification of the manufacturer, active ingredient(s) and dosage. Who was it that told you it was Morphine? Oh and there is NO 120mg Morphine tablet. ...
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Suffer from depression anxiety new medication burspirone side effects
i AM A WHITE MALE, AGE 31, 235LBS 5' 11'' GOOD BLOOD PRESSURE. I suffer from major depression disorder, anxiety and adult add. A new prescription was prescribed to me because i was still having some issues such as tense muscles irritability quick to anger unable to relax mild to moderate depression without suicidal thoughts at all. (Keep in mind thats a big leap from where i was at which is suicide thoughts, plans, and 1 half hearted attempt with major depression without any medication). The new prescription burspirone I can honestly say changed my life however there are a few odd side effects that in a way kinda worry me/ curious about. I have been taking the burspirone for 3 or 4 days along with my other medications which i will list at the bottom of the page. The side eff... ...
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How long does it take for the withdrawal's to go away after taking Suboxone
Hi, I was put on the 8 mg. strips at 3 per day in Oct. 2012..I used 3 per day for a couple of month's.. I quickly tapered down to 1&1/2 of the strip's per day..I got so tired of being on it so I began to stock pile it to withdraw on it at home.. I got down to 1-2 mg.s per day for about the past month and began yesterday (Monday) withdrawing..It's now Tuesday (July 9,2013) and still feel like I did yesterday.. No vomiting nor the big "D" but sweating, lethargic, chilling, feel achy, etc.. How long will it take for the withdrawal's to completely go away..PLEASE answer ASAP & THANKS....Oh, don't scare me about it because I'm all ready an emotional wreck.. ## Hi, Shay! A day or two really isn't enough for your body to process it out and get back t... ...
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beats me??
oval pill looks kind of like a vicodin has an MP and on the opposite end has 424 with a line in the middle. It is white and not a capsule pretty big. ## Pill Image This is Guaifenesin 600mgs and Pseudophedrine 120mgs, a generic for Mucinex D, used to relieve congestion. ...
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Wed, May 10 '06, 5:21 AM   1  RSS feed for thread 171715
Lortab 5
Do they all have numbers or some form of id on the back? And how big and what color are they? ## what color are they? ## what kind of lortab is oval in shape, white and has the number m358 on it? ...
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Wed, Apr 27 '11, 1:11 PM   2  RSS feed for thread 205020
does astymin forte capsules make one grow fat/big? ## Atymin is a nutrition supplement made up of essential amino acids. Our bodies do need certain amounts of them, for proper health. However, the only way they should make someone gain weight is if they are deficient in them and that has caused them to suffer weight loss. And, even in such cases, it would not cause severe weight gain. Are there any questions or comments? ## when to eat astymin forte, after or before dinner ...
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Wed, Apr 09 '14, 10:57 AM   2  RSS feed for thread 218902
I am a Vietnam veteran with PTSD. I took this drug for several years and it was a big help. Now Doctors are saying that they will not prescribe this medication because it'a addictive. It is not addictive to me. I need more information on the availability of this medication. ## Did you mean Tranxene, which contains the active ingredient Clorazepate, which is used to treat anxiety? It is a Benzodiazepine derivative, so it can be habit forming and addictive. It is still available, but it is considered a controlled substance and doctors do have to be careful in the prescribing of such. You can read more about the medication here and see that its habit forming tendencies are clearly warned about: Are there any comments or questions? ...
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Mon, Oct 31 '11, 10:46 AM   1  RSS feed for thread 219187
big C on one side and the numbers 86 and 62 on the other side ## Based on the description provided, I found your pill to be Skelaxin (400 mg). You can view a detailed description of the drug, by clicking on the link below... If you have any more questions or comments to add, please post back so I can further assist you. ...
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Tue, Mar 30 '10, 1:58 PM   1  RSS feed for thread 161504
ABRS 123
large oval chalky pill with letters ABRS 123,scored ## I just posted this on another page here, but is potasium chloride 20mgeq. It is used to level out one's potasium level and to keep the body at the right salt levels. Be careful of extreme thirst, dry mouth, sweating. ## Thank You! I didn't see it the other day. These pills were mixed in with one of my presciptions, I'm glad I didn't take it by accident.ABRS pill ## Do you have a history of kidney stones? Potassium is used a lot for this. ## No, it was mixed in with my prescription with my pain medicine. ## on the ABRS 123 pill I noticed I put oval -it is oblong(very big pill) does it matter? ## No, it does not make a difference. I knew exactly what you were talking about, and...they are big, hard to swallo... ...
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Sun, Jul 01 '12, 1:48 PM   7  RSS feed for thread 172814
Big, white, M358 on one side, a line in the middle on the other side ## This tablet contains 500mgs of Acetaminophen and 7.5mgs of Hydrocodone, a generic for Lortab or Vicodin. Common side effects may include: nausea, drowsiness, dizziness and dry mouth. You can read more here: Is there anything else I can help you with? ...
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Fill Oxycodone Prescription30mg
the pharmicst think there god i have been getting them filled for three years now all of a sudden they dont want to fill them same dr same meds im so sick of this ## @big ed, I definitely understand your frustration with these pharmacies. From what others have stated, I get the sense that the DEA is the one controlling how much they hand out and how often they are even able to hand it out. There's really no other logical explanation for pharmacists to freak out about filling patients prescriptions other than the notion that their inventory is probably being strictly monitored by the DEA. What I have yet to figure out is why doctors are even permitted to write so many scripts for it, when only a small percentage of patients are allowed the luxury of getting them filled? Who knows how... ...
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in need of strong pain killers broken hip knee back neck ankle from car accident
I am suffering and in construstruction... dont want to live on disability. Was on oxy, delali, Soma, And phytanal pip plus testosterone. Please help me find a doctor who can assist me. ## Look at what its done to your spelling? I'd try Tylenol! ## Hello, Brian! How are you? I'm very sorry about the pain you're in. What is your general location, such as the nearest big city? That information would make it easier for someone to suggest a doctor in your area, if they know of one. ## Sorry, I can't tell you where I am for security reasons. Can I PM you? ## Been on hydrocodone for few years was down to taking 2 & 1/2 5/500 (was taking 3) but only once a day instead of twice because 2 5/500 stopped working so I took 3, anyway fda stopped the 500 Tylenol & I moved to fl... ...
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